The Brazilian Real Estate Investor – Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is a successful businessman who serves as the chief executive officer and chairman of JHSF Participacoes SA. JHSF is a real estate company in Brazil that specializes in the development of commercial and residential properties. Jose Auriemo Neto joined the JHSF Par in 1993 and assumed office as the CEO in 2003. The Company focuses on overseeing its interests in the buildings of offices, hotels, and public development. What’s more, Jose Auriemo Neto introduced a department of the shopping centers which has seen malls being developed and managed by the JHSF Company.

Jose Auriemo’s influence In the Real Estate Sector

The real estate industry in Brazil is one of the fastest growing business sectors. JHSF is a market leader in the industry and has grown tremendously under the leadership of Auriemo Neto. Again, JHSF has been involved in the development of world-class architecture including an executive airport. Jose Auriemo Neto started off when he obtained the rights to develop the first shopping mall known as the ‘Santa Cruz’. Moreover, the company grew and further developed four more operational malls. JHSF portfolio includes the four shopping centers namely; Shopping Cidade Jardim, Catarina Fashion Outlets, Shopping Bela Vista, and Shopping Ponta Negra.

Furthermore, Jose Auriemo Neto has years of experience and takes calculated risks in developing of the JHSF’s businesses. It is due to his hard work and dedication that has seen the company expand to an internationally recognized brand. The company is responsible for the development of projects in the United States and Uruguay. Also, the business was one of the pioneers in developing the ‘Shopping Cidade Jardim’ which incorporates a garden in it. Additionally, Jose Auriemo Neto went to the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University and is married to his wife Mariana Neto whom together have three children.

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Nick Vertucci Can Empower You to Make a Fortune in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is a successful entrepreneur and real estate consultant. Vertucci is the CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, NVREA. Nick established the company in 2013 in California. It provides training and mentoring solutions for people wishing to break into the real estate industry. The real estate academy trains on life-cycle transactional processes including identifying a good deal, positioning, and selling. It empowers investors to increase their wealth and enjoy financial freedom.

As a real estate investor, you encounter many challenges in your career. How you handle the challenges can make or break your career. Nick Vertucci was able to identify this opportunity early on. He is dedicated to mentoring entry-level investors. He also provides ongoing advisory that helps veterans in the industry exploit lucrative deals.

Nick employs a hands-on approach to NVREA. He has extensive experience as a successful real estate investor. He shares real experiences and lessons he learned from investing in the industry. This enables new investors to gain the confidence and resilience that are necessary to succeed. He has created proven systems that allow investors to hit the ground running making profits from day one.

According to some of the important topics he covers include commercial investments, restoring and flipping properties, making profitable long-term investments in real estate, fundraising and wealth protection.

The NVREA caters to all levels of investors. You do not require any experience in real estate. Besides, no formal training in the industry is required. In like manner, you are not obliged to have any cash reserves or starting capital. Nick Vertucci can teach you how to make money without putting down any of your own as part of the investment. In addition, there is an opportunity for every level of budget.

Nick Vertucci offers free live workshops throughout the country. He introduces attendees to the training programs and provides incentives for them to become students of the academy at The free workshops offer networking opportunities, financing advisory, how-to tips and tricks and insider secrets. He has also developed a system of flipping properties named “Fortunes in Flipping.”

The system involves identifying distressed homes with motivated sellers looking for a quick deal. You can monitor public notices or employ a door-to-door strategy on Provide incentives that look favorable to the seller. Create a solid plan that outlines action plans to monetize the property before you pay for it. Evaluate the whole plan and make sure it is profitable. The system teaches students methods of turning ordinary property deals into highly lucrative ventures at