Lime Crime’s New Metallic Lipsticks and EyeShadows


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that doesn’t follow traditional fashion trends. The company offers colorful and bold products designed for people who aren’t afraid to express themselves with their cosmetics. Lime crime’s creator Doe Deere launched the company in 2006 after finding it difficult to locate make-up products that weren’t ultra natural. Deere wanted to have more whimsical choices in beauty products so she began modeling her unconventional looks on YouTube. Soon, Deere began selling products due to an increased demand seen by females who also wanted to have vivid eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes for themselves.

In August 2016,  Lime Crime launched their highly anticipated Metalic Velvetine liquid lipsticks and their super shimmery Superfoil Eyeshadows. PR Newswire makes the case that the Metallic Velvetine lip colors are different from their ordinary lipstick, because they have a glittery finish that stays put after drying to a matte finish. The three new colors available from the line are a bubblegum pink rose gold color called Blondie, a purple metallic mauve called Mercury, and the burnished bronze color Lana.


Superfoil Eyeshadows were also launched in August 2016 and are dramatically different from any other make-up product on the market. These products actually look like liquid foil after they are applied to the lids. The product has a very shimmery, glittery, and shiny effect and can be put on in a wet or dry state. Buyers have six duo options to select from on UrbanOutfitter’s website. They can choose a grass green/ pewter set referred to as Electric/Barbella. In addition, a bright purple/pale pink set called Tutu/En Pointe or a violet/green gold duo called Cosmic/Firefly can be purchased. Buyers may also like to own a bright blue/Barbie pink set called Malibu/Convertible. There is also a bronze-y gold/ baby blue combination called Gilded Carriage/Glass Slipper available.


Lime Crime has always been innovative in offering unique make-up colors to buyers. However, they have changed the cosmetic industry with these new lines that they have introduced. Fans keep coming back to Lime Crime after all these years, because they know that the products are unique and fun.  Follow their blog for updates, but also check out their social media for free tips on wearing their many crazy colors.

Trusting EOS

If you’re dreading the winter months because of how dry and cracked your lips get, no need to fear this year! Lip care comes in all different brands, like Blistex and Chapstick and other assorted trusted brands, but this year it’s time to consider a more natural alternative. Meet Evolution of Smooth, otherwise known as EOS. This company contains many natural ingredients and comes at a price that won’t break the bank. Don’t be confused about lip care will do the trick- start using EOS early to avoid those unhealthy lips throughout the winter season.

Evolution of Smooth is a brand that has been around for a short time, but has made such an impact. The brand stands out physically, as it comes in a little colored sphere and comes in many different flavors such as Blueberry Pomegranate. What is so appealing about the formula? Well, it’s hypoallergenic, gluten-free and dermatologist tested so you know that it is suitable for nearly anyone. It also averages about three dollars per sphere which is more than reasonable. EOS is packed with vitamins and essential ingredients needed to provide you with soft, healthy lips this season.

EOS can be found in most stores (, such as Target or drugstores like CVS. It can also be purchased online via Ulta or Racked: You have plenty of flavors to choose from, whereas other brands don’t offer nearly as many. You will feel the difference as soon as the product hits your lips. Don’t wait until the cold weather strikes and your lips suffer- EOS will help prevent a chapped winter. Get EOS today to ensure a happy, healthy season for your lips!


How A Childhood Of Imagination Shaped Doe Deere’s Life

Many people today aren’t quite sure where to begin when it comes to raising children. Many child rearing theories abound, leaving parents often confused. Yet one woman today credits her own upbringing for helping her become the success she is. Doe Deere, the creative force behind cosmetics company Lime Crime, is one person who finds that her childhood greatly helped her develop into a confident and happy mature young adult. She speaks out about her life as a child and her own background in a recent interview online. Here, readers can find out what helped shape her concepts of the world and how this made her realize just how much fun and imagination she could can on as she got older. It is such insights that she hopes readers will enjoy and perhaps consider how they can help bring out creativity in their own children.

