The Academy Of Art University Offers Insight On Fashion

On 9th September, The Academy of Art University graced news headlines with the amazing fashion show event that saw many fashion designers and models participating. The event was hosted at the prestigious, Skylight Clarkson Square. The season saw graduates showcasing stylish women’s wear coupled with impeccable tastes as well as menswear collection. Given the nature of the event, there was a lot of interaction from diverse cultural backgrounds. It was a platform that offered a moment of interaction for designers. Some of the famous faces to attend the event included the famous, Ms. J Alexander joined by Sara Kozlowski.




Most fashion lovers would agree that fashion is constantly taking new dimensions every day. It is a transitional journey that requires consistent follow up. Fashion defines a person’s character as well as preferences in life. It is one of the fastest way a stranger can tell your character from. With the modern era, fashion takes different forms of presentation. That is why it is important to be in check with the latest fashion trends that the society is embracing.




At the Academy of Art University, fashion is defined by artistic designs. The institution was established in 1929.It was registered as an art school. Under the guidance of the founder, Mr.Richard Stephens, the school was able to admit thousands of art students. Stephen was a painter. He also edited the school magazine. Richard A Stephen , his son, took over his duties in in 1951.The Academy Of Art University is among the largest, leading schools in San Francisco. The institution is adjacent to New Montgomery Street, at the middle of South Market.


Accreditation and Teaching


The Academy of Art University was honored to receive public recognition from the association of western schools and colleges. This was in 2007. The award recognizes institutions that have executed excellence in administering learning opportunities to students. The school boasts of offering master’s degrees in arts and architecture. It is the sole responsibility of teachers to facilitate the courses throughout the learning period. Distant learning students can also enjoy partaking their vocational studies through the online portal.

Televisa Taps Own Porfirio Sanchez Galindo As New Editorial CEO

Mexican media giant Televisa has recruited within their ranks and tapped Porfirio Sanchez Galindo as their new editorial CEO. Sanchez Galindo served as head of both Televisa’s special projects and economic analysis departments for over eight years. Sanchez Galindo oversaw marketing and telecommunications during his tenure.


With Televisa looking to shake up its current approach to marketing, the 2011 Stanford alumni seemed an obvious choice. Sanchez Galindo, born in the late 1970s, is barely reaching age 40. Having attended ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México), Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford University, Sanchez Galindo’s educational resume is impeccable. His areas of study ranged from business strategy, executive education, applied mathematics, and even software research in 2012.

The young director general also served in the Mexican Finance Ministry, or the SHCP, for 6 years from 2000 to 2006 during Vicente Fox’s presidency. Sanchez Galindo acted as Chief of Staff to the Finance Minister, akin to the American federal position of Secretary of the Treasury. As Chief of Staff, Sanchez Galindo actively dealt with federal economic and monetary policy – encompassing tax reform, public debt, and populace income statistics – all with the goal of national financial growth.


Televisa’s move to promote Sanchez Galindo took a level of convincing. The Mexico City native was preparing to leave his former Televisa post to take a job on the global stage again, this time with the World Bank. Alfonso de Angoita, VP of the media conglomerate personally called Sanchez Galindo and pushed Televisa’s atmosphere as a pro to remaining under their wing.

The strategic and statistical mind of Sanchez Galindo has quickly begun work on new approaches to existing channels of editorial output. “My goal is to gain audiences, sponsors, and tread new markets. From magazines to clicks, the only limit is our imagination,” the new CEO said in a June interview with Al Margen. Promoting bundles consisting of TV, Internet, and cable services, he hopes to carve an even larger stake in Hispanic America for his company. Given his accomplishments, Porfirio should have no issues.