Beautiful Churches in Minneapolis

Church is an environment where religious believers go to worship their God. Churches come in unique shapes, sizes and designs. This article will cover the top Four most beautiful churches in Minneapolis. The first church on this list is  Church of St. Columba, St. Paul. This church is located 1327 Lafond Ave, St Paul, MN 55104. It has been a parish since 1914; however, the Christian Church began in 1950. This church has a French architectural style, and it was built with limestone. The inside of the church is also beautiful. The interior of the church has a very modern style; in addition, the interior has a lot of natural and artificial light that highlights the podium very nicely. St.  John’s Abbey Church is located 2900 Abbey Plaza, Collegeville, MN 56321. This church was built in 1961. The outside of the church has a honey hone design. The inside of the church is also very beautiful, it has lots of colorful Catholic paintings. Cathedral of St. Paul is located 239 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102. This church is beautiful inside and out, it’s the third largest church in the United States. This church is also very unique because of the location, this church has an overwhelming beautiful view of the downtown area! You’d have to see it with your own eyes, its truly a special church.

The last church on the list is Mighty Fortress Church. This Christian church is located 6500 85th Avenue North Brooklyn Park, MN 55445. This church is unique because they allow all attendees to come to church as they are, no matter dress attire, age, weight, sexuality, race etc., everyone is welcomed. Mighty Fortress Church’s goal is for all believers to come together to worship God weekly and to leave encouraged.

The man behind this great church is Bishop Thomas Williams. He is a very educated man. He holds man degrees, including two Honorary Doctoral degrees from Midwest Christian College and Seminary and from St. Thomas College.

He has now been active in ministries for 30 years. His goal is to preach the word of the bible to his members so that they can all walk in the foot steps of God in a practical way. If you’re in the are, please don’t be afraid to stop by Mighty Fortress Church, it is a great place to be!

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Neurocore as the Brain Performing Centers with Patient’s Best Interest at Heart

Many individuals around the world suffer from different diseases and conditions. Others are lucky enough to get help while others are not. What is saddening is that, when such people do not get the care they need or rather are not shown love, they deteriorate at lightning speed and may end up losing their lives. Considering the vast speed at which technology is conquering the world, Neurocore has embraced it. It is a center of brain performance has invested tremendous efforts to help people with various conditions like depression, stress, ADHD, autism, among others.
When someone is not affecting by conditions like the ones mentioned above, they don’t take them seriously until it knocks on their doors. In Neurocore, the brain is the guide. With the help of qEEG technology, the source of the symptoms a patient has is identified. Having that information makes it a whole lot easier to come up with a program suitable to overcome the challenge. One might be surprised with how powerful the brain is because it is the one that makes people even feel depressed. It is because the brain responds to what has been channeled to it. It is a fact not known by many people that be it autism or depression; the brain always has the answers.
With Neurocore, 45 minutes and a 30 –session program is conducted. Here, one watches a movie when their brain is at a speed of therapy, and this is made possible by neuro and biofeedback, which response well because the brain has subject to change. With time, the brain stops lancing out of range. Therefore, brain functionality improves.
Neurocore has various centers with specialists and brain coaches. There are seven centers in Lower Michigan and two in southern Florida. These centers do not lock out anyone as long as they feel they need help. The doors of Neurocore are wide open. It is not hard to get assistance from them, if one is not near the locations mentioned, at their website, click on schedule assessment and fill the information provided. It is as simple as that. For more encouragement and one to see that they are not alone in their journey, one can have a look at people’s testimonials and know that whatever they are going through, a solution is there.

The Legacy that Business Mogul and Philanthropist George Soros is Aiming to Create

A person that has been through difficult situations emerges from the experience with lots of lessons to learn. When George Soros was just a teenager, he was forced to flee Hungary because of the Nazis and the threat of the Holocaust. Even though he got asylum in the UK, and he was able to get himself through college and start his company. When George moved to the United States, he realized that he was now in a position to affect change in the society. He started the George Soros Foundation close to three decades ago, and he has been using it to support the foundations and charities that fight for the equality of all people.

One of the issues that Soros has been involved with lately was the Ferguson protests. These erupted after the racially motivated profiling and killing of a teenage African American boy by white police officers. The police officer was never indicted for the crime, and this angered the civil societies greatly. George Soros funded the buses that ferried protestors to the town, and by the time that the protests were dying down, which was a few weeks later, the message that black lives matter had been passed across. Today, there are players in the NFL who take a knee whenever the national anthem is being played, as a sign to show that black lives matter. The authorities are checking the amount of force they use when arresting people of color and there is more sensitivity to the rights of all people, regardless of their skin color.