Artistry And Imagination

Even as a child, Deere thought about the world around her in new ways. She was always aware of color from a young age, allowing her to escape to a world of fantasy. This viewpoint gradually came to her when she was very young. She recounts an incident when she was nine year old that helped her understand how the power of makeup could be used correctly and effectively. At a slumber party, she realized that makeup could be used in a way to help her create a new character and a new look. While she could dress up, it was with the use of makeup that the look she had in mind started to come together. Here, she first began to conceive of a world in which color would be her medium.

Creating A Company

While her first attempts with makeup were tentative and unsure, as she grew older she became aware of the power of cosmetics. She also started to realize that she could make a difference in the industry. Since that time, Deere has started her own online makeup company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime, an enormous success, is one company where she has been able to see her ideas about makeup come to life in vivid and inspiring color. It is here she shows off what she learned even a young child. She has never let go of the imagination that as hers when she was younger. She still calls on that early worldview even today in her work.

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Richard Blair is a skilled financial planner

America is a wonderful place to live. Growing up in America affords you access to numerous resources. Having access to these resources has made all Americans extremely aspirational. Everyone living within the United States wants to achieve great wealth, but even those that achieve high incomes do not know how to preserve their wealth for years to come. Fortunately, there are several firms that specialize in helping people preserve and build their wealth.

Wealth Solutions is one of the most popular financial advisement firms in the country. The firm prides themselves on giving great advice and taking the actions necessary to achieve great wealth for their clients. The firm is lead by Richard Blair, a brilliant financial advisor who started Wealth Solutions several years ago to help people around the world achieve their dreams.

Richard Blair has always felt drawn to education. Three of the most important women in his life, his grandmother, mother, and his wife are educators, so Richard had an opportunity to see the true power of teaching. He knows that quality teaching can help one build their confidence and knowledge. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has always wanted to educate people in some way, so he can continue his family’s legacy.

In college, Richard realized that he has a natural aptitude for finance. He excelled in his financial planning and investment classes. When Richard graduated in 1993, he had no doubt that he was meant for the financial planning industry. In 1994, Richard founded Wealth Solutions.

Wealth Solutions is a financial advisement firm unlike any other in the modern marketplace. According to Intelius, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions offers completely unbiased and objective advice to every client. They do not take commissions from investment opportunities, so they can remain unbiased. The company also prides itself on teaching clients how to properly manage their finances, so their wealth can blossom.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions have been in the marketplace for many years, and the Wealth Solutions team remains committed to personal and professional growth. Blair has had numerous opportunities to learn the specific nuances of retirement planning. The company is excellent at helping people get from planning their retirement to living through their retirement years. Blair knows the exact pitfalls to avoid and has helped hundreds of clients avoid them.

Building wealth and planning for retirement is an admirable goal, but it requires vision. Richard Blair has been helping people build their vision for a brighter future for almost twenty-five years.

Davos Real Estate Group launches new application

June 22, 2016, David Osio who is the founder and the chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group accompanied by his executive team of Davos Real Estate Group (REG) launched a new mobile application. The application Davos CAP Calculator is to be used by the Davos group clients and it is intended to estimate the returns of the real estate investments.

Davos Real Estate Group is a unit that forms Davos Financial Group. The financial group has been in the financial industry for over two decades now, and it is recognized as an international financial group and also a leader in the Latin American market. The team strives to offer comprehensive financial advice.

The executive director of REG Gerard Gonzalez has been working together with the company Technolution regarding the application. The tool is developed and designed to allow the user to estimate the return of an investment asset.

The application is a result of the latest technology and is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. The application helps compromise the ability to identify assets through your device and sent historical reports of the respective agents at Davos and encourages interactive chats.

David Osio says that the primary objective of the application is to guide the clients on monetary phenomenon especially when investing in real estate in the United States. In addition, Gerard Gonzalez states that with CAP calculator, they have developed an innovative tool that enables the investors to have a clear financial vision.

Additionally, the application comes with a mortgage calculator which allows their clients to project their mortgages based on banks valuation, period and expected interest rates. Equally, the firm illustrates that they have been developing new business strategies in partnership with real estate agencies intentionally and planned to expand their business beyond borders to Europe.

