The Unorthodox Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in September 1969 in Southfield, Michigan to Bill, a structural engineer, and Sandy, a school teacher. He graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High school in 1987 then attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with Honours. He also attended University of Michigan Law School where he received his Juris Doctor. Lefkofsky has ventured into some entrepreneurial endeavors inclusive of Starbelly- a company that specialized in promotional products, an analytics company called Uptake LLC. Lefkofsky is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon an e-commerce marketplace. He has also created a freight logistics company called Echo Global Logistics. In 2016 he founded Tempus, a technology company that empowers physicians to deliver exceptional cancer care. The physicians provide personalized cancer care through the company’s interactive analytical and machine learning platform. He also doubles up as the company’s CEO.  Check and follow Lefkofsky.


The company has built an operating system to aid in the war against cancer. It provides genomic sequencing services and examines molecular and therapeutically data to empowering physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions. The company aims at ensuring that each patient benefits from treatment by making available physicians who will guide them every step of the way. Eric Lefkofsky is big on social media. He uses his accounts on several platforms to spread positive messages with a touch of his personal life.

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Eric Lefkofsky is well known for his philanthropic endeavors. He uses his wealth and power to give back to the society. He and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Foundation. The charitable trust aims at helping the needy, supporting educational and scientific organizations and advance high-impact initiatives with their main focus being on children. The foundation has funded over 50 organizations. He is also part of The Giving Pledge. Lefkofsky also seats in some boards including Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, the board of directors of The Museum of Science and Industry, World Business Chicago and a Trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Since his successful career at InnerWorkings, he began a teaching career at business schools in Chicago. He has published a book Accelerated Disruption, which mainly emphases on how technology affects business.


Andrea McWilliams: An Inspiration To Millions

Andrea McWilliams is a lobbyist and political fundraiser based in Austin, Texas. She is also an inspiration to millions of people in the Lone Star state and beyond. The founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs, she’s a breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur, wife and mother of three. McWilliams is also a community volunteer and master strategist. Her company, McWilliams and Associates, is Texas’ top lobbying firm. Their clients include the political elite, Fortune 500 companies and even the Kickapoo Indian Tribe. The company has grown ten-fold in the last 5 years.


Guided by faith, family and a fierce determination, Andrea McWilliams says encouraging cancer survivors is a top priority. She was the chairperson of the Mamma Jamma Ride which raises millions for cancer research, works on the Seton Breast Cancer Center’s behalf and is working bring the company in the UK whose revolutionary technology helps three-quarters of people receiving chemotherapy to keep their hair to Austin. Using grit, grace, patience, persuasion and attention to detail, McWilliams is usually successful when she tackles an issue.


A national political commentator, Andrea McWilliams was voted a ‘2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year’ finalist. Her work with nonprofit organizations has led to her being given numerous awards by a wide variety of organizations. She has also been featured on local and national media. McWilliams worked with the iconic public relations firm Public Strategies, Inc. before she and her husband Dean opened their full-service government affairs consulting firm.


A well-known philanthropist, Andrea McWilliams has served on the board of numerous non-profit organizations and works with KillCancer and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The screening room at Austin’s Seton Breast Cancer Center was named after Andrea McWilliams in 2014. She supports the Center for Child Protection and is a business mentor to women in Central Texas.

Jason Hope Talks About The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope makes his living as an entrepreneur in the modern tech economy. However, his real job is to be an evangelist, and the cause that he espouses is the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things refers to the concept, simple in theory but deeply complex in practice, of connecting all the useful devices in the world. Our lives are filled with appliances, accoutrements and household conveniences, and it is quite possible to enable them all with simple network controls that can both report their condition and control them remotely. By attaching the thermostats, water heaters, coffee makers, refrigerators and et cetera of modern life to our computer system, we make it possible to live more comfortably and efficiently than previous generations could ever have dreamed. The simple application of information technology to everyday life is having remarkable effects on our lives, and Mr. Hope has been a big part of bringing it to us.

There is no great secret to how the ongoing combination of internet technology and consumer products will affect us, only ongoing discoveries that no one could have foreseen. Mr. Hope is trying to bring that future closer just a little bit faster. Many enormous corporations have already heard what he is saying, and their responses have been remarkable. The Cisco Corporation, for example, are well-known manufacturers of wireless routers and other network ports. They have recently invested $1.4 billion into technology underlying the Internet of Things. Silicon Labs have also released a variety of IoT-enabled products, and the marketplace responded by bringing them much higher sales than they had projected. Hope believes that these investments will be richly rewarded, and soon. As this network of internet-sensitive devices grows to surrounding us, we will be able to interact with our technological world more intuitively than ever. The companies that provide the infrastructure for this network will certainly profit.