George Soros has also been deeply involved in the politics of the country. There was a time when he supported John Kerry because he wanted to put an end to the massive mistakes that characterized the Bush administration. His main problem with the Bush administration was the fact that he had engineered a fake war with Afghanistan because he was following personal interests. While Kerry lost the election, Soros stayed in close contact with the groups which were supposed to keep checks and balances on the administration, and when the next round of elections came, he supported the Liberal candidate, Obama.

In the 2015 run for the presidency, he is one of the business magnates who were interested in Hillary making it to the White House. From his level, Soros has always liked the politics played by Clinton. He contributed more than $25 million to her campaign. He believes that Conservatives are taking the country back to an era where people’s basic rights are violated on a daily basis and that it will take a lot of effort by the Open Society Foundations to ensure that the regime does not overstep and start taking back the rights and freedoms of the free world.

Back to School! Consolidation Plus

It is that time of year once again when parents need to start preparing for back to school time for their little ones. This can be a stressful time but with a little organization a solid plan, this can actually be an easy and somewhat fun process!

A lot of schools supply a list of needed supplies in advance that you can pick up or print out on your local school website. In addition to this, keep in mind of other tools that will be essential during the school year such as multiple notebooks, dividers, extra pens, and the proper attire. You also need to keep lunch in mind. Find a lunch box with dividers so that you can label each section for your fruits and veggies to keep your child on the healthy path.

For parents who are struggling to add the costly demands of back to school shopping into their budget, there is a company called Consolidation Plus that can be very beneficial. Companies like Consolidation Plus helps parents to minimize the number of payments on credit cards and loans to help with paying for additional needs around the household. Consolidation plus provides a 3 step process on their website for those who are interested.

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David McDonald Success Story at the Helm of OSI Group of Industries

All global brands are somehow local in their various countries of operation. For instance, a company in Africa, Europe, Australia, and America cannot run a one fit all transactions in the countries that they operate. Other factors will determine how to manage a company in the particular area. If you are investing in the hotel industry, the customer taste bud will be the primary factor to consider.
The President of the OSI Group Industries, Mr. David McDonald have the feeling that the company has attained elaborate positions in the market. He argues that the main reason for the success of the venture is how the business operates. As a manager and president, he has seen the importance of selling an international brand with the local management in place. Having local control ensures that the people around the firm can patronize its operations. The problem arising in the course of work are amicably solved with the available local solutions.
David McDonald sits in the headquarters office at Aurora. The firm concentrates mainly on food rich in protein products. These include sausages and beef patties. In the attempt to increase output, the group has diversified on its products. The group is now selling pizza and sandwich to other retail brands in the world. Currently, the group operates in more than 17 countries around the globe. In total, they are more than 50 branches in the entire world.
The OSI team have been secretly eyeing the developing economies in the world. They have been in China for the last two decades. The group has been able to establish more than eight industries in the region. David McDonald and other senior management hope to use the venture to try out poultry products in the market.
The group CEO explains the main reason why the group has chosen to emphasize China. Every day, China is developing to become one of the leading consumer markets on the globe. With its higher population, the demand is likely to increase in the near future. But that is not all, according to various research projects, Chinese are affluent. As such, they are ready to try out various items and products till they get their desired items.
The approach to issues that David McDonald and other senior managers have been applying at the OSI group has propelled the firm towards success. The company believes in the need to engage the potential customers before deciding on whether to discard or introduce a new product to the market.

Trabuco: One Of History’s Legendary War Weapons

Trabucos were used in ancient times in China and later in Europe during the Middle Ages. They were siege weapons that worked similar to catapults. The purpose of a trabuco was to crush the walls of a city or fortress for easier invasion. Also, trabucos were used to launch heavy projectiles over the walls and into cities or forts.

History Of The Trabuco

Trabucos were designed based on the concept of a slingshot. Although they were similar to ballistaes and catapults, they had a simpler design. The original version in China had an arm for better leverage and several strings, which multiple people would pull to launch objects. According to, the Chinese trabuco was smaller and easier to transport than the variation that was later used in Europe.

