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Leading the industry in inmate telecommunications is Securus Technologies. The company has been around since 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Aside from services that keep inmates connected with friends and family are facility management solutions. Items such as booking programs, correctional facility management software, and facility monitoring are just a few of the many services offered by Securus Technologies. In order to stay on top, Securus has recently acquired several companies. The most recent company is GovPayNet, a payment processing service that handles many different clients and types of payments. Everything from jail fees to traffic citations and background checks is handled by the company. They’ve been in business for well over 20 years, and provide a streamlined solution to their clientele.


The monitoring services offered by Securus Technologies include phone call and video visitation monitoring, as well as, house arrest and facility inmate monitoring as well. The communications monitoring has been praised by families, inmates, and facility employees as well. It’s been used to provide evidence in cases, and even to bring charges against employees acting in an unethical manner. Another recent development that’s been noted is that after acquiring another company known as JPay, the company has also implemented wireless containment systems. These devices prevent calls and text messages from being sent from contraband cellular devices. This is especially important as many crimes have been traced back to these devices.


Securus Technologies has also recently been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Making the grade with an “A+” rating is impressive, especially for a company that serves customers numbering well over a million, and thousands of agencies. The customer satisfaction rating for Securus is at an all-time high as well. With an over 95 percent satisfaction rating and a one call resolution rate of nearly 100 percent, Securus Technologies is making progress every day. It’ll be exciting to see what the acquisition of GovPayNet will bring soon.


Securus Technologies Helping Develop the Correctional Sphere through Innovative Technology

One of the top firms in the field of inmate communications is Securus Technologies, which provides a wide range of correctional services, including investigative services and solutions, inmate communication services, and governmental information management services. Securus Technologies offers its services in not only the United States but also in the District of Columbia and Canada. The company is a leader in the correctional sphere and primarily known for its cutting-edge products and services. More than a million inmates depend on the services offered by Securus Technologies to connect with their friends and family members.


Securus Technologies maintains high standards in its product creation and development and also offers world-class customer services. The company believes in innovation and invests heavily in research and development. Securus Technologies think that innovation is the key to unfolding the future of the correctional sphere as it is what would lead to cutting-edge products and services that the stakeholders in the penitentiary sectors are looking for. Securus Technologies has received highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau, which signifies the high standards maintained by the company in its operations. Over the years, Securus Technologies has been able to make a name for itself among the law enforcement agencies as well as the inmates, who trust the company with its services.


In a press release that the company released online, it showcased the positive comments it received from the law enforcement officers. Securus Technologies believes in transparency, and it showcased the positive remarks of the officers to showcase to the world the contributions made by the company in advancing the technology in the correctional field. Securus Technologies has played a very significant role in the advancement of the inmate communication technology and the overall correctional technology. Securus Technologies is a trusted name in the correctional world by the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers.



Using Securus Technologies to Solve Cold Cases

I was moved to the cold case division of our local law enforcement department, and was handed one of the most challenging cases our team has ever worked on. A fugitive had been on the run for a decade, and we knew he was getting help from a local gang, but could never find the link between the two. It seemed that just when we were about to tighten the noose on this suspect, he would slip through and be gone for another year.


We received an anonymous tip that our fugitive was going to be returning to the city to pick up some cash before heading back out of the country. The caller told us the fugitive was selling drugs in large quantities, and was about to meet up with associates somewhere in the city. Although this information was helpful, the city is huge and he could be meeting up just about anywhere. It would be impossible to set up a perimeter to watch each street.


On a hunch, I headed to the jail to try to meet with gang leaders with hopes to break the case. While there, the officers informed me of the Securus Technologies inmate phone system that was installed recently. I was trained to use the LBS software, and with that, I sat down and decided to listen to the gang leaders chatter rather than reason with them. The software detected exactly what I was waiting for, word about an associate meeting the fugitive for a transfer.


We then dropped a locating device on the car of the gang member, and he would lead us right to the meeting place where we brought the fugitive into custody with no incident. The Securus Technologies system has been instrumental in helping us to solve many cold cases in the region.

Headquartered in Texas, Securus Technologies is committed to providing emergency response, public information, investigation, and other services to make your world a safer place. Securus Technologies’ goal is to make you feel safe, even while you are reading this article. It is no shocker that Securus won the 2017 Gold Stevie Award in the Best Customer Service Training Department Category.


The Stevie Award recognizes the world’s most efficient companies’ efforts’ in customer service, business development and sales professionals. After receiving the award at the February 24, 2017 banquet, Danny de Hovos, Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus, said, “It’s great to be recognized by independent experts for the great strides we’ve made in customer service.’’ Likewise, de Hoyos said the company’s main goal was to empathize with the customer’s problem and to solve that problem on the first call from the customer. Securus Technologies has developed many tools to enable the customer service agents to focus on solving the customer’s issues and by guiding the customer effortlessly to a final solution. As a customer, I love being heard, and Securus Technologies always listens.


