How Deirdre Baggot Revolutionized Health Care

As a new nurse working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago in 1998, Deirdre Baggot saw problems in patient care. When health care providers were not sure what ailment a patient suffered from, more and more tests would be performed. This concerned Baggot, who said she did not like moving forward with treatment based on incomplete information. That’s when she decided to try and streamline the procedure by making a checklist of each patient type she saw. Nowadays, that philosophy has developed into care protocols that help reduce the amount of tests and improve the quality of care. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

That is not the only contribution Deirdre Baggot has made when it comes to improving health care. Having seen the stress and confusion for patients and their families when it came to paying hospital bills, she set out to improve that area. As a health care strategist and payment innovation expert, she has developed the technique of bundled payments. This not only helps patients save money, but doctors and hospitals also share in the savings from this more streamlined process. Her pioneering work with payment reform and bundled payments has helped her develop and implement programs at over 200 hospitals across the country. She has also written twenty papers about bundled payments and has been interviewed on the subject by National Public Radio. Dierdre Baggot has also served in leadership capacities at The University of Michigan Health System and Northwestern Memorial Hospital and has been asked to speak at numerous conferences.

Along with a nursing degree, Baggot holds a Master’s in business administration from Chicago’s Loyola University Graduate School of Business. She also earned a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Colorado. She is now a partner for ECG Management Consultants based in Denver.



Dr. Saad Saad: A Motivated Doctor

Dr. Saad Saad has had an admired career as an effective and advanced surgeon for young people. After being in the medical field for forty-seven years he felt ready to retire. He was born in Palestine during the creation of Israel as an established country. Many Palestinians were forced to uproot from their homes during this period. When Dr. Saad was young, his father was traveling in hopes to find work. He and the rest of his family ended up getting moved from their home. It took several hours of searching and his father had to pay someone an enormous amount of money to be able to be with his family.


Dr. Saad’s father was a gifted oil mechanic and due to his expertise, he moved his family to Kuwait. Dr. Saad would spend most of his younger years as someone without a county. It was his time attending school in Kuwait that his father instilled in him that to be somebody in this world, he would have to get the highest level of education possible.


When Dr. Saad was a high school student, he went to a construction location to earn some money with one of his siblings. It was a hot summer day and the heat started to make him feel sick. He eventually passed out from the heat sickness and after regaining consciousness he figured he had experienced a heat stroke. From that day on he realized that he was not fit for outdoor labor work. He discovered the only area in Kuwait with air conditioning was an operating room. He then set his mind on becoming a surgeon.


Dr. Saad believed that if you can accomplish something today, don’t put it off. This belief allowed him to attain greater levels of success because he became a pro at time management. He knew that a solid work ethic enabled success, so the key to reaching success in one’s endeavors is to make the most use of the small amount of time you had. After coming to the United States, Dr. Saad set his mind to becoming a Certified pediatric ‘surgeon. He was fluent in English and Arabic, which helped him to get the position to be the personal pediatric doctor in Saudi Arabia for the royal family.


After being a doctor in Saudi Arabia for the royal family, he began to think of revolutionary ways to minimize pain and speed patient’s recovery times. Over the years, he would create new procedures to make his medical care even more efficient. His drive to improve medical procedures, increase innovation in his practice, and his passion to help people, he has helped to save the lives of many children. Learn more :

Matt Badiali Has Been Making Accurate Predictions For Years

Matt Badiali has recently been setting some of his focus on the marijuana market, now that another state has been added to the list of legal states. Each and every single year, the marijuana sales in the United States continue to increase by quite a large margin, with more than 6 billion dollars in sale accounted for in just 2017. Matt has taken an interest because now Canada is looking to legalize marijuana as well, but not just in small areas at a time like the United States, all over the entire country.

Matt Badiali is well-known in investment industry for his success today as well as his financial knowledge when it comes to the natural resources market. Matt Badiali spent the first part of his academic career learning Geology, for which he earned a degree in from the University of Pennsylvania. Once Matt completed his education, he began to travel around the world to study and work through various different regions. During this time, Matt was traveling with a friend that was a best financial expert, which gave him some more insight into the financial industry.