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Why Many Have Given EOS Lip Balm Positive Reviews

EOS Lip Balm may be the best company that is available for you to purchase its products from. It is a company that truly has a reputation of delivering on its promise of ensuring their customer base’s lips will be kept nourished throughout one’s application of it. Unfortunately, many customers have experienced investing in a company’s lip balm and quickly having dried lips after applying them. This is quite unfortunate as lip balm is meant to keep one’s lips nourished for more than just a few moments, which is actually very rare among many lip balm products that are available for sale in today’s markets. If you are searching for a reliable lip balm product, please do not hesitate to see what EOS Lip Balm offers you.

EOS Lip Balm has been reputed as being a great product by its customers. You can read the reviews that have been left by them and you will quickly realize that many people having given them great ratings. Many have proclaimed that the product is reliable in comparison to other lip balm products because it does not have their lips chapped within just a few minutes of having them applied. If this happens to be your particular case, then you may find it beneficial to give their product a try. The price is practical in comparison to other types of lip balm and the company has received enough good ratings for one to have trust in what it offers.

EOS Lip Balm manufactures their lip balm product in a way that it is guaranteed to keep the lips of its users nourished throughout their application of it. If you are wanting to invest in a reliable lip balm product, then do not hesitate to give EOS Lip Balm a try. EOS products are available on your local Walmart, Well, Target and Walgreens. The products manufactured by EOS are also available online.

Securus issues challenge, GTL takes rain check

Recently, Securus Technologies, the leading provider of inmate communications services, challenged its vocal opponent, GTL, to a game of technological one-on-one. The idea was to pit Securus’ widely acclaimed, proprietary video visitation technology up against GTL’s knock-off, dollar-store brand. As expected, GTL made an unqualified dash for the exit. This unwillingness to put its technology to the test signals that GTL doesn’t actually believe in its own core product, much less the fusillade of empty claims it has shot over Securus’ bow for the last two years.



First to market advantage


The truth is that GTL and other competitors have been playing catch-up with first-to-market Securus’ video visitation product since launch day, over a decade ago. Securus’ lead, rather than narrow, has widened to a yawning chasm that has seen its video visitation system become the dominant solution across the U.S. inmate communication market.


And this is all for good cause. Securus’ early rollout of the first VoIP-based inmate communication solution has saved prisoners and their families millions of dollars while allowing for unprecedented levels of contact between those who are incarcerated and those who love them. These benefits are not measured in mere dollars. It has been shown that prisons where Securus’ video visitation has been installed suffer from fewer disciplinary incidents as well as less contraband and fewer instances of the commission of felonies. This is due to the fact that the privilege of staying in nearly daily contact with one’s family provides an incentive for good behavior that few other things can. On top of this, inmates who stay connected with their outside lives maintain a level of hope that often otherwise dissipates with the passing years behind prison walls. Inmates who maintain hope and a sense of community outside of prison are far less likely to recidivate.



White shark Media; An agency aimed at offering online market solutions

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media is a leading Digital Marketing agency that aims at delivering online marketing solutions fitted specifically for medium and small-sized businesses. The firm was founded by three particular Danish entrepreneurs who had a lot of experience in both offline and online marketing. One of the primary goals of the agency was to conquer the developing SMB markets in Latin America and the US by delivering outstanding services and products that were unprecedented.

What made the agency to flourish was combining their goal with a bilingual and talented employee base that was committed and ready to work. What the agency has learned over the years has been shared with the customers as the customers benefit from proven concepts. The agency is concerned with their customer’s success, and this is why they become innovative when it comes to offering low free marketing solutions with transparency.

Due to this, White Shark Media has been acknowledged as the fastest developing digital agencies in North America. The agency has been in a position of helping thousands of companies across America to grow their enterprises by using the agencies online tactics and marketing tools.

All the companies’ clients are provided with a world-class experience giving them an opportunity to implement their ideas. What makes the agency adored by many people is the fact that the agency is accountable to all their customers. This is possible through tracking the clients marketing efforts thanks to competitive intelligence, Google Analytic integration, and reporting software.

