George Soros $18 Billion Donation to Open Society Foundations Answers Central Question

The widespread scrutiny of George Soros donating $18 billion of his well-earned wealth in October 2017 is nothing new to the billionaire investor. George Soros has been under the narrow-watched eye of right wing conspiracy groups and isolated political groups, for decades. However, the historic and unprecedented donation of $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, which was founded by George in 1979, should be enough to close the chapter of widespread conspiracy stories about the 87-year old businessman. So, why is there continued scrutinizing of George’s wealth as opposed to other billionaires such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Warren Buffet?

The Open Society Foundations will be the recipient of $18 billion of George’s $23 billion net worth. The money will benefit many grants, scholarships and government restructuring efforts all around the world. The vision and legacy of the Foundation will continue for decades because of the substantial donation by George.

The explanation of the continued demonizing of George’s giving and efforts that has marred his philanthropy success can very well be found in the results of his actions towards helping others. In other words- the undeserving scrutiny can be found somewhere among the groups that he has supported over the decades that conspiracy groups find attacking more advantageous to their agenda than pointing out the truth. Philanthropy in itself is helping mankind above another person’s personal gain, and conspiracy theorists have found a vulnerability to exploit the actions of a generous man in an effort to discredit the facts, for their political gain.

Over the years, George has supported the LGBTQ community, political campaigns, civil rights movements, religious rights causes, women rights organizations and minority groups to better their communities. The $11 billion that George had already provided to these philanthropy causes was not only an honorable effort on his part but also effort that took courage to take a stand. George’s support of the Democratic Party, for most of his contributions within politics, should not invite any more critique of a billionaire than any others simply because his worthy intentions can be exploited. In the last decade, George has spent $27 to help democrats, including Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in 2016.

If it weren’t for his efforts in South Africa during apartheid then perhaps the government changes would not have been as reforming as they were when decades of racial divide began to subside. George donated millions of dollars for educational programs to help black South Africans become empowered to change their lives. Although, George might believe his actions were marginal, as he speaks about in an article “The Capitalist Threat” in The Atlantic, it is the very actions he speaks about that brings change decades later because of actions of the moment.

The exploitative nature which has been rooted in hostility towards a man who has more courage than those who are not supporting the very groups they accuse George of having an alternative agenda with, shows clear resentment of his wealth being used for worthy causes rather than the cause’s conspiracy groups would prefer.

George Soros Philanthropic Efforts Amounts $18 Billion Through the Open Society Foundations

George Soros is considered as one of the largest financiers in the world. This is because he has issued over $18 billion towards supporting various charitable and human rights campaigns in and out of the United States. This ranks the Open Society Foundations among the leading charitable organizations in the world.George Soros is the richest philanthropist in the world. Because of his commitment to a better world where all classes of people respect the rule of law, George Soros started operating the Open Society Foundations in 1979. During that time, he realized that his money would not impact the world in a better way than in active philanthropy. Therefore, he was determined to use his money to bring change to the world in a way that assimilates better business provisions for the people. Since the Open Society Foundations commenced its operations, it has served more than 100 countries with better governance as a voice of the less fortunate.

George Soros was born during the Nazi Occupation in Hungary. He was born in a country that did not respect the multi-cultural rule of nature to sustain its economy. For this reason, the Hungarian people decided to form the Nazi Occupation to eradicate the Jews from their country. This is because they realized that the population of the Jews was growing at an alarming rate. Therefore, they ended up achieving the best for their reasons in a manner that provides better business values for the nation. The Nazi Occupation was the cruelest regime George Soros has ever suffered under. When George Soros was about 18 years old, he went to secure false Hungarian identities to help his family secure refuge in the country as he completed his high school education.

George Soros completed his secondary school education before he found his way out of the country. George Soros took his parents and siblings to the UK. When they reached the region, George Soros settled in London. He worked at a the National Railway Sub-Station restaurant as a waiter to secure money to pay for his school fees and take care of his family. George Soros enrolled at the London School of business for a three-year course. After studying and working for three years, v realized it was time to take a break from that life. He secured a chance to travel to the United States before entering a secured place in the country.

When George Soros arrived in the country, he wanted to access the most sophisticated business solution by entering an agreement with his junior members at the New York Hedge Fund. George Soros worked hard to help the company sustain its growth. Because he understood the collection capabilities of the region, he went on to assimilate better business for the growth of the hedge fund. After working for one decade, George Soros gathered enough money to found the Soros Hedge Fund Management Company based in New York. George Soros is now one of the richest individuals on the face of the earth courtesy of his capability to locate the market niche in the risky currency trades.

A Look At How Sheldon Lavin Came To Own OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the owner of OSI Group, LLC. He has served as the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since the late 1970’s. He started his professional career in the banking industry where he was an investor and consultant. He first became acquainted with OSI Group when the company, then called Otto & Sons, was trying to acquire a loan in order to build a new processing facility. The facility was needed because McDonald’s Corporation wanted them to be one of their four main suppliers of fresh beef patties. Sheldon Lavin was brought in as a consultant for Otto & Sons to obtain the loan, a transaction which he successfully accomplished.

As part of the condition of the loan, the bank requested that Sheldon Lavin take an ownership interest in Otto & Sons. At first, he refused as that wasn’t part of what he did as a consultant. He did, though, make an agreement with the Otto family that he could take part ownership of the company later on. It was in 1975 that he took part ownership in the company and became a Partner of Otto & Sons when the company started looking to expand into international markets. McDonald’s asked him to join the company full-time, a request he honored.

The company, now named OSI Group, expanded its position in both the domestic food processing market as well as throughout Europe. In the early 1990’s, Sheldon Lavin took the controlling interest in the group when he bought the shares in the company that were sold by one of the sons of the company’s founder. Eventually, the other son sold his shares to Sheldon Lavin as well and he gained full ownership over the company. During this time, he started rapidly expanding OSI Group’s operations into Asia as well as further expanding in Europe.

Andrea McWilliams: An Inspiration To Millions

Andrea McWilliams is a lobbyist and political fundraiser based in Austin, Texas. She is also an inspiration to millions of people in the Lone Star state and beyond. The founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs, she’s a breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur, wife and mother of three. McWilliams is also a community volunteer and master strategist. Her company, McWilliams and Associates, is Texas’ top lobbying firm. Their clients include the political elite, Fortune 500 companies and even the Kickapoo Indian Tribe. The company has grown ten-fold in the last 5 years.


Guided by faith, family and a fierce determination, Andrea McWilliams says encouraging cancer survivors is a top priority. She was the chairperson of the Mamma Jamma Ride which raises millions for cancer research, works on the Seton Breast Cancer Center’s behalf and is working bring the company in the UK whose revolutionary technology helps three-quarters of people receiving chemotherapy to keep their hair to Austin. Using grit, grace, patience, persuasion and attention to detail, McWilliams is usually successful when she tackles an issue.


A national political commentator, Andrea McWilliams was voted a ‘2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year’ finalist. Her work with nonprofit organizations has led to her being given numerous awards by a wide variety of organizations. She has also been featured on local and national media. McWilliams worked with the iconic public relations firm Public Strategies, Inc. before she and her husband Dean opened their full-service government affairs consulting firm.


A well-known philanthropist, Andrea McWilliams has served on the board of numerous non-profit organizations and works with KillCancer and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The screening room at Austin’s Seton Breast Cancer Center was named after Andrea McWilliams in 2014. She supports the Center for Child Protection and is a business mentor to women in Central Texas.