PSI-Pay and Why It’s A Leading Banking Payment Alternative in the World Today

The world and business of banking is increasingly getting more complicated. This isn’t really a problem, not unless the clients or customers suffer the consequences of the overcomplication of an already complex system. Fortunately, there are alternatives in banking today that benefit the customers directly. One of these wonderful banking alternatives that allow consumers to deposit and withdraw funds across a multitude of currencies in several countries is PSI-Pay.

About PSI-Pay

The main vision of PSI-pay is to offer authorized and highly regulated payment system for consumers across the globe. Because this payment system is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, you can guarantee that the PSI-Pay programs can offer the partnership sponsorship payment options and solutions to its valid customers.

The company has successfully been in operation since 2007, and with its reputation of always providing globally accepted payment options that are built on transparency and efficiency, the world can expect more of the company’s operations in the many years to come.

Best Business Year

One of the key secrets of the company on why they’re still always a leading company that’s able to offer alternative banking payments to customers is their team’s professional credentials. Ever since 2007, the company only hires the experts in the field to make sure that the licensed payment solutions they employ in PSI-Pay are legitimate and unreliable. It is also the hope of the company that it can provide more tools to the people, empowering them with all the payment options that can help the clients meet their goals.

Right now it is safe to say that PSI-Pay Ltd.’s best business years would be in 2015 because it is the year where its business volume reached to about 29% increase and its income revenue reached to about 45%. Pre-tax profits also achieved an impressive gain of about 5.5%. This official announcement was already on top of the 15% revenue increase that happened in 2014.

Asked for an opinion, the Managing Director of PSI-Pay Phil Davies explained that the main generator of such business success in the company would be the concerted team effort of the company that had demonstrated the kind of involvement, teamwork, and dedication that no other competition can match.

The company’s promotional programs have also been a great help in deriving such growth. That said, this kind of success has been reflected on PSI-Pay’s presence on Social Media, as many people engage with the company’s various offerings. Indeed, the sort of success PSI-Pay experiences is truly socially rooted to the consumer’s demands.

About PSI-Pay:

Jeremy Goldstein: Promoting EPS as an Incentive

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York City-based writer and lawyer who has authored several articles that tackles the legality of certain corporate issues. One of his latest articles is about the earnings per share platform, more commonly known as the EPS platform. Today, most companies in the United States are offering the EPS as an alternative to cash incentives. Employees are taking them over cash incentives because of the chance that the share being given to them could further increase its value. However, some are totally against it and would pick up the cash incentive over the EPS. Jeremy Goldstein has pointed out the advantages and the disadvantages of using the EPS platform, and it managed to open the minds of those who are still confused whether to take it or leave it.



According to the article from Jeremy Goldstein, the earnings per share platform brings in more advantages to the company versus disadvantages. Based on the research from different financial institutions, providing an EPS platform to the employees would increase the shares of a company that is being circulated the stock market. This would, later on, affect the price flow of a certain stock named for a company, and this sudden increase in the movement would get the attention of investors, and there is a huge chance that they too would be purchasing stock from the same company. The surge in stock purchase would, later on, be beneficial for the company, because once it sells out, more profit can be made.
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Another advantage of a company with an active EPS platform is the increase in the number of applicants who would want to join the company. The EPS platform is one effective way to boost the motivation and the productivity of an employee, and if the news about a certain company handling out EPS reached the public, thousands would want to be hired to be able to get their share. Employees who have been receiving an EPS incentive is also more likely to be more financially stable and literate. They would want to have their shares sit for a long while until it reached their certain target amount.



This is how the cryptocurrency traders are earning so much – they would hold onto their holdings until it reached the price where they wanted to sell it off. The volatility of the stock market is also helpful for the employees to gain additional income. Jeremy Goldstein pointed out that while there are advantages in using the platform, there are also disadvantages. Companies which are using the EPS platform could notice several employees developing a stronger relationship with their bosses, and because of it, favoritism would arise. This is what the EPS platform has to work on to make it more effective.