As years go by, the White Shark Media believes it will continue to help more businesses with offering appropriate market solutions.

What Makes the Lung Institute the Best Treatment Center for Lung Disease

Everyday research and technology are aiding in the prevention of disease, are curing them, or at least treating them. The Lung Institute is a leading provider in treatment for lung conditions such as COPD, emphysema, and much more. What makes this institution so innovative is that it uses stem cell therapy. There are traditional methods to treat lung diseases but they often only treat them symptoms and allow the disease to further damage your lungs.

There are two ways stem cells are extracted, by blood or bone marrow. The blood venous is obviously the preferred method as it is less painful and usually has enough stem cells to treat the condition. In some cases, however, a severe disease with extensive damage may need a higher concentration of stem cells. The best way to harvest such a high amount of stem cells is through the bone marrow. As scary as that may sound, you can rest assured that both procedures are considered very safe and minimally invasive.

Once the blood has been collected, it will need to be filtered in a process that permits the separation of stem cells from all of the other cells. The stem cells will the be inserted back into the blood stream. As the heart pumps blood through the heart, these same stem cells will be carried to the lungs. Here the stem cells will collect and become trapped in the lungs. Due to the nature of stem cells, they have the ability to replicate surrounding healthy tissue which will result in the damaged tissue being replaced. More detailed information on stem cell treatment discussed on

The expected time it takes to do stem cell therapy with the Lung Institute takes about three days on average. To get a better idea of what type of treatment you may need, you can find more information here. There are a number of facility locations throughout the United States making it easier for patients to obtain such a high quality of care and treatment.

Visit the website: and Facebook page for more information.


One on one with the man at the helm of Ascendant Capital Investment; Jeffrey Schneider

Jeffrey has been at the helm of Ascendant Capital LLC since he founded it. His company deals with alternative investment types and has grown from a few investors and employees to more than thirty employees. The company has raised more than a billion dollars under his watch and is expanding into one of the best firms in the world of investing. Here are a few of the thoughts that Jeffrey has shared about creating a suitable work place for the employees.

Over the past few years, the focus of many businesses has been shifting from just delivering excellent services to also making sure that the employees enjoy working at the office. This has led to measures such as the elimination of the cubicles that used to isolate the employees and better designed offices are on their way in. Jeffrey says that to achieve a happier office space, the following steps should be taken.

The first if to make sure there is a lot of movement. He states that at any given time, 5 percent of the employees are moving and the rest are seated. When there is more visibility in the office, people will move more and become more creative. He states that humans are naturally social creatures, and that when they are confined in cubicles, they start having a prison mentality about the workplace.

The second measure that is recommended is making space for interpersonal interactions and collaborations within the workplace. There is nothing that fosters workplace creativity more than people having a chance to access one another and interact as they work. The freedom has been shown to be directly related to more work place productivity.

Another step that he recommends is offering office spaces that are quiet. He states that when there is too much going on at the work place, then external interferences are added, the place becomes too chaotic for productivity.

The other recommendation that he makes is that one should create a workplace that is focused towards interacting with the people. He states that when you engage your staff more, they feel that sense of belonging and that the simple act of talking to them can lower employee turnover. It is from these interactions also that you will get insights into the issues that could be affecting the employees and the possible practical solutions to the same issues. The closer you are to your workers, the more productive they will be.

Jeffrey is very passionate about the world of investing. When he is not working, he shares his wisdom about the business, workplace ethics and other related topics. He is a part of the Wonders and Worries charity and the Cherokee foundation for children. He live in Texas.

The Wine Industry Turning On A New Leaf

For hundreds of years, UK vintners have been playing an important role in the global wine industry. They’re known to have close links with numerous firm vineyards and small local producers across Europe.

A new generation of United Kingdom vintners showed up in the 80s and 90s led by those with love for wine like John Arnold of A&B Vintners. He uses his wine experience to guide collectors and drinkers via the numerous options on the market. The increasing numbers of vintners in the UK have seen groups like Society of Vintners increase its members to 28 by the end of 2016. The Society of Vintners has evolved from the traditional home of London and are now in the whole country.

In this century, UK vintners are now reaching to their clients and vintners via the internet. Currently, the sales of wine online accounts for a big proportion of the work accomplished by vintners who are seeking to bring information to the novice and experienced wine collectors as well as boost sales.

