Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Meet with Universal Music Group

Jay Z is a man who changed an entire industry. As one of the leading moguls in the hip hop industry, Jay Z has become a brand unto himself. As founder of Roc Nation, Jay Z is coming up on a big year where he’ll see his fortune change entirely — for the better. Jay Z signed a 10 year contract back in 2008 with the team at Live Nation for an astounding $150 million. The deal helped to shape the music industry while turning Jay Z into a legend himself. Now, Jay and his partner Desiree Perez have to decide where they are going with Roc Nation in the coming year.

As the 360 Deal elapses between Jay Z and Live Nation there is suddenly a huge void with one of the biggest media moguls in the entire industry. Jay Z has a wealth of opportunity before him that he never had back in 2008 and that means he’s going to be very selective with who he chooses to partner up with. Preliminary reports show that Live Nation is unlikely to bring Jay Z back for the primary reason that they are no longer interested in recorded music. Live Nation is now moving their focus straight onto live shows and that is something that Jay Z and Roc Nation brings in spades.

This past summer Desiree Perez and Jay Z were seen in Santa Monica, CA at a sit down lunch with Sir Lucian Grainge. Sir Lucian Grainge, for those not in the know, is the CEO and head chairman at Universal Music Group. Perez is the right hand of Jay Z’s Roc Nation and the fact that they were both in attendance at this meeting means that something could be on the up and up. Reports still haven’t been confirmed as of yet.

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Doe Deere: Taking The Risk

Are you looking to become an entrepreneur? Have you thought of a business that you know will bring so much to the new market? Well if so, Doe Deere has some advice she wants to pass down to you. Doe Deere, founder and CEO of a popular makeup line, started from the bottom and created a business empire with wild success. Though, she had to overcome many obstacles, she found that learning and growth was just part of the ride. Learn more:


Finding Your Niche

Doe Deere knew from the time she was a child that cosmetics would be a huge part of her life. Always playing with color, and makeup, she was not afraid to be herself and be bold. If you’ve got a passion that you’ve always known would take you somewhere, it’s not too late to turn it into a career. Something that excites you will make you look forward to your work, and you won’t be afraid to put your all into it.


Learning/Expanding Your Skill Set

Doe was not afraid to take what she knew and apply it to a new business. But what she also wasn’t afraid of was growth. While you may know a lot about a certain field or interest, you will always have more learning and growing to do. Being able to roll with changes is key. You’ll want to tackle any problems head on, because putting them aside will not give you any success. Doe breaks down the problems into pro and con lists and moves forward by weighing the options. Aside from yourself, you’ll want people working from you who have thoughts and ideas on processes. Doe listens to her employees, as she’s learned it has added many benefits to her company.


Doe is what we would call a risk taker. She found her passion, and rolled with it. While it wasn’t overnight, in time she because a wildly successful entrepreneur. Lime Crime cosmetics has many worldwide fans. Taking that first step could be the beginning of the rest of your life. You can have a business and stay true to your ideals- Doe Deere did. Don’t be afraid to take that risk.

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Voicing the Plight of those Crying in the Wilderness

There are numerous groups and organizations that fight effortlessly for the rights of immigrants and other minority groups. Some of these groups and organizations are:

  1. i) Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law which was formed by President John F. Kennedy to help advocate for civil rights of migrants. The non-profit organization was formed with an aim of eradicating discrimination of the immigrants by bringing together groups that represent both racial and ethnic minorities who are faced with economic disparity.
  2. ii) Black American for Just Immigration group that advocated for the respect of the rights of the minority black Americans. The group has been leading in enlightening, educating, organizing and advocating for social, racial and economic justice.

iii) Council on American-Islamic Relations whose main goal is to fight any form of discrimination against the Muslims. The organization is one of the largest civil rights groups that protect Muslims from being victimized along religious lines.

Muslims have been victimized in some countries; especially the United States of America by being labeled terrorists and this organization has to be on the forefront of making sure that their rights are protected. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Of all the groups and organizations, few can match the kind of work done by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization whose base is in Arizona and the border of Mexico. The fund was started by two veteran journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who were both co-founders of Phoenix Times and Voice Media, the news and information outlets that fought for the rights of the minorities.

One of the things that the two celebrated journalists fought for was the implementation of first amendment rights.

