Austin’s Dr. Jennifer Walden Gets Positive Reviews As a Empathetic Female Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon in her hometown Austin, Texas, and has been practicing cosmetic surgery for 8 years. She attended the University of Texas Medical Branch about 100 miles from Houston, in Galveston, Texas. Before that, Walden built a practice in New York City, which was a success, but still returned back to Austin focusing only on doing what she loves, being a plastic surgeon. Her cosmetic surgeries consist of breast augmentation, face-lifts, eyelid lifts, and rhinoplasties, that she performs on her clients.

Another service Dr. Jennifer Walden provides is, liposuction on the arms, inner thighs, and on the stomach, including injecting soft-tissue fillers and Botox. She is one of the few females that practice cosmetic surgery in the field, being so male dominated, and not so welcoming to women. The statistics for how many women are actually in the cosmetic surgery field, are a stunning 851 out of 8,100 that are board certified.

When it comes to being a female plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is 1 out of only 12 in the entire city who performs cosmetic surgery. What sets her apart from other plastic surgeons is, she genuinely empathizes with her clients, and with anyone who desires to have cosmetic work done to their body, that they will feel better about adjusting, and not have the embarrassment feeling moving forward, that they previously experienced. Dr. Walden has being one of the few surgeons in her field, that women actually feel more comfortable talking to about their body, knowing that speaking with another female, can be more relatable, than it usually would be with a male cosmetic surgeon.

She takes into account that, throughout life, women go thru a wide-range of changes, whether it’s just going thru the natural aging process, or some women after giving birth would like to have their breast adjusted, as a result from breastfeeding.

Dr. Mark McKenna Respects Michael Bloomberg

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man who cares about those he serves as well as the community around him, and he is someone who is a licensed surgeon. He is someone who has worked in the business world, founding a practice and then selling it. He is someone who has much experience in a variety of areas and who uses that experience to help him with all of the work that he currently does. Dr. Mark McKenna is the Founder and the CEO of OVME. He is someone who stays busy with the work that he has to do as well as with his family life and his community involvement.

When Dr. Mark McKenna was questioned about someone who he looks up to in life, he shared that he respects Michael Bloomberg. He shared that the man is more than just his political beliefs and all that he has done in the world of politics. Dr. Mark McKenna looks up to Michael Bloomberg because he is someone who has found success for himself. He shared that he respects Michael Bloomberg because he is a real leader and he is someone who does what he feels is morally right. Dr. McKenna shared that he hopes to be like Michael Bloomberg.

Dr. Mark McKenna was questioned about the software that he uses on his computer, and he shared that he likes to keep things simple. He is not someone who uses abstract or different software, but he gets his work accomplished with help from a few simple programs. He uses Microsoft Office for most of the work that he has to accomplish, and he relies on that program to help him with all of the tasks that he needs to complete. He does not need much beyond that program to handle his work.

Entrepreneur, Influential Tech Figure, and Philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an influential tech figure and entrepreneur. In 2015, he co-founded a technology startup known as Tempus, which aims at establishing infrastructure for cancer treatment advancement. Since its launch, Tempus has grown to become a successful company. It has even made it to the top ten tech startups in Chicago sharing its ranking with notable companies such as Outcome Health, SMS Assist, Avant, IRI, Raise, Relativity, SpringCM, Analyte Health, and Signal.

More about Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky

Recently, Tempus designed a unique software platform that analyzes clinical and molecular data. The startup is closely working with hospital systems including the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern, and the University of Michigan. According to Eric, these collaborations make Tempus unique and improve its chances of finding solutions. Through its collaboration with academic institutions and hospitals, the company hopes to gather large amounts of data. Tempus offers twofold services; from its River North headquarters laboratory, it provides gene-sequencing tests to patients and offers software-based solutions to physicians to enable patient genetic profile comparison with other cancer patients’ database. This makes accessing clinical trials easier for doctors. Moreover, doctors can determine the most effective treatments more easily.

Besides being a co-founder of Tempus, Eric is a partner at Lightbank, Uptake Technologies, Groupon, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings. All these companies are successful and hold key positions in their industries. Eric is also a philanthropist. In 2006, he began the Lefkofsky Foundation with the help of his wife. The foundation is dedicated to advancing high-impact projects in medicine, culture, fundamental human rights, art, and education. All this is geared towards enhancing the lives of the served communities. Eric and his wife are also active members of a philanthropy group known as The Giving Pledge. Mr. Lefkofsky’s desire to help others has earned him important positions on board of trustees of several organizations and hospitals in Chicago including Chicago Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, and the Institute of Art Chicago.

Texans Give Dr Jennifer Walden Positive Reviews

There is a lot of talk in Texas about Dr. Jennifer Walden. When it comes to plastic surgery Texans are definitely giving her a positive review. She has become well known in Texas, but this is not the only place that Dr. Jennifer Walden has received accolades for her work. She is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country, and there is no doubt that Dr. Walden is on a path to greatness as one of the best female plastic surgeons in the world.

Dr. Walden has appeared on a number of different magazines, and people that get Austin MD subscriptions have definitely seen her on the cover more than once. She is exactly what the city of Austin needs when it comes to having an established plastic surgeon that is able to provide rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and Botox injections. These are the things that she is most well known for, but there are a plethora of other things that Dr. Walden has been able to do as well. She has continued to be one of the best in the plastic surgery arena because she stays abreast of all the things that are going on.

There is definitely a need for surgeons like Dr. Walden in the area of plastic surgery. She is someone that has made her name very well-known, and she is trusted by the patients that rely on her specialties. She has become so well-known, in fact, that people are actually looking for her too perform surgery even when they are not staying in Texas.

Some of her patients actually fly into the state to get procedures done. This is just a sign of how positive the reviews have been for Dr. Walden. She is one of the best, and people are impressed with her work.