Jason Hope And The Realities Ahead

As a finance and MBA graduate from Arizona State University, Jason Hope has become an expert in technology, biotechnology, and philanthropy. He dedicates most of his time and resources to ensure the well being of humanity in the most relevant ways possible. Take for instance his interest in rejuvenation biotechnology or internet of things. He’s a man who makes a lot of sense because he is taking action to realize the dreams of every man, woman, and child on earth. It all starts with Strategies to Engineer Negligible Senescence, SENS for short.

In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to their research to unlock treatment that will allow us to fight the disease that is aging. With time, and as humans, we become more susceptible to illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and countless others. As a result, our bodies break down further to the point where they ultimately cost all of us our lives. They make our skin less elastic, our muscles weak and fatigued. Nothing we do has helped us to avoid these illnesses altogether, but in researching them, SENS aims to unlock ways for us to do just that.

A lot of the medicines available treat these diseases instead of preventing them. And through his millions of dollars in donations, they will become things of the past. Now, it’s important to note that the goal isn’t to live forever, but rather to promote longer and healthier lives for humankind. Something we are close to finally achieving with selfless men like Jason Hope.

Then you turn to our ever-connected world and consider how many small devices have come to market that allow us to lock and unlock our front doors long after we’ve departed. The ability for us to automate our entire homes with a simple voice command or tap of our fingers. More than ten years ago, these tasks were thought impossible. Most of us raved about the clapper, being able to turn off our lights from across the room. Jason Hope, as well as many others, see this as our coming future if not, the fact that we are already there.

It’s crazy to think that living more than 100 years, that our world will become even more connected than it already is. Frankly, the trend seems to be that science fiction is more an indicator of our reality. No one could blame us to think as much.

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Jason Hope – Well-Known Investor and Serial Entrepreneur in Arizona

There are many entrepreneurs in the United States, but one amongst the many notables is Jason Hope. He is well-known in the state of Arizona for investing in the many new start-ups and guiding them towards success by funding them as well as mentoring them personally. Jason Hope is also a renowned philanthropist in the state of Arizona and has provided financial support to numerous charities and local organizations. Jason Hope’s focus is not only running his businesses successfully but also helps empower local communities.

Jason Hope is also well-known for his love for technology and is a futurist who likes to keeps an open mind. He even believes that it is possible to enhance the life span of the people by conducting extensive research of human cells on a molecular level. Jason Hope likes to keep himself updated with the latest technology available out there, and is recently in love with the internet of things technology that is still under development or in a beta stage yet. The internet of things is one of the most talked about technology today and is something that many of the companies and businesses are trying their hands on. Jason Hope says that the internet of things has the potential to become a wide scale technology in the future and is excited that many industries are already trying their hands on it.

The aviation industry has already been testing the use of internet of things technology as it would help the technicians to know in real time if the engines are working fine and everything is in order. It can potentially save airlines from accidents and also ease up the task of the technicians. It can help the engineers to know where the problem is so that they can focus on it, rather than spending a good amount of time trying to figure out where the problem is.

Jason Hope is also known for his donation to the SENS Research Foundation, which is a prestigious research institution that researches how to reverse the process of aging and increase the mortality rate among the human civilization.

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