During that time, Maricopa was under the tyranny of a Sheriff by the name Joe Arpaio. Joe was a notorious Sheriff who had formed a habit of arresting people and accusing them of falsely and charging them with offences he could not prove in a court of law. He used to mistreat jail inmates, discriminate members of minority communities along racial lines and used his powers and office to avert justice.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin fell under his wrath after they had written a story that exposed him. He thought he had succeeded but the truth is he had picked a battle with the wrong target. Both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin managed to convince the jury that they had been falsely arrested and accused and that Sheriff Joe had arrested them to safeguard his own personal interests.

When they were released, the two sued the county. They won the case and awarded a resettlement of 3.75 million dollars.

Instead of using the cash for their own benefit, Michael and Jim decided to use the cash by setting up Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The foundation was aimed at providing financial support to organizations that are advocating for the rights of immigrants.

The foundation does not advocate for the rights directly but financially supports groups and organizations that champion for the rights of immigrants. The organization has its operations in Arizona and has widened its operations to the Mexican border.

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Mike Baur: In and Out of Banking

Most entrepreneurs start out as something else. Mike Baur is no different. He started out as a finance expert working at several of Switzerland’s most prestigious banks. His first big job in the industry was a young finance expert for Union Bank of Switzerland.

His talents were immediately apparent. The guy who hired Baur told him exactly how to succeed at the company and make his way to the top. He basically gave Baur step-by-step instructions on how to become one of the big boys that ran the company. Despite that huge advantage, Baur began to think that maybe banking wasn’t meant to be his life.

Nevertheless, he spent over 20 years in the industry. His journey toward entrepreneurship began with his first promotion. Within a few years, he’d earned several other promotions. It looked like he’d be a part of UBS forever, but it wasn’t so.

In 2008, Baur left all of his accomplishments behind and started working for another company; Clariden Leu. He hoped that Clariden would spark that passion he once had for the industry. His career with Clariden was very similar to his time with UBS; filled with success and compensation.

Yet, his passion for banking faded even more. After the banking recession of 2014, he lost all interest in the banking industry as a profession. He decided it was time to pursue his entrepreneurial passion. So, that same year, he joined Max Meister and co-founded Swiss Startup Factory.

To date, SSUF is the largest independently funded business incubator in Switzerland. For Baur, SSUF is more than just an incubator; it’s a way for him to offer his 20-plus-years of experience to young tech entrepreneurs. He takes great pride in the fact that he’s helping to build up Switzerland’s economy and business industry.

As SSUF grew, Baur couldn’t help but think about his 20 years in banking. While he didn’t want to condemn himself back into the life of a banker, the thought of wasting all that knowledge sickened him. So, he founded Think Reloaded, a financial advisory firm for the more affluent of individuals.

Of course, Think Reloaded collided with SSUF, giving birth to several collaborations, which sparked a partnership with BV4. Together, all three companies focused on increasing and improving ways for new entrepreneurs to get financing.


Market America Products are Widely Known

An essential daily habit is taking care of yourself. For that reason, healthy living habits form part of your balanced lifestyle. However, travel and vacation can make it difficult for you to satisfy your lifestyle’s needs and requirements. Fortunately, Market America Products offer a broad range of products to fill that gap and keep you moving despite a challenging schedule.

In the past 24 years, Market America Products are widely known for their quality and exclusivity. As a company, Market America Products provides different entrepreneurs with a system for creating ongoing revenue streams. The company’ product array includes categories such as nutritional supplements, cosmetics, health tonics, weight loss formulas, and household cleaners. Its entire product line is developed uniquely for Market America Products.

In addition to that, customers are guaranteed a convenient shopping method and experience. In its 150 pages product catalog, the company highlighted an extensive designer product line with over 500 patterns in eight categories. Its core business and marketing model are based on multilevel marketing (MLM). The model entails distributors introducing consumers to Market America Products as well as the opportunity to become distributors.

Accordingly, the company provides training to new distributors on concepts related to One on One marketing. Market America members pay a fee to acquire rights to sell exclusive products as well as the right to recruit others. Its recent acquisition of is aimed at combining’s merchandising and technological expertise in shopping technology transforming the consumer’s shopping experience. As such, this move will expand the company’s people centric, relationship based shopping portal by adopting a content rich design that informs, entertains, and guides consumers through the shopping experience.

How Traveling Vineyard Achieved Success

Rick Libby is the President of Traveling Vineyard. This is a company that is making use of network marketing along with tasting parties in order to sell high-quality wine.