Gerard says that the organization is currently working on various projects that will allow them to fulfill their commitment to their clients and provide excellent services. This includes expanding their platforms of agents by over 60% which has resulted in over 75% sales increase in the first half of 2016.

David Osio, the founder of the firm, has committed to providing exceptional financial advice to his clients. David through his philanthropic passion, strives to make a difference across the globe. He has served in executive positions in different organizations where he succeeded in structuring marketing programs for various products. His efforts and hard work have raised him to higher ranks in various agencies.

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Mike Baur is a Switzerland entrepreneur and business person. He is also the co-founder and a managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. He was fascinated with Banking and finance subject since he was a teenager. Mr. Baur made his early desire to his career. He attained his master degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester which is based in New York. He also holds an Executive Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Bern based in the Swiss capital. Mr. Baur worked in Swiss private banking for over 20 years which include Salford and Clariden Leu. He made his way from being a commercial trainee at UBS to an administrative board member of a Switzerland Private Bank. He later quit his position to start investing in startup businesses. Mr. Baur later founded Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014 together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister at the age of thirty-nine.


Swiss Start-up Factory is based in Switzerland. It was launched in 2014 as an accelerator company. It is a number one self-governing and privately financed Information Communication Technology Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. The company helps entrepreneurs to execute their products and succeed in their business. They assist in bringing startups from idea to marketplace. They turn the vision and dreams of entrepreneurs into the business person that are capable of running a fast growing corporation. The company offers exciting opportunities to its clients from the first day they become members through their secure system in Switzerland and around the world. Swiss Start-up Factory run a start-up accelerator program for three months. The program provides a distinctive platform not only for services but also mentoring its clients in the Zurich. The company also provides its customers with a business network so that the firm can accomplish their determined objectives.


Mr. Baur is in charge of fundraising and funding the Swiss Start-up Factory. He spends most of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. Mr. Baur supports various Swiss Startups not only through mentoring but also through financing them. Mr. Baur contributed in the start Summiteer which is a start-up pitching competition to pitch Swiss Startup Factory. He was listed as deputy managing director of CTI Invest when Swiss Startup Factory joined with CTI in 2016. Mr. Baur managed the Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator system in early 2016 together with Goldbach Group. He also partnered with Fintech Fusion in February 2016.

Why Is Hair Important? Ask WEN’s Chaz Dean

Aside from protecting the scalp from the sun, hair is important for so many reasons. From the confidence it instills in women to the general happiness it can provide people with to even the manner people make a living, hair is a crucial part of life, specifically for women. As a result, it is important to care for your hair because the failure to do so can be detrimental to your self-esteem and even the manner that you relate to the world.
In no way is hair a vain element. However, it is a direct reflection of a person’s general health. If you are unhealthy, your hair will demonstrate that by being brittle and lackluster. With all of this in mind, caring for your hair is of the utmost importance and investing in quality hair care products will only contribute to a healthier way of life and the elevation of self-confidence.

WEN by Chaz is a line often heard of. Most people assume that this brand is for the wealthy who can afford to have salon results each day, but that is false. Aside from being affordable, this brand makes it a point to give back to the communities it services.

Chaz Dean ( is a stylist who has the clientele to boast of. His work has circulated celebrity clients for years, but that does not deter him from helping those in need. Each time a person purchases a Wen product, a portion of the proceeds is donated to charity. If this factor is not enough to make a person utilize this line, the truth that these products will work on all types of hair should be. Whether they are adding volume to short curls or taming the most unruly of strands, WEN products work and they improve the lives and appearances of many. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be ordered directly from the Amazon website.



Makari Whitens Skin In The Simplest Way Possible

Makari is a skin whitening lotion that anyone can use if they want, but it is something that people have to really think about it adding to their regimen if they are not happy with their skin. A complexion is very hard to change, but changing someone’s complexion is easier when they have a cream that does that and only that. Whitening skin takes time, but it is time well spent when someone is using it every day and night. The usefulness of the Makari skin lightening cream is measured in how it changes darker skin into something lighter.

