Success of OSI Industries Food Processing Company.

The last century has seen an exponential growth of OSI Industries as a food processing company. The company that has established food networks across the US and further extended into Europe. Being the largest privately owned company in America, the food company has developed infrastructural and financial resources that have enhanced its production and distribution of cuisine products and services. Through entrepreneurial desire and dexterity found at the core of the company, customized food products have been made available to the market. Additionally, employees have also been attracted to this blue chip company.

Working at the OSI industries can be exciting. Apart from being well-organized, the members of staff in the food company are well disciplined. In addition, the job environment allows a new employee to learn easily and faster due to the good support that is be provided even from other departments. Also, the company has many opportunities for career growth arising from the many years of experience gathered during operation. Career growth opportunities have also been enhanced by good management and the high rate of expansion of the company in the food industry.

The expansion of OSI Industries has increased tremendously through several mergers and acquisitions. In August 2016, the company managed to acquire a controlling stake in Baho Food. This purchase of the Baho Food Company was a strategic move by the acquiring company to have a broader presence in the European market. As a result of buying of the Dutch company that manufactures convenience diets and deli meats, the new parent company gained more access to the service of food and retail market segment in Europe.

Apart from Baho Food Company, OSI Industries also made an acquisition of Flagship Europe Company. The buying of Flagship Europe Company that took place in December 2016 created an opportunity to venture into supply of poultry refrigerated products, mayonnaise, sauces, and a cuisine of delicious pies in the UK. In this regard, the business expansion has widened the capacity to conveniently serve the ever changing needs of the customers in Europe.

Another firm that was also acquired recently was the Tyson Foods plant. It took the Aurora-based food processed company more than 7 million to purchase the former Tyson Foods plant. Consequently, the acquiring of a new plant increased the production of a range of meat products that is now serving an expanded market in Midwestern US. Consumers in this region can now have an increased supply of meatballs, sausage breakfast, and bacon among other tasty foods.

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Why OSI Group is considered the World’s Greatest Solution to Food Security

Basically, the success of OSI Industries is attributed to a supply history of over a century. The founding of the company dates back to 1900 when it was created by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto started the brand as a local meat shop in Chicago. At this time, the brand was known as Otto & Sons USA. Currently, OSI Group enjoys over 65 branches globally, all led by the group CEO, Sheldon Lavin. Mr. Lavin is very focused on promoting food security, market sustainability, and green technology. Sheldon Lavin has been the driving force behind OSI’s global food dominance and he has led the company to major partnerships and acquisitions.

OSI’s Growth Milestones

The brand started to experience significant growth in 1955. This was after it landed a supply deal to deliver hamburger to McDonald’s. In 1973, Otto & Sons brand was compelled to station a hamburger plant that was to specifically meet the growing demand at McDonald’s. Three years prior to this deal, Sheldon Lavin had joined the group and he was very instrumental in regard to the McDonalds deal. In 1975, the brand changed its name from Otto & Sons to OSI Industries. In the 1980s, the brand expanded to Spain, Germany, Austria, Brazil, and Taiwan. Two additional supply plants were opened in the US in the 80s. By 1990, OSI Group had established presence in Mexico, Poland, and the Philippines.

Major Acquisitions and Deals

In 2002, the company acquired distribution rights in Austria to supply beef. This was to meet the high demand for the product. In 2006, the company procured another deal in the US to supply poultry products. In 2010, the brand opened a beef production plant in Japan and they procured the right to supply the meat. A few years later, the brand took to India and Canada. In 2014, OSI Group signed a deal with Pick stock. In 2016, they acquired food supply rights at Baho Foods, Flagship Europe, Tyson, and German’s Hynek.


Overall, OSI Group has taken major growth milestones. The brand has enjoyed more than a century of good reputation in the food industry. The success of OSI is attributed to quality leadership especially under the headship of Sheldon Lavin.

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David McDonald Success Story at the Helm of OSI Group of Industries

All global brands are somehow local in their various countries of operation. For instance, a company in Africa, Europe, Australia, and America cannot run a one fit all transactions in the countries that they operate. Other factors will determine how to manage a company in the particular area. If you are investing in the hotel industry, the customer taste bud will be the primary factor to consider.
The President of the OSI Group Industries, Mr. David McDonald have the feeling that the company has attained elaborate positions in the market. He argues that the main reason for the success of the venture is how the business operates. As a manager and president, he has seen the importance of selling an international brand with the local management in place. Having local control ensures that the people around the firm can patronize its operations. The problem arising in the course of work are amicably solved with the available local solutions.
David McDonald sits in the headquarters office at Aurora. The firm concentrates mainly on food rich in protein products. These include sausages and beef patties. In the attempt to increase output, the group has diversified on its products. The group is now selling pizza and sandwich to other retail brands in the world. Currently, the group operates in more than 17 countries around the globe. In total, they are more than 50 branches in the entire world.
The OSI team have been secretly eyeing the developing economies in the world. They have been in China for the last two decades. The group has been able to establish more than eight industries in the region. David McDonald and other senior management hope to use the venture to try out poultry products in the market.
The group CEO explains the main reason why the group has chosen to emphasize China. Every day, China is developing to become one of the leading consumer markets on the globe. With its higher population, the demand is likely to increase in the near future. But that is not all, according to various research projects, Chinese are affluent. As such, they are ready to try out various items and products till they get their desired items.
The approach to issues that David McDonald and other senior managers have been applying at the OSI group has propelled the firm towards success. The company believes in the need to engage the potential customers before deciding on whether to discard or introduce a new product to the market.