Buying Wine Online From UK Vintners

Buying wine online from the top UK vintners has numerous advantages. The Vintners at UK have made this process easier by making it clear to wine lovers who they can trust when seeking to purchase wine. Their society encourages high standards for sellers of wine. Under their governance, wine retailers are now knowledgeable of how to reach their clients and consumers as well as get the right tastes of wine. The society aims to make sure that all bottles of wine in the UK are vintage and are safe to drink.

How the Society of Vintners Works

Through this group, a member is given the task to negotiate with potential suppliers of a certain wine brand. After considering the price, service offered, and the quality of the wine, the committee decides on which brands to sell via their network. Finally, shipping occurs from Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, and South Africa. All members contribute to the society by offering a product range of presentations in which new long-term contracts develop.

The Top Online Wine Vintners

They got position three in the world for its vintner’s web services.

-Ten Green Bottles
They offer a wide array of small wine producers.

They specialize in French wines and have been in operation since 1969.

-Highbury Vintners
This online store allows consumers to browse by country, type, grape or region.

They have been in business since 1698. They offer the cheapest wine to the most expensive wine.

UK wine vintners are now using the Internet as a path for allowing drinkers, wine collectors, and investors the opportunity to offer sales over the Internet. People also from all over the world are sampling the best in new and old world wines. This online market has also improved wine quality due to the high competition in vintners. Information on how to make a cellar and pair different foods with wines is also another educational free service offered by vintners from the UK.

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The Process of Mergers and Acquisitions is Best Handled by the Investment Banking House or Professional:

The investment banking professional stands ready to properly advise his or her client as to how to properly administrate complicated corporate transactions. One such transaction is known as the M&A transaction, known, too, as the Merger and Acquisition transaction. The preceding process is generally the sale and purchase of another business or a portion of the other enterprise. The transaction may also involve a section of the investment banker’s client’s business wherein the client wishes to form an independent enterprise. This type of transaction, too, is relative to the investment banker defending his client when another business is coming forth in way of a Hostile takeover. (A hostile takeover is when one organization wishes to acquire another organization. The company acquired is referred to as the target corporation. The company wishing to acquire the target company goes by the term of the acquiring company or acquirer. This type of activity is achieved by the acquiring company going straight to the company’s stockholders or battling in order to replace the management on board–at the target organization–in order to get acquisition of the target accepted.)

More About the M&A Deal:

The investment banker, in the preceding regard, assists his or her preferred clientele through the entirety of the process of corporation deal-making. The investment banker, accordingly, devises a plan of action, working alongside his or her client. The decision is made, by the two parties, what strategy which to engage: Each properly assesses the transaction that has been formulated. The investment banker and his or her client, share information, with regard to the transaction, and properly evaluates the shared data. This data is inclusive of: valuation of the company to be sold or purchased as well as marketing the company to prospects or potential buyers. The two entities involve themselves in the processes of bidding and negotiation. These processes are genuinely highly complex; therefore, the services of an investment banker is required, by the business involved within this complicated deal. The investment banker, lastly, assures that his or her client’s money is handled proficiently, reliably and honestly, since the deal normally consists of great sums of it. The safe exchange, in other words, of the funds involved, as it pertains to the M&A deal, needs to be reliably executed. The safe exchange is necessary in order to assure that success of the transaction is properly achieved.

Notes Regarding Martin Lustgarten, CEO of Lustgarten Martin:

Martin Lustgarten, Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Banking House Lustgarten Martin, provides each of his distinguished clients with investment banking services on a global perspective, as well as locally. He resides within the sunny Miami metropolitan area. Mr. Lustgarten is the ultimate negotiator: therefore, he is quite comfortable in providing deal-making services, as it pertains to M&A transactions, on behalf of the distinguished clientele, he loyally represents. Mr. Lustgarten, too, is well-experienced, in way of raising Capital for growing organizations.

His avocations, as well, are relative to his high-end communication style: Mr. Lustgarten is known far-and-wide as a vintage watch trader. In fact, Martin Lustgarten is greatly consumed with the collecting of antiques and vintage items. He enjoys the climate and sunny weather of the Miami area, too—where he enjoys being a resident. He is reflective at how wonderful the city appears before all of the upcoming activity gets under way. He likes movement—so to speak—particularly economic movement that proves favorable to himself and his investing client community. It is this positive attitude that has earned Martin Lustgarten, much, in the way of a reliable and honest reputation, in favorably assisting his savvy client base, with the goal of reaching financially healthy conclusions.