According to the Stevie Award judges, Securus Technologies’ role is extremely important in our society. Earning a Stevie Award is not easy; it is probably one of the most competitive and fastest-growing awards in the world. Securus Technologies understands its customer’s expectations and strives to always meet those expectations.

Securus issues challenge, GTL takes rain check

Recently, Securus Technologies, the leading provider of inmate communications services, challenged its vocal opponent, GTL, to a game of technological one-on-one. The idea was to pit Securus’ widely acclaimed, proprietary video visitation technology up against GTL’s knock-off, dollar-store brand. As expected, GTL made an unqualified dash for the exit. This unwillingness to put its technology to the test signals that GTL doesn’t actually believe in its own core product, much less the fusillade of empty claims it has shot over Securus’ bow for the last two years.



First to market advantage


The truth is that GTL and other competitors have been playing catch-up with first-to-market Securus’ video visitation product since launch day, over a decade ago. Securus’ lead, rather than narrow, has widened to a yawning chasm that has seen its video visitation system become the dominant solution across the U.S. inmate communication market.


And this is all for good cause. Securus’ early rollout of the first VoIP-based inmate communication solution has saved prisoners and their families millions of dollars while allowing for unprecedented levels of contact between those who are incarcerated and those who love them. These benefits are not measured in mere dollars. It has been shown that prisons where Securus’ video visitation has been installed suffer from fewer disciplinary incidents as well as less contraband and fewer instances of the commission of felonies. This is due to the fact that the privilege of staying in nearly daily contact with one’s family provides an incentive for good behavior that few other things can. On top of this, inmates who stay connected with their outside lives maintain a level of hope that often otherwise dissipates with the passing years behind prison walls. Inmates who maintain hope and a sense of community outside of prison are far less likely to recidivate.



Securus Technologies During Christmas

Securus has literally taken the World by storm and is continuing to be one of the top communication systems on the market right now. A lot of people like myself have loved ones in the prison system and they have found it to be more than a little difficult to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it is time for you to look into a system known as secure as because it is great during the holiday season when you want to have better communication with your loved ones.


The Christmas season is one that is incredibly difficult for prison families all over the country because of the strict guidelines and rules that go into communicating with your loved one in prison. If this has been a problem for you, you might want to make use of a system known as secure as because of how beneficial it has been for so many individuals in the same situation that you are in. I have been using Securus for several years now with great success and I especially make use of it during the holiday season when my loved one would otherwise be in prison by themselves while the entire family is celebrating without them.


It is much easier to make the holidays brighter by using Securus than any other communication system that happens to be on the market. You can actually do video visitation from your own home to make it easy and quick for yourself and your loved ones to keep in touch with your family member in the prison system itself. This is going to save you a lot of time because you will no longer have to make those trips to the prison just to be able to see them face-to-face and it will also allow you to feel more confident knowing that you can see them during the Christmas season without anything becoming a problem for you or your loved ones. It is very important for you to consider looking into this particular system to see if it can work for you because it is one of the best out there and has truly made an impact on people who are using it on a more regular basis and it can definitely be something that allows you to have a better communication with your loved one each and every day.


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ConnectUs – The New Face of Digital Technology Inside the U.S. Prisons

The prison industry is known for using outdated technology and lengthy procedures, which complicates legal matters. For prisoners, jail authorities and stakeholders, lack of advancement in the prison technology is a hurdle to rehabilitate the criminal justice system. Luckily, there are some companies that continue to design and offer advanced tools to help criminal facilities in the United States operate more smoothly. A recently introduced ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application by Securus Technologies is an example of future technologies in the prison system.

Using the digital ConnectUs platform, prisoners can easily file various applications, online. It means that the days of paper work are becoming limited as ConnectUs will allow prisoners to file grievance applications, legal papers and medical requests, among various other limitless possibilities. Traditionally, such procedures required prisoners to file lengthy paperwork that were frequently lost in heaps of papers. Moreover, there was no formal method to inquire about the status of the application.

This is about to change with ConnectUs, where prisoners can not only file their requests online, but also get instant access to online status of the application. As for prison authorities, they can control the application by updating the content on a regular basis. For instance, a bulletin board can also inform prisoners of latest rules and compliance procedures. According to Securus Technologies, the company behind ConnectUs, the application is saving virtually thousands of man-hours considering that every prisoner files approximately 13.8 requests every month.

In fact, prison authorities also like the new application as survey reveals that automated forms saves over 65% of corrections staff time compared to the paper. Already, Securus is getting rave reviews from several detention centers across the nation. For instance, Chief Kolitwenzew from Kankakee County in Illinois said that his medical staff and everyone in the prison facility admires and love the new ConnectUs application.