There are a lot of medical conditions that people have that cannot be fixed with anything else. They have to look at skin that is altogether not the right color, and they have to be sure that they have a product they can use as many times as they want. It might be much easier for someone to change their skin with one cream than to make appointments with a doctor or go through a treatment that they are not prepared for. The owner of the cream can put it on all by themselves any time they want, and it will not cause redness because it is so gentle.

The gentle nature of the cream is helpful for the user who is afraid of hurting their skin, and the cream will sit in the bathroom or travel with the user. There are several things that must be done to prevent skin from blotching, and women who are unhappy with their skin must make a change. Changes are created with use of just one use of the Makari skin cream, and someone who really wants to see results can use it several times per day until they are absolutely satisfied that they have done the right thing.

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Kate Hudson Knows How To Connect With People

When it comes to Kate Hudson, she is very in touch with her fans. That is the mark of a great celebrity and a great actress, someone that knows how to connect with their fans on and someone that knows how to reach out to them, connect with them, and be relatable to them. She has that every girl personality that people really notice with her. They can tell she is genuine, authentic, and as real as they come. There is nothing phony or artificial about her. What you see is what you get with her and that is true with her product, Fabletics, which Kate Hudson is the co-founder of and something that means a great deal to her.

When creating this product, she really gave it her all. She listened to her fans and really valued their input. After all, they are the ones that are going to be purchasing it as well as other people who might not even be movie fans. The point of Fabletics was to make it fun and fashionable. It is for the kind of woman that likes to look stylish while also being comfortable. As mentioned, Kate Hudson is that every day type of girl that people love. There is a reason she has connected with so many audiences and has so many fans. People look at her and say, “I like that girl. She is tons of fun.”

Fabletics is a fun product and it shows in every ounce of it. People really have fun wearing it and they enjoy the compliments they get when they do wear it. It is a product that stands out in the best possible way. It is not ordinary or average. Everything about it is different, outside the box, and distinctive for the customers. That is exactly the thought process that went through Kate Hudson’s mind when they put together a commercial for Fabletics. They wanted to show Kate Hudson using it and showing off all of the benefits of it.

One article described it as if the commercial was a look at her Instagram page. It has been noted that people can’t get enough of celebrities and they want as much information on them as possible. They are very interested in their every move. When they see how much fun Kate Hudson is having, it becomes infectious and it really sells the product and puts it over the top. The best is yet to come with Fabletics as Kate Hudson has big ideas for it and is very hands on with it, overall. She does not take this lightly and it is not just a side job for her. It is a profitable business that people love.

Finding just the right lip balm can sometimes be a little tricky

It’s time again to think about how to protect delicate skin around the face, especially the lips, from the dangers of dehydration. Whether you use lip balm mainly as a base to moisturize the application for lipstick, most women carry it in our handbags just in case. The funny thing is, it may be something we reach for once the damage is done; but it’s far more effective when it’s used to prevent the damage from happening. There are a lot of choices out there for purchasing the proper lip balm, and some are better than others.
There is always an option for making a custom lip balm in your own kitchen, if you care to; although it’s important to melt the beeswax safely in an uncovered double boiler – and not a microwave. Beeswax has a low melting point of about 145 degrees.For those inspired to try this, here’s a how-to recipe using all-natural ingredients.

For those less-inclined to adventure for a DIY project, there are some exceptional products to try. Available in health-food stores and drugstores are these: A go-to classic, Burt’s Bees Mango lip balm, Beesential Orange Ginger lip balm, and Smooth Sphere Pomegranate Raspberry lip balm from EOS lip balm (Evolution of Smooth).

Former Ford Agency model, Ashley Benson is a spokesperson and fan of Evolution of Smooth, and she has proved ot be a person who has traditionally made smart choices, beginning an active career in television as the Deveraux’s daughter on Days of Our Lives, in 2004. Her subsequent work over the next ten years or so has been truly stellar, with significant awards in television, film, and in music videos reaching audiences in the multi-millions. Ashley Benson is one of the public faces of Evolution of Smooth, along with fellow actors Brittany Spears and Hillary Duff. EOS products are available on Amazon, Racked and the LuckyVitamin website.

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