Rick Libby has held senior positions at several businesses. He has experience of over thirty years in companies such as Student Advantage, Marriott, besides MoveCentral as well as Cendant Corporation. In 2010 he bought Traveling Vineyard. Today, there are over 5,000 independent marketers with Traveling Vineyard. These are known as “wine guides.”

While working for Geerlings and Wade, he was asked to create a new sales strategy in order to earn more revenue for the company. This was when he got the idea of selling wine through in-home demonstrations. Till then he was selling it through a catalog only. He decided to try it out, and it led to greater sales.

He believes that everyone at Traveling Vineyard must think creatively and share all kinds of innovative ideas. Even his business is introducing new concepts as well as new technology each year. Traveling Vineyard is known for its unique system called Sommology. It is used for guiding the pairing of food with wines besides arranging for tastings too.

He strives to ensure that his company continues serving as a pioneer in this industry. In order to remain successful, he knows that new ideas cannot be ignored or else it will fall behind its competitors. Hence taking calculated risks is highly important here.

This is why he likes to work toward attaining strategic goals for his company. Also, he likes to keep some time aside in order time to communicate with his staff members as well as guides regularly.

He is well aware that when an enterprise is launched, it requires adequate funding. The firm will have to survive on this funding till it becomes profitable. All such businesses need to plan for high expenses initially. Later this will translate into a gradual increase in revenue.

Traveling Vineyard is going to have a promising future as more and more Americans are now drinking wine. There are many beverages in the U.S. whose sales have fallen. But the revenue from wine has increased by nearly 5% in 2016. Besides, wine is becoming popular among the craft beer enthusiasts too. In this way, Traveling Vineyard has been able to offer the most convenient as well as an interesting way to buy wine.

Traveling Vineyard has an automated system that can help to track different kinds of leads. In this way, this is a service that is helping to maximize the value of every lead. There are several other apps that are being used, and people are learning to use it without any kind of problem.

An Overview Of Clay Siegall’s Contribution To The Drug and Writing Industry

Clay Siegall, a scientist and the Chief executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, is a celebrated individual in the drug and writing industry. Most of the recent posts on his blog, including posts about President Trump’s Texas trip and the story about OT Joe knee predicament are interesting to read. The first post focuses on the ‘important’ trip the president is making. He heads for Texas to lead an inspection considering the recent storm havoc in the city. The damages resulting from the disaster are considered immense thus calling for the president’s intervention.

The other post focuses on how OT Joe Staley is facing a difficult knee tear. Despite the ordeal, the American football star is expected by his fans and the sports community to be ready for the field in a week’s time. This is medically considered risky as the injury suffered by the football sensation is delicate and needs cautious addressing.

News Releases on Clay Siegall

According to Bernhard Shipps blog post, Clay is a wonderful and performing CEO of Seattle Genetics. Prior to Seattle, he worked at Bristol-Myer Pharmaceuticals, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Health Institute. His contributions here as a scientist have been life changing and commendable.

According to Wish Hair Salon post, Clay’s contribution towards cancer therapy is admirable. His consistent effort to develop cancer drugs is seen as philanthropic and praiseworthy. Under the leadership of Clay, Seattle Genetics keeps getting better and successive.

Clay’s Work and Responsibility

Clay Siegall is the president and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He was one of the co-founders back in 1997. In 2001, he was appointed the president of the firm. In addition to this, Clay chairs the board of governors at Seattle. He is a trained biotechnologist and thus enjoys doing therapy based cancer research. Having background information in the pharmaceutical world, he is doing great in Seattle.

Clay’s Role in Cancer Research

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay oversees the organization’s efforts in curbing cancer. The company under his governance has taken huge successive steps in administering medications to cancer subjects. It’s worth noting that clay is the reason behind the successive milestones taken by Seattle Genetics. The Seattle Genetics CEO has been a relentless leader and his efforts to fight cancer are quite noticeable on the global front.


Lessons Learnt From Rocketship Education’s K-5 Personalized Learning

Preston Smith is the founder of Rocketship Education. He posits that he started the humble school in the basement of a San Jose church. However, the unique strategies employed by the school network have led to positive impact both in the communities where they exist and far beyond. However, Smith is not satisfied by his school network’s success. He notes that Rocketship Education is still a work in progress, thus learning how to better serve the community and its student. However, Smith contends that people can learn several lessons from the noble institution.

First, kids should receive personalized learning right from home. Although the institution is one of the pioneers of personalized learning, there is the need to apply it beyond the school. Each student has unique needs and parents should cater to their interests at home by providing their kids with the resources needed to build their strengths and enhancing their weak points.