It turns out this information was well-worth learning during his trip since he decided to follow his friend and join the financial industry himself. With all the knowledge he acquired traveling around the world, Matt had a great base of information to use for investing in a variety of different markets, especially natural recourses. Matt is always looking to help investors find their way in the natural resources market, though he says a strong understanding of the resources themselves and how they are used is needed to be truly successful at it.

Today, Matt Badiali spend the majority of his time writing for Banyan Hill Publishing and teaching other investors out there the in’s and out’s of the industry so that they can find success of their own.

How Whitney Wolfe Went From Swiping Innovation To Swiping War

Dating apps are at an all-time high since the evolution of technology made it simpler and easier to connect different people together. From apps that would let you simply send a message and hope for a reply to apps that actually match you with the person before even letting you send a “Hello“, the app stores have them all. Among them, there is one that recently stood out by their peculiar approach to the dating game.

That’s where Whitney Wolfe comes in. She went from being a co-founder of Tinder, one of the biggest dating apps today, to creating her own version of a dating app called Bumble. Whitney Wolfe’s idea to separate her from the competition was in reality, really simple. She gave women the power to choose whom they are going to interact with. At first, this might seem like a small detail to make that much of a difference. However, if you are a woman and have tried the dating apps available in the market today, you would know that it’s hard to keep people from sending inappropriate and sometimes offensive messages and images.

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The idea behind Bumble is that women would have more control over who they match up with. According to Whitney Wolfe, women would have to take the first step and send the first message, if not the match would disappear after 24 hours. Just like a Cinderella story with the pumpkin. Within four years Bumble achieved incredible numbers and today has over 35 million users.

With all the popularity of these apps, it would be easy to say that this is a great market to join. However, Whitney Wolfe would probably disagree with that. Tinder and its parent company, Match Group, are suing Bumble and it’s creators for allegedly stealing core components and ideas from Tinder such as the swiping right or left. This move by the Match group, might sound like a valid reason to some that are not aware of the interactions between the two companies, but the real reason behind this move is to try and pressure Bumble, who is now worth $1 Billion according to Forbes magazine, into selling for less than half its actual worth. Whitney Wolfe and her partners have decided to fight back and are suing the Match Group for trying to undermine and pressure them into a deal that is bellow their actual worth, which is turning this into a swiping war between two giants.

A To-Do List May Lead To Upwork Success

Ways to earn money from home provide opportunities for skilled professionals. Some take their talents on the road and become digital nomads. The platform known as Upwork supports the cause of anyone trying to make money in the “gig economy.” Upwork provides a means by which freelancers and entrepreneurs can access work opportunities. The bidding platform allows those in need of work hire those capable of performing the duties.

Freelancers must complete all awarded assignments professionally. Useful organizational skills contribute, in part, to professionalism. Timeliness contributes to such a goal. Improvements of the trait may be possible through crafting a to-do list.

The first step here involves taking action to make a to-do list. Thinking about how great an idea a to-do list seems won’t work. You must put the time in actually to create one. Don’t worry if the first draft of the to-do list lacks perfection. Revise the rough draft into something more coherent at the appropriate time.

Try to craft the most comprehensive list as possible. Leaving items out of the list ruin the intended purpose. You won’t get things done if you follow an incomplete list. And don’t wait until the last minute to devise a to-do list. Rushing to draft the list often leads to omissions.

In addition to logging all the duties, note how much time you wish to commit to them. Running on schedule requires avoiding spending unnecessary time on your tasks. Estimate how long you intend to work on each item. Determine when you will start the job. Creating a workable schedule has its efficiency rewards.

Prioritizing the list also makes sense. Maybe you won’t get to everything on the daily schedule. At least you can complete the most important things.

Staying on track with important tasks may set you down the path of Upwork success. With a decent to-do list, things might work out for the best.

According To End Citizens United, Beto O’Rourke Has A Chance Against Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is becoming very unpopular in Texas. This is bad news for his Senate seat. In the upcoming midterm elections, we could see a Democrat representing Texas in the Senate.

Beto O’Rourke, who is supported by End Citizens United, is within 8 points of Ted Cruz. This number comes directly from a poll conducted by End Citizens United. The University of Texas, with a poll of their own, shows that Beto O’Rourke is only 5 points behind Ted Cruz. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.


Beto O’Rourke has been polling better the closer we get to the midterm elections. A poll conducted by Google at the beginning of 2018 showed that Ted Cruz was ahead by almost 20 points. With so many months left til November, Beto O’Rourke might just have time left to surpass Ted Cruz.

Democrats have already scored 34 political seats in the last year, and it looks like they may be set to gain even more. Flipping the House and the Senate is currently goal number one for the Democratic party.

As previously mentioned, Ted Cruz is the one losing the election. Texans are simply loosing faith in him. This is partially due to his failed Presidential bid, but it can also be attributed to people getting more accustomed to the policies of Senator Cruz. Beto O’Ruorke, despite polling so close to the well-known Cruz, is unknown to a majority of Texans. In fact, 61 percent of likely voters said they do not know enough about O’Rourke ti accurately offer their opinion on him. Citizens of Texas simply want Ted Cruz out of office. In a poll, it was shown that 49 percent of Texans view Cruz unfavorably.


What Is End Citizens United?

End Citizens United began as a PAC, formed in order to reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United and against the FEC, and according to End Citizens United, this led to dramatic, detrimental changes to the American political system. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

The Truth About Wes Edens an American Investor

As an American businessman, Wes Edens is also the owner of a sports team. He isn’t just about banking or investing, but he loves life and has a deep appreciation for good financial decisions. If owning an NBA team isn’t enough, Edens is also the owner of an online team in the Fly Quest game. Owner of the League of Legends, he is ready to explore all things digital that life has to offer. Just like he advises in the marketplace, his personal interests are also diverse.

Edens has worked with an Egyptian business owner, Nassef Sawiris. Together, they opted to put a significant amount of money into the game of golf. The Aston Villa, a part of the English Championship turned Wes’s attention to the game, getting him to view all things golf as exciting and as a game that belongs to the wealthy.

Although he has partners with vast financial experience, his education also played a vital role in his career. Prior to his love of investing, Wes Edens attended Oregon State University, and received a B.S. in Finance and Business Administration. This degree would give him what he needed in order for him to score a job with Lehman Brothers, and later a firm known as Black Rock. Beginning his career in the late 80’s with the Lehman Brothers, Edens was hoping that the prestige associated with it would help him gain some insight. When the company filed for bankruptcy in 2009, it was then that Edens began to see the other side of finance once gone wrong.

It was in 1998, prior to the crash of Lehman Brothers that Wes Edens joined the team at Fortress Investment Group. The Wall Street Journal also turned their attention to Eden’s career, helping him get some publicity that would spur conversation about his name as well as his intent.

Through it all, he remained vigilant, and he was dedicated to his work regardless of what was transpiring in the marketplace or the press. Today, he lives with his wife and four children, and enjoys jumping horses on occasion as well as mountain climbing.

A Look At One Of NewsWatch TV’s Very Positive Reviews

NewsWatch TV is an organization that works with companies of every size from mom & pop operations to those corporations in the S&P 500. One of the reviews of this company online talks about how amazing it was to work with this company on a very successful ad campaign. They say that there were not any hidden traps involved and that the delivery was spectacular. The leadership of this company said that by working with NewsWatch TV their marketing efforts were improved and the services they offer were described as better than ever before.

NewsWatch TV telecasts a 30-minute tv show which airs nationally in 200 markets across the United States. People see this show on both the ION network as well as on AMC. This show first started airing almost 30 years ago, back in 1989. So far there have been over 100 episodes aired with more to come in the future. They cover a wide variety of topics such as new products, fashion, breakthroughs in medicine, technology, tourism, business news, and more.