James Larkin, Hero Of The Irish Worker And Strong Advocate For Equality

James Larkin may best be known for the famous phrase, a fair days work for a fair days pay. He was a life-long socialist, with a commitment to improving work conditions for all Irish workers in the Industrial Labor Industry.

James Larkin was born in poverty to Irish parents in the slums of Liverpool England in 1876. He had almost no formal education, due to his economical circumstances. He was forced into child labor, as were many children at that time.

As a young adult he found himself employed for the Liverpool docks as a laborer. Although James Larkin came from such humble beginnings, his intelligence and unwavering belief in the rights of all workers led to his changing laws and establishing basic rights for all Irish industrial workers.

In 1905 James Larkin was nominated as full-time organiser of the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL). He then moved to Belfast, creating the first organized unskilled labor Force. Local employers were against the new union branch and planned a lockout. Friction was then encited between the other leaders of the NUDL. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

They were against James Larkins Forceful, sometimes militant tactics. Without including James Larkin the leaders of the NUDL reached a settlement, consequently pushing James Larkin from his leadership position.

James Larkin then made the move to Belfast and started work on forming the Irish Transport and General Workers Union(ITGWU). What the ITGWU sought to accomplish was the legalisation of the eight hour work day, pensions for all workers over the age of 60, and the supplication of provisions for unemployed long-time workers. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

During this time James Larkin was considered an eloquent and passionate public speaker, a physically strong and formidable leader who relentlessly worked without rest for the working class. Within three years, it is no wonder that James Larkin accomplished his mission. The ITGWU became the largest, most well-known unskilled Labor union in Ireland.

!n 1911 James Larkin established the ‘Irish Worker and People’s Advocate newspaper to spread the word for equality and justice for the laborers of Ireland. A move that proved most wise indeed. Reaching a reached a circulation of 20,000, this publication helped to promote his cause throughout Ireland and beyond.

In 1912, James Larkin and James Connelly found the Irish Labour Party. A series of strikes to better conditions for workers led to the infamous Dublin lockout of 1913. Discouraged after this defeat, James Larkin traveled to The United states in an effort to raise funds. His tireless efforts, after six months of strikes and negotiations won basic rights for more than 100,000 Irish workers.

James Larkin was known to lead anti-war demonstrations as WWI erupted. This led to his being deported to England in 1923. His legacy will never be forgotten. He continued his work towards worker equality until his death in 1947.

Austin’s Dr. Jennifer Walden Gets Positive Reviews As a Empathetic Female Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon in her hometown Austin, Texas, and has been practicing cosmetic surgery for 8 years. She attended the University of Texas Medical Branch about 100 miles from Houston, in Galveston, Texas. Before that, Walden built a practice in New York City, which was a success, but still returned back to Austin focusing only on doing what she loves, being a plastic surgeon. Her cosmetic surgeries consist of breast augmentation, face-lifts, eyelid lifts, and rhinoplasties, that she performs on her clients.

Another service Dr. Jennifer Walden provides is, liposuction on the arms, inner thighs, and on the stomach, including injecting soft-tissue fillers and Botox. She is one of the few females that practice cosmetic surgery in the field, being so male dominated, and not so welcoming to women. The statistics for how many women are actually in the cosmetic surgery field, are a stunning 851 out of 8,100 that are board certified.

When it comes to being a female plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is 1 out of only 12 in the entire city who performs cosmetic surgery. What sets her apart from other plastic surgeons is, she genuinely empathizes with her clients, and with anyone who desires to have cosmetic work done to their body, that they will feel better about adjusting, and not have the embarrassment feeling moving forward, that they previously experienced. Dr. Walden has being one of the few surgeons in her field, that women actually feel more comfortable talking to about their body, knowing that speaking with another female, can be more relatable, than it usually would be with a male cosmetic surgeon.