The power of parents should also be honored through helping families to demand political attention, enable good public education systems to blossom, and hold leaders accountable. This is especially important since the school only offers elementary education. There is need for middle and high schools with the same system to be launched. In San Jose, Karen Martinez has taken a step towards this direction by opening middle and high schools.

There should be meaningful inclusion that benefits all kids. At Rocketship, programs have been developed to ensure that students with disabilities can join the school and equally benefit from personalized learning. Although inclusion started as a matter of compliance, its improvement has helped in the development of one the best inclusion programs in the United States. However, Smith notes that such inclusion is hard to achieve and may take a long time and loads of money in the form of investments.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a school network dedicated to offering K-5 personalized learning to students from low-income communities. The school was founded by Preston Smith and his friend in San Jose, California. Presently, the school network runs different institutions in California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. This network focuses on offering personalized elementary education.


Adam Milstein Organizes a Meme Competition

Adam Milstein is the current managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein’s major roles include management of property, disposition, and managing finances. It is worth noting that Adam is an Israel native. During the Yom Kippur War, Mr. Milstein served in the IDF. He graduated 1978 from Technion. Adam moved to the US in 1981 to further his studies. Adam attained an MBA from USC. Milstein is an active philanthropist and a community leader. He mostly donates funds to strengthen the State of Israel and Jewish People.

Adam Milstein supports several organizations through Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Adam offers philanthropic services such as partnership development, consulting, and raising funds to support different programs in the Jewish education, Pro-Israel advocacy, and Jewish continuity.

Adam Milstein is also a co-founder of Israeli-American Council. Adam is the chairman the council’s national expansion. Adam Milstein is also a board member of organizations such as Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, Stand By Me, Birthright Israel, and Hasbara Fellowships among others. Adam and his wife are also the co-founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The organization offers free monthly books in teaching Jewish values as well as Hebrew to over 70 Israeli-Jewish-American families living in the United States.

The Milstein Family Foundation plans to award creators of meme who show the funny and interesting side of being pro-Israel activism. Meme creators only need to come up with shareable and entertaining images. Adam Milstein and his wife have a budget of $2, 000 to award winners. The competition will solicit image macros which are a popular form of memes which are videos, images, hashtags, or websites spreading over social media with negligible variations.

Adam Milstein said that competition is a great way for people to express their support and love for their nations. Public voting of the memes is set to begin on August 3rd at exactly 5 a.m. Each of the meme creators is only allowed to submit a maximum of five memes. The voting will be in the form of Facebook reactions. Both voting and submission of memes will end of August 14th 12 Am Eastern Standard Time.


Internationally celebrated Andrew Rolfe the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund

Andrew Rolfe is currently the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, a not for profit organization that offers quality education, early childhood support, social, vocational training, and health services to children from impoverished families in Africa. Since its inception in Port Elizabeth, this organization has helped over 2000 disadvantaged kids from the townships of Port Elizabeth.

Under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe, the Ubuntu Fund has been recognized as the leading design for sustainable development. The organization has helped 100% of HIV-positive mothers under its care to deliver HIV-negative babies. In addition, all of its toddlers have begun primary school and 90% of scholars qualified to attend institutions of higher learning.

Being an innovator who helps companies to expand to international markets, Andrew has worked for other businesses like True Religion Apparel, Inc and J. Jill, Beverages & More. His expansion expertise and strong leadership skills make Andrew an asset to the Ubuntu Education Fund. He always looks for ways to boost and expand opportunities for more disadvantaged families and children. Therefore, you should expect to see more developments and growth from this organization because of the influence of this powerful and dedicated leader.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is presently the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund. Before being appointed to this position, Andrew earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in 1988 from the University of Oxford. Andrew also acquired a Master’s degree in 1992 in business economics and administration From the Harvard Business School. He also holds another Master’s degree Master’s degree from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford that he achieved in 1998.

Andrew was privileged to be awarded the title President of the International division at Gap Inc. He had the responsibility of managing their operations in the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Germany. Additionally, he also handled the company’s international growth strategies. Before joining Gap, Rolfe had gained experience heading several successful companies, for example, Pret A Manger where he oversaw the company’s operations in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and the United Kingdom as its Chairman and CEO. He was also the President of Booker Foodservice and Operations Vice-President for PepsiCo Restaurants International.