How Traveling Vineyard Achieved Success

Rick Libby is the President of Traveling Vineyard. This is a company that is making use of network marketing along with tasting parties in order to sell high-quality wine.

Rick Libby has held senior positions at several businesses. He has experience of over thirty years in companies such as Student Advantage, Marriott, besides MoveCentral as well as Cendant Corporation. In 2010 he bought Traveling Vineyard. Today, there are over 5,000 independent marketers with Traveling Vineyard. These are known as “wine guides.”

While working for Geerlings and Wade, he was asked to create a new sales strategy in order to earn more revenue for the company. This was when he got the idea of selling wine through in-home demonstrations. Till then he was selling it through a catalog only. He decided to try it out, and it led to greater sales.

He believes that everyone at Traveling Vineyard must think creatively and share all kinds of innovative ideas. Even his business is introducing new concepts as well as new technology each year. Traveling Vineyard is known for its unique system called Sommology. It is used for guiding the pairing of food with wines besides arranging for tastings too.

He strives to ensure that his company continues serving as a pioneer in this industry. In order to remain successful, he knows that new ideas cannot be ignored or else it will fall behind its competitors. Hence taking calculated risks is highly important here.

This is why he likes to work toward attaining strategic goals for his company. Also, he likes to keep some time aside in order time to communicate with his staff members as well as guides regularly.

He is well aware that when an enterprise is launched, it requires adequate funding. The firm will have to survive on this funding till it becomes profitable. All such businesses need to plan for high expenses initially. Later this will translate into a gradual increase in revenue.

Traveling Vineyard is going to have a promising future as more and more Americans are now drinking wine. There are many beverages in the U.S. whose sales have fallen. But the revenue from wine has increased by nearly 5% in 2016. Besides, wine is becoming popular among the craft beer enthusiasts too. In this way, Traveling Vineyard has been able to offer the most convenient as well as an interesting way to buy wine.

Traveling Vineyard has an automated system that can help to track different kinds of leads. In this way, this is a service that is helping to maximize the value of every lead. There are several other apps that are being used, and people are learning to use it without any kind of problem.

The Traveling Vineyard Strives to Make Wine Tasting Events Memorable

The Traveling Vineyard started hosting an in-home wine tasting in 2001. 16 years down the line, the company has recorded a drastic expansion. It has established a solid network, consisting of wine enthusiasts who are eager to explore and see possibility in every new bottle that the Traveling Vineyard deploys to the market. Since its inception, the firm has focused on revolutionizing the way people organize wine tasting events.

The Traveling Vineyard boasts a talented team of wine guides who concentrate on delivering a remarkable home experience that clarifies all the myths surrounding wine. Every time the company organizes an event, it builds friendships and memories.

Giving back

The Traveling Vineyard invests lots of resources as well as time in supporting community initiatives. The company believes the strength of the community lies in the commitment and abilities of individuals who support it. Community service is one of the core values of Traveling Vineyard. The company mobilizes and supports its wine guides to engage in community leadership. Brain Tumor Association is one of the foundations that have benefited from Traveling Vineyard’s generous donations.

What makes the Traveling Vineyard the best organizer of wine tasting events?

Traveling Vineyard’s team of guides knows how to blend with wine lovers during wine tasting events. The firm organizes exceptional wine tasting events and allows its clients to enjoy different wines in their homes free of charge. It organizes tasting events that are not pretentious or stuffy.

Careers at the Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard hires talented individuals who enjoy handling projects collectively. The firm is an industry leader in the provision of direct sales jobs. It has adopted a flexible training and support system, which new recruits can dive into easily. New workers enjoy the guidance of senior employees throughout their career. Traveling Vineyard leverages its innovative training, constant support, and tools to support its workers.