Many celebrities have also appeared on NewsWatch TV episodes. Among these are Phil Mickelson, Carl Lewis, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dr. Oz, Ted Danson, and Julianne Moore. They have also featured many popular brands such as Channel, Ford, Lego, Goodyear, the American Heart Association, Bounty, and the Discovery Channel.

Beginning in May 2012 NewsWatch TV started a new feature called AppWatch. This show features new apps available on both Android and Apple mobile devices. This show is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and is aired weekly. Some of the apps it has featured include Lord of the Dragons, Baby’s Brilliant, RCN Mobile App, MoWeather, and Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.


Paul Mampilly- Proof that he is a competent investment adviser

Paul Mampilly is an American investment guru who is a former hedge fund manager and a long-standing financial expert with various banking institutions. He has experience of over 25 years working in the financial sector. His first position in the industry was that of an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. From this position, he went all the way to the pinnacle of the industry. He has worked with notable banks such as ING, Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank. He went above these and worked as a hedge fund manager in the Wall Street, one of the highest positions a financial investor can ever get.

Being a hedge fund manager who manages billions of dollars every year is something to be proud of. Paul Mampilly was working with a hedge fund known as Kinetics Asset Management. His biggest achievement with this organization is that he got an opportunity to work with people who he never thought he would ever work with plus he also made the hedge fund the best for that year. When Paul Mampilly is classified as an accomplished investor, it is the achievements that he has that qualifies him to be one. He has a streak of good performances as an investor which show the person he is.

Paul Mmpilly has also proved that he is the best investor by winning the Templeton Foundation award. The contest brought together the best traders from the Wall Street. Paul emerged the winner at the end of the contest where each one of them was given $50 million as an investment.

Paul Mampilly is no longer working in the Wall Street. He has left the Wall Street so that he can concentrate on helping the Main Street Americans accomplish the same financial freedom as the investor in Wall Street. The country has been ailing from financial crisis because many people cannot even make the right investment decisions. These people, however, are not doing it on purpose; it is because they have no one to hold their hand and show them the way. Paul has taken up the responsibility of helping the people make the right investment decisions. He is publishing materials on investment through the Banyan Hill publishing.

Neurocore Is Helping Change The Face Of Depression

Depression effects so many people on a daily basis. It is estimated that nearly 7% of individuals living in America today have some degree of depression and the mental illness does effect women more than men. In order to treat depression, people need to be aware of some characteristics of depression. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

First off, depression can become present without any outside factors and signs and symptoms are not always apparent to the person suffering. Loss of appetite, lack of normal activity, weight loss or gain, and erratic sleep patterns are some of the concrete signs and symptoms of depression. Depression can cause physical issues: shortness of breath, headache, stomach problems, and tension in the body.

Secondly, there are four major types of depression: Major Depressive Disorder- sadness or disruptive mood for at least two weeks, Post Partum Depression- effecting new mothers with chemical changes after birth of child , Seasonal Affective Disorder- usually effects those during low sunshine winter months, and Persistent Depressive Disorder- not as severe depressive episodes as Major Depressive Order, but lasts up to two years with symptoms daily.


Thirdly, depression greatly affects those between the ages o. 15- 44 with suicide being the leading cause of death in younger individuals. The good news is that all forms of depression are highly treatable. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers offer treatment for many different mental disorders, including depression. Neurocore uses a biofeedback system that can actually retrain the brain through simple, repetitive exercises to make continued positive choices. These repetitious games cause new nural pathways to be created. The individuals that enter Neurocore are assested before the begining of treatment to customize the program for success.

Individuals who enter a treatment program are monitored throughout treatment and will be given the same assesment at the completion of the program to show new neural changes. Neurocore Performance Centers are located in Florida and Michigan. Individuals can also visit their webaite and blog for more information or to schedule an assesment. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.