She takes into account that, throughout life, women go thru a wide-range of changes, whether it’s just going thru the natural aging process, or some women after giving birth would like to have their breast adjusted, as a result from breastfeeding.

OSI Food Solutions – Meeting the Demand of the Market

In recent news, OSI Food Solutions Spain invests 17 million euros into its processed chicken production operation in order to increase production from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of processed chicken per year. This increase of production was a direct response to the increasing demand for their chicken products within Spain and Portugal.

This 17 million euro investment constructs a high-capacity production line to its production operation in Toledo, Spain. Since the addition of this new production line, OSI Spain has accomplished a production capacity of more than 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken products. This development has not only increased production, but has created 20 new jobs.

OSI Spain’s new production line drew interest from the regional government. And because of such interest, the government granted OSI Spain 1.5 million euros from its European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. In addition, the local Chamber of Commerce awards OSI Food Solutions Spain for its commitment to employment.

The chicken product demand from OSI Food Solutions Spain had increased by 6% over the last ten years and 8% over the last 3 years. With this rate of improvement it was only an intelligent decision to meet the demand and expand operation. Managing director of OSI Spain, Jose Maria del Rio, is absolutely excited about this advancement and with the previous growth rate in consideration, is anticipating an even further growth rate in the near future and wants to be completely ready for increased market demands when they come. The new production line will allow OSI to increase its product line and to support the ever so growing demands of its customers.

The building in which this new production line operates, includes, but not limited to: brand new shipping and receiving areas, a waste container storage, oil service areas, hot water tanks, a production hall, supply storage, a kitchen and an employee social area.

Energy sustainable factors were included also in order to reduce the building’s electricity consumption. The inclusion of such system, has reduced energy consumption by 20 percent. Waste heat recovery from a refrigeration unit and a cogeneration system are two responsible systems for the reduced energy consumption.

This new investments has been a sheer success for OSI Food Solutions Spain, thus far, increasing their meat production by sustainable measures to meet the high chicken demand of the market. As the market steadily demands more from OSI Spain, they can be certain that OSI will continuously provide the quality they deserve.

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Linda Owens Joins Highland Capital Management To Aid In Charitable Giving

Charity is an important part of leadership. Charitable giving helps promote social goals that make all of society a better place. One company that knows this well is Highland Capital Management. Read this article at Dallas News. This Dallas, Texas based capital management firm seeks out ways to help fund valuable community goals. They know that any business owner must be aware of how best to reach out to help others. It is with this goal in mind that company officials have hired Linda Owens. Owens has a long history of activity in this particular field and a true sense of how to get things done. As president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, she was instrumental in getting things done there. It has here that she gained a sense of how best to marshal capital and use it as effectively as possible. Her work quickly brought her to the attention of those in the philanthropic field. It was her dedication and commitment that also brought to the attention of those at Highland Capital Management. They wanted someone who knows the local Dallas, Texas area well and understands how to help donors donate. They also wanted someone for a passion for really effective charity that can make a difference.


Her Role

Owens joins Highland Capital Management as their Charitable Giving Manager. In this role, she is expected to provide the kind of assistance that company officials want. They aim to help offer charitable giving that can truly make a difference in people’s lives. They want to really make a difference in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This is why the company has turned to a professional like Ms. Owens for leadership. She will work closely with many staffers. She will also work closely with many area community groups in order to help facilitate many kinds of important community goals. Her aim, as such, aligns with the aims of the company. As one of the nation’s leading capital managers, staffers here have devoted their lives to helping others. They have been involved in many kinds of capital management deals that help offer support for companies around the world to grow and flourish. Those at the firm know that it is possible to take what they learned from their work in the fiscal field and apply it to the field of charitable giving. Ms. Owens will be part of a proud team that is truly devoted to community affairs. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Finding Comfort in Discussing Problems with Talkspace

App development is evoling in so many different aspects for people that have smart devices. It is not uncommon to see apps for different things like dating and ordering food. What people may not have expected so soon was an app like Talkspace. This is the app that actually presents people with an opportunity to engage in counseling with a licensed therapist. Few people may have realized that this was going to become such a popular app in such a short time frame, but the fact that there are licensed therapists at the ready makes it all the more easy for this new york-based company to build a successful app.