The trabucos used in Europe were large and required between 15 and 45 people to pull the ropes. There were usually two or more men per rope. There had to be a large number of people pulling the ropes to launch heavier objects. Since the trabuco had a simple design that was based on the concept of balance, it was easier to operate. There was a counterweight. Several historical accounts from the Crusades showed that trabucos were used in battle. They were compared to demons in accounts about their destruction abilities.

Maintaining a trabuco was easier than maintaining a war weapon with more complicated mechanisms. They were seen as more practical and reliable. The device had wheels and was also easier to position closer to walls. It was capable of launching larger and heavier objects than catapults or ballistaes could handle because of its counterweight. Also, the trabuco launched those objects with greater velocity. Its portability, ease of use and power made it one of the scariest war weapons of the Middle Ages according to

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Michael Lacey, the Modern Day Pythagoras

It is always easy to count numerical values from zero to a hundred. However, the hard part comes when you are told to add, multiply, divide, and even subtract numbers. People that have undergone formal education are the ones that can only appreciate how complex Mathematics is, individuals like Michael Thoreau Lacey.

Michael Lacey was born in 1959, but fifty-eight years later, he continues to inspire the world with his unique talent and abilities. Born in America, Michael Lacey has proven in more ways than one that he got created to outshine the Greek Mathematician, Pythagoras.

In his lifetime, Lacey has pursued greatness, and he currently holds a Ph.D. he acquired from the University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign.

Thoreau is also the proud holder of a Bachelor of Science degree obtained from the University of Texas back in 1981. Through time, Michael Lacey has been able to inspire both young and old people, instilling his diverse knowledge of Mathematics in them.

As a man highly qualified in the discipline of Arithmetic’s, he has been able to find meaning employment between 1987 to date in institutions like the Louisiana State University, the University of North Carolina, Indiana University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology as an associate as well as a full professor.

Also, Michael Lacey has been able to hold many short-term and visiting positions between 1995 and 2015 in institutions like the University of Minnesota, Helsinki University, University of Crete, the University of British Columbia, University of Francois Rabelais, and the Universite d’Paris-Sud among many others.

Apart from teaching, Michael Lacey has helped author a lot of learning materials over the years, publications like ‘On entropy bumps for Calderon- Zygmund operators, and An elementary proof of the A2 Bound. Others include Two Weight Inequalities for Riesz Transforms and The solution of the Kato problem for divergence form elliptic operators with Gaussian heat kernel bounds.’

In totality, Thoreau has done more than a hundred publications, a sign of his authority in Mathematics. Over the years, Michael has developed a profound interest in editing holding a position as the Harmonic Analysis Editor for the American Mathematical Society between 2005 and 2011. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

As a man created to inspire the world, he has mentored students to greatness. Apart from feeding learners with the right tools to excel in Mathematics, he has single-handedly instilled in them the kind of discipline required to succeed in life.

To this end, the world has taken note of his devotion to academia gifting him with the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award and honoring Lacey as the American Mathematical Society Fellow, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Simons Fellow, and the Guggenheim Fellow.

Other accolades bestowed on Michael Lacey include the Prix Salem, the 45 Minute address- International Congress of Mathematicians, and the Fulbright Fellowship.

By devoting his life to Mathematics and other related disciplines, Michael Lacey has helped create theories that make arithmetic look like a walk in the park. Above all, Lacey’s new concepts have contributed to solidifying the industrial sector, as it is the modern day engineers that find complex algorithms useful.

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Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Meet with Universal Music Group

Jay Z is a man who changed an entire industry. As one of the leading moguls in the hip hop industry, Jay Z has become a brand unto himself. As founder of Roc Nation, Jay Z is coming up on a big year where he’ll see his fortune change entirely — for the better. Jay Z signed a 10 year contract back in 2008 with the team at Live Nation for an astounding $150 million. The deal helped to shape the music industry while turning Jay Z into a legend himself. Now, Jay and his partner Desiree Perez have to decide where they are going with Roc Nation in the coming year.

As the 360 Deal elapses between Jay Z and Live Nation there is suddenly a huge void with one of the biggest media moguls in the entire industry. Jay Z has a wealth of opportunity before him that he never had back in 2008 and that means he’s going to be very selective with who he chooses to partner up with. Preliminary reports show that Live Nation is unlikely to bring Jay Z back for the primary reason that they are no longer interested in recorded music. Live Nation is now moving their focus straight onto live shows and that is something that Jay Z and Roc Nation brings in spades.

This past summer Desiree Perez and Jay Z were seen in Santa Monica, CA at a sit down lunch with Sir Lucian Grainge. Sir Lucian Grainge, for those not in the know, is the CEO and head chairman at Universal Music Group. Perez is the right hand of Jay Z’s Roc Nation and the fact that they were both in attendance at this meeting means that something could be on the up and up. Reports still haven’t been confirmed as of yet.

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Doe Deere: Taking The Risk

Are you looking to become an entrepreneur? Have you thought of a business that you know will bring so much to the new market? Well if so, Doe Deere has some advice she wants to pass down to you. Doe Deere, founder and CEO of a popular makeup line, started from the bottom and created a business empire with wild success. Though, she had to overcome many obstacles, she found that learning and growth was just part of the ride. Learn more:


Finding Your Niche

Doe Deere knew from the time she was a child that cosmetics would be a huge part of her life. Always playing with color, and makeup, she was not afraid to be herself and be bold. If you’ve got a passion that you’ve always known would take you somewhere, it’s not too late to turn it into a career. Something that excites you will make you look forward to your work, and you won’t be afraid to put your all into it.


Learning/Expanding Your Skill Set

Doe was not afraid to take what she knew and apply it to a new business. But what she also wasn’t afraid of was growth. While you may know a lot about a certain field or interest, you will always have more learning and growing to do. Being able to roll with changes is key. You’ll want to tackle any problems head on, because putting them aside will not give you any success. Doe breaks down the problems into pro and con lists and moves forward by weighing the options. Aside from yourself, you’ll want people working from you who have thoughts and ideas on processes. Doe listens to her employees, as she’s learned it has added many benefits to her company.


Doe is what we would call a risk taker. She found her passion, and rolled with it. While it wasn’t overnight, in time she because a wildly successful entrepreneur. Lime Crime cosmetics has many worldwide fans. Taking that first step could be the beginning of the rest of your life. You can have a business and stay true to your ideals- Doe Deere did. Don’t be afraid to take that risk.

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Voicing the Plight of those Crying in the Wilderness

There are numerous groups and organizations that fight effortlessly for the rights of immigrants and other minority groups. Some of these groups and organizations are:

  1. i) Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law which was formed by President John F. Kennedy to help advocate for civil rights of migrants. The non-profit organization was formed with an aim of eradicating discrimination of the immigrants by bringing together groups that represent both racial and ethnic minorities who are faced with economic disparity.
  2. ii) Black American for Just Immigration group that advocated for the respect of the rights of the minority black Americans. The group has been leading in enlightening, educating, organizing and advocating for social, racial and economic justice.

iii) Council on American-Islamic Relations whose main goal is to fight any form of discrimination against the Muslims. The organization is one of the largest civil rights groups that protect Muslims from being victimized along religious lines.

Muslims have been victimized in some countries; especially the United States of America by being labeled terrorists and this organization has to be on the forefront of making sure that their rights are protected. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Of all the groups and organizations, few can match the kind of work done by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization whose base is in Arizona and the border of Mexico. The fund was started by two veteran journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who were both co-founders of Phoenix Times and Voice Media, the news and information outlets that fought for the rights of the minorities.

One of the things that the two celebrated journalists fought for was the implementation of first amendment rights.

During that time, Maricopa was under the tyranny of a Sheriff by the name Joe Arpaio. Joe was a notorious Sheriff who had formed a habit of arresting people and accusing them of falsely and charging them with offences he could not prove in a court of law. He used to mistreat jail inmates, discriminate members of minority communities along racial lines and used his powers and office to avert justice.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin fell under his wrath after they had written a story that exposed him. He thought he had succeeded but the truth is he had picked a battle with the wrong target. Both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin managed to convince the jury that they had been falsely arrested and accused and that Sheriff Joe had arrested them to safeguard his own personal interests.

When they were released, the two sued the county. They won the case and awarded a resettlement of 3.75 million dollars.

Instead of using the cash for their own benefit, Michael and Jim decided to use the cash by setting up Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The foundation was aimed at providing financial support to organizations that are advocating for the rights of immigrants.

The foundation does not advocate for the rights directly but financially supports groups and organizations that champion for the rights of immigrants. The organization has its operations in Arizona and has widened its operations to the Mexican border.

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