Having a therapist in place that is able to provide this type of environment makes all the difference in the world for app users. It definitely shows that more people are willing to engage in things like counseling if they have knowledge that there is someone that is certified to do the job.

One thing that people have appear to embrace with Talkspace is the amount of comfortability that they have with presenting questions and opening up to someone without physically talking to them.

Another thing that has made Talkspace popular is the fact that there is no need to rush with a response because this is not a back and forth chat dialog. It is more of an ask, respond and wait type of conversation. For people that may have found it difficult to talk about their problems at all, Talkspace may be the best solution for helping these people break out of their shell. It is definitely a good way to better relationship conversation. When people use Talkspace to talk about their relationships they can find comfort in getting answers from someone that is certified in this area.

Bradesco Is Converting Profit Reserves Into Stock, According To Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Bradesco shareholders have a big annual meeting in March. The annual meeting will produce a new CEO, new board members. Plus, every shareholder is going to receive one new share of stock for every ten shares they own if the plan to convert profit reserves into 610.9 million new shares of stock gets a thumbs up from the shareholders. The new common and preferred shares is a sign that Bradesco’s earnings in 2017 are way about the bank’s original forecast. That is good news for the Bradesco family of shareholders, but many of those people are also excited about voting for a new president and CEO at the same meeting. Plus three bank executives are also up for a board position.

The focus of the March 12th shareholders meeting will be the confirmation of Octavio Lazari as the new president and CEO of the bank. Mr. Lazari is the current vice-president in charge of overseeing the bank’s insurance arm, Banco Seguros. Seguros is one of the bank’s main revenue streams and Lazari gave that division the right leadership skills to break profit records. Lazari is a long-term Bradesco employee, but his role with Seguros is relativity new. But employees believe Lazari took the Seguros job in 2017 as a stepping stone to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Trabuco is too old to be the bank’s CEO, according to the new age cap on the CEO position. At 67, Trabuco has a lot of banking years ahead of him, and that’s one reason he is taking over the chairmanship from Lázaro de Mello Brandão. Lázaro is 91. He is the only surviving member of the original Bradesco executive team. Brandão went to work for the bank in 1943 when founder Amador Aguiar was just getting started. Amador Aguiar and Lázaro de Mello Brandão are the men who gave Luiz Carlos Trabuco a job as a trainee in 1969.


Amador Aguiar and Lázaro de Mello Brandão both saw the potential in Trabuco forty-nine years ago, and Trabuco didn’t disappoint them. Mr. Trabuco was a standout banker right from the start even though he didn’t have the degrees’ bankers look for when they hire new people. But Trabuco had the brains, and the people skills to turn Bradesco into an international powerhouse when he took over as CEO in 2009. For the last eight years, Trabuco and his executive team gave domestic and foreign investors something to cheer about, even though Brazil was going through a recession that put the country in an emerging market tailspin. Trabuco and his team didn’t feel the economic pain as they cut an asset management course that gave the bank the number two position in terms of size. Bradesco also gets the number one position in terms of customer satisfaction.

Thanks to Trabuco leadership, the bank instigated several environmental and educational programs, and they are still going strong today. Trabuco and his team are also responsible for the bank’s online banking success. Bradesco has up-to-date online and mobile banking platforms in place, and those platforms are giving the investors a reason to celebrate. But even Bradesco is riding high and making a lot of money, there are issues that need attention. Octavio Lazari is the man who will lead the bank through the internal and external problems that plague the bank. One of those issues is keeping up with IT proficiency, and another is dealing with a huge number of underperforming bank branches. Thanks to the 2015 acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian division, Bradesco has too many bank branches in some areas and none in other areas that are experiencing a lot of population growth.

But Lazari won’t be alone in the decision-making process. Trabuco and the board, as well as executives like Josué Augusto Pancini, Marcelo Noronha Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Mauricio Machado de Minas, Andre Cano, and Alexandre da Silva Glüher, will still keep the bank functioning at a high level, in terms of reaching income projections and operational proficiency.

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Entrusting the Future with GoBuyside

GoBuyside is a recruiting firm based in New York City that works hand-in-hand with Fortune 500 companies, investment managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, and advisory platforms, which are located all over the world.

Manned by a team of diligent and technology savvy professionals, GoBuyside’s exceptional competence is unsurpassed in screening and sourcing of top-tier applicants for more than 500 clienteles in need of human capital. The team’s educational and professional experience in the human recruitment process takes it apart from its rival competitors, and this allows the company to forge long-lasting relations with their clients.

As a reputable name in the recruitment industry, GoBuyside points out the major proponents that influenced the rise of compensation within private equity companies. This is from an unbiased perception report published on the 19th of December 2017 which conveyed that 65% of working professionals within the said industry disclosed that there was an increase in income, and the bulk of the said increase came in the form of bonuses.

The typical cash remuneration is at $315,000, and professionals in venture capital working for bigger companies earn more than their counterparts who work in smaller corporations. The influencing factor behind the salary growth which happened in four years of succession can be attributed to the increase in demand for brand new talents within the investment arena. Research facts show that the equity reserves of private firms for purposes of investment totals to billions in dollars – and that figure is for North America only.

The private equity industry is expected to hire and employ additional manpower of about 200,000 for the senior and junior levels in approximately 7,500 corporations around the globe. According to David Kochanek, the report’s publisher, the trend has already been predicted years ago, and it was based on the reports given by the professionals in the industry who claimed that there was an increased in their bonus and base pays despite the fact that the funds from their respective private equity firms did not gain exceptional returns.

The excellence GoBuyside demonstrates in its recruitment platform is based on data and facts that are produced by studies and reports given by reliable sources within the industry (like the report discussed above). The company’s success in providing high caliber tailored talents needed by businesses and investment firms is correlated to their forecasted needs and is carried out by means of using their exclusive brand of hiring and consulting procedure that has been trusted over the years.

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Talk Fusion Technology is Changing the Email Communication Platform.

Many people do not like to communicate via email. There are ways, however, to make people love this form of communication. Experts say that an email is an ordinary point of contact. The modern generation has changed, and there are no public phone books. This makes an email the ideal online phone number. When you combine this form of communication with the new WebRTC technology in video calling, emails can become one of the most dynamic communication platforms to use in the modern times.


Talk Fusion is a renowned company that has changed the email communication platform. The organization has introduced the video email messaging service, changing the lives of many investors in the international community. The services from this company are the perfect example of a great evolved email that people should embrace and move on with their lives. The services from Talk Fusion will allow you to easily send videos in different devices. The consumer can then view the videos at their desired time using their email.


WebRTC is not very new in the modern markets. This technology simply advocates for the agreement between some of the main browser owners to agree to share the common codes and also hand the keys of their programming to the general public. Using this technology, it is possible for the companies such as Talk Fusion to easily tap the video. When the customer receives the video massage in their email, then they can be able to watch it immediately without any problems.


Individuals who use this form of technology have few things to worry about. In fact, experts say that it is one of the easiest to use in the market. There are no applications for the consumer to download, and there will be no any agreements to be signed. The most important thing about Talk Fusion applications is the fact that it only uses the browser from the customer to play the files sent. Talk Fusion has only been in the market for a short time, and it has become so successful due to the kind of services it has been providing consumers. These products are sold by independent company associates. At the moment, Talk Fusion is doing well, and it has branches in more than one hundred countries. The people who market the products are highly trained, and they ensure that the customer getting the product has nothing to complain about. The founder of the institution is an expert in technology, and he has done a great job in the management of the company. Learn more: