Facts about Richard Liu

The Chinese business mogul Richard Liu alias Liu Qiangdong is a household name in matters e-commerce. He heads a renowned e-commerce platform with a net worth of $57.6 billion. Richard Liu is worth $12.7 billion as per the Forbes magazine.

Richard Liu perfected skills in computer programming by offering services while still a student back in college. He once served as a director for computer and a director for business in the company known as Japan Life.

In 1998, the businessman ventured out on his own. He set up a shop that sold magneto-optical products in Beijing. The venture was named Jingdong. By 2003, he had opened other 11 stores totaling the branches to 12.

Liu Qiangdong founded JD.com in 2004. He started by supplying a variety of products including consumer goods and electronics.

The CEO of JD.com is the man behind the national logistics system that caters the company’s popularity around China back in 2007. He later saw the gap in product delivery to customers in the most rural parts of China. Customers residing in such areas had to travel to the nearest urban center to access the goods. Mr. Qiangdong saw a business opportunity in this spearheaded JD.com coming up with a unique logistics to curb the products from being damaged. The method also meant to avoid loss of items. This method was later adopted by other e-commerce magnates like Amazon after JD.com had established the model in the United States.

Richard Liu is credited for the rise in popularity in e-commerce due to his model and method ideologies. His effective leadership has put up JD.com as the third among internet companies worldwide.

Liu Qiangdong has received many awards for his expertise and contribution. Mr. Liu was also named the “2011 Chinese Business Leader”. He also boasts of a spot in the Fortunes list of” World’s Greatest Leaders.”

Richard Liu is well known as a humble down to earth person. Despite all the wealth under his name, Liu still takes up the position of a delivery person at JD.com. He is known for his foresightedness and creativity in coming up with unique innovations that give JD.com an advantage over other companies.

How Robert Deignan Went From Sports to Being the Force behind ATS Digital Solutions

In the past, having problems with a computer, mobile or any other digital device, meant spending endless hours on the phone while trying to reach the customer care team of the said device. However, that is now a thing of the past, thanks to Robert Deignan’s company; ATS Digital solutions as clients can get solutions from all around the world, and solve their connectivity issues remotely. Clients can only call the customer care number provided on ATS’s website, and they are immediately connected to a team of highly proficient tech gurus. The team will then access the troublesome device remotely, and solve the issue utilizing the highest standards of safety. Additionally, these technicians go the extra mile in implementing measures and offering recommendations on how to prevent such a problem from occurring in the future.

Who is Robert Deignan?

Robert Deignan is the man sitting at the helm of ATS digital solutions. It is through his unique leadership style and innovative strategies that ATS has grown into the giant call center we see today. Under his belt, ATS is now setting the pace for other companies in tech as being the first call center to be approved by AppEsteem Corporation. It’s the only body that approves applications and support companies that provide top-shelf support services.

Similar to any other human being, Robert was not born the co-founder and CEO of ATS digital. His journey started in St. Thomas Aquinas, in Fort Lauderdale Florida where he was born. After completing high school education, Robert Deignan got the opportunity to pursue a BS Degree in Business Management at Purdue University through a football scholarship. In 1996 after his graduation, Robert went back to sports to play for the Miami Dolphins for a year before moving to the New York Jets team where again he played for one year.

In 1998, Robert quit his lucrative sporting career for entrepreneurship by establishing Fanlink Inc, and for the next three years, he would spend his time managing its operations. In 2002, he got the opportunity to serve as the Executive vice president of iS3, a role he served for close to a decade before resigning in 201, and on August, Robert Deignan brought ATS Digital Solutions to life.


David Zalik takes big risks, ultimately prevails with GreenSky

Many of the greatest entrepreneurs in history are known today due to their willingness to do things and take on risks that others could not or would not face. David Zalik, the founder and CEO of GreenSky , is a good example. Zalik, 44, risked literally everything he had more than 12 years ago to found the company that today ranks as one of the most important firms in the fintech sector. It was Zalik’s unique combination of certitude, willingness to take big risks and, somewhat paradoxically, deep business conservatism that have defined the success of GreenSky .

Now, as the company mulls an IPO that some analysts are saying may be worth as much as $10 billion, the world is watching to see what the next step for GreenSky  will be. But as many who have closely observed the firm over the course of its history will point out, the GreenSky business model itself has not changed much from its earliest days. It has just proven to be so versatile that the company appears to be doing radical new things when, in fact, it is simply applying the same solution to a wide variety of different industries.



Big moves for a small company

When Zalik first conjured the idea behind GreenSky  based on his years of working in the home improvement business, he had difficulty finding a bank willing to lend him the startup capital needed to get his venture off the ground. Eventually, this problem became intractable. Desperate, Zalik effectively reverse mortgaged his entire $12 million commercial real estate fortune and poured every cent of it into his new business.

This risky all-in move at a time when his company had barely registered as a corporation would prove to be one of the best bets in American industry over the last two decades. By 2018, GreenSky was worth in excess of $4 billion. Zalik’s vision of creating a seamless way to provide retail-level bridge financing for big-ticket items has been roundly vindicated. GreenSky’s soaring valuation provides evidence of how farsighted Zalik’s original bet really was.


Drinking Waiakea Water Has Important Health Benefits

Drinking water is as natural as sleeping. The contents of water is not given much thought by the average person that consumes it. It is known as a refreshing beverage that replenishes the body of necessary fluid. It helps cool the body when it gets overheated, and it quenches the thirst. People may not consider that water provides some PH properties that are essential to the body. Most bottled waters only contain a small amount of PH, but Hawaii volcanic water provides a PH balance that is beneficial to the body. The PH property is measured on a scale of 0-14, and the higher the number, the more alkaline a substance has.

The Waiakea water ph is 8.8, which makes it the only water that offers volcanic water benefits for the body. The PH in this water helps to maintain proper tissue and cell health in the body. Waiakea Hawaii Volcanic Water is void of acidity that can enter the body by way of other water brands. This bottled water is sustainable, organically sourced with a natural alkaline PH. Waiakea water was developed from the idea of the founder, and Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Emmons who was a very young man at the time with a large entrepreneurial presence. He grew up in California, and Hawaii. It was in Hawaii that he discovered the pure essence of the volcanic water.

The Waiakea Hawaii Volcanic Water has a very unique filtration process. The water comes from the Mauna Loa volcano, and processes through more than fourteen thousand feet of volcanic rock. The water flows constantly, so it does not have time to become stagnant. The rainfall occurs for nearly the entire year, so the water is always plentiful. The filtration of the water is a revolutionary technological process which enables the water to have life changing benefits. One of those benefits is that the alkaline in Waiakea bottled water helps reduce the symptoms of acid reflux, and help neutralize stomach acid. It has also been found that Waiakea water can help slow the aging process by reducing the risk of brain malfunctions.


Doe Deere: Taking The Risk

Are you looking to become an entrepreneur? Have you thought of a business that you know will bring so much to the new market? Well if so, Doe Deere has some advice she wants to pass down to you. Doe Deere, founder and CEO of a popular makeup line, started from the bottom and created a business empire with wild success. Though, she had to overcome many obstacles, she found that learning and growth was just part of the ride. Learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25362-how-controversial-doe-deere-became-successful-entrepreneur

Finding Your Niche

Doe Deere knew from the time she was a child that cosmetics would be a huge part of her life. Always playing with color, and makeup, she was not afraid to be herself and be bold. If you’ve got a passion that you’ve always known would take you somewhere, it’s not too late to turn it into a career. Something that excites you will make you look forward to your work, and you won’t be afraid to put your all into it.

Learning/Expanding Your Skill Set

Doe was not afraid to take what she knew and apply it to a new business. But what she also wasn’t afraid of was growth. While you may know a lot about a certain field or interest, you will always have more learning and growing to do. Being able to roll with changes is key. You’ll want to tackle any problems head on, because putting them aside will not give you any success. Doe breaks down the problems into pro and con lists and moves forward by weighing the options. Aside from yourself, you’ll want people working from you who have thoughts and ideas on processes. Doe listens to her employees, as she’s learned it has added many benefits to her company.

Doe is what we would call a risk taker. She found her passion, and rolled with it. While it wasn’t overnight, in time she because a wildly successful entrepreneur. Lime Crime cosmetics has many worldwide fans. Taking that first step could be the beginning of the rest of your life. You can have a business and stay true to your ideals- Doe Deere did. Don’t be afraid to take that risk.

Visit here: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/

Bob Reina: The Wishmaker

If there is a person out there that can make people’s wishes come true, it is not a genie. It is Bob Reina of Talk Fusion, the video communications provider. He knows all about people that have wished to work from home, and he also knows a thing or two about people in need. That is why people are so responsive to Bob Reina and the way he conducts himself. They know he is the type of man that is going to go to bat for someone and he is going to do everything within his power to improve their life. Learn more: https://homebusinessmag.com/author/bob-reina/


That is something that means a great deal to Bob Reina, and it is infectious to say the least. He exudes this feeling like everything is going to be OK, and everything will be OK if people use Talk Fusion (https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate). It is the answer to all of the problems they are having, as most people are having problems at work. For them, it is just a job, nothing more and nothing less. It is a way to make a living. It does not provide them with any satisfaction or any feeling of accomplishment. It is simply something that is a way to pay the bills.


When a job becomes that, it is truly sad. The person becomes miserable, anxious, and depressed all in one. Bob Reina does not want to see anyone feel like that as life is so short. They should be living each and every day to the fullest and having a blast. They should not have any regrets or feel like any day is being wasted. They should be spending time at home, making money, and enjoying all they can out of life. One of the worst feelings in the world is regret. If someone uses Talk Fusion, they will have zero regrets. Learn more: http://www.pr.com/company-profile/employees-biography/82120-1877Other:


They will know they have put their all into something that is bigger than them, which is a special, special feeling. Everyone around them will see the change in them as well and they will be inspired to do the same and start over. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


The Unorthodox Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in September 1969 in Southfield, Michigan to Bill, a structural engineer, and Sandy, a school teacher. He graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High school in 1987 then attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with Honours. He also attended University of Michigan Law School where he received his Juris Doctor. Lefkofsky has ventured into some entrepreneurial endeavors inclusive of Starbelly- a company that specialized in promotional products, an analytics company called Uptake LLC. Lefkofsky is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon an e-commerce marketplace. He has also created a freight logistics company called Echo Global Logistics. In 2016 he founded Tempus, a technology company that empowers physicians to deliver exceptional cancer care. The physicians provide personalized cancer care through the company’s interactive analytical and machine learning platform. He also doubles up as the company’s CEO.  Check facebook.com and follow Lefkofsky.


The company has built an operating system to aid in the war against cancer. It provides genomic sequencing services and examines molecular and therapeutically data to empowering physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions. The company aims at ensuring that each patient benefits from treatment by making available physicians who will guide them every step of the way. Eric Lefkofsky is big on social media. He uses his accounts on several platforms to spread positive messages with a touch of his personal life.

See this related link investor.groupon.com.

Eric Lefkofsky is well known for his philanthropic endeavors. He uses his wealth and power to give back to the society. He and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Foundation. The charitable trust aims at helping the needy, supporting educational and scientific organizations and advance high-impact initiatives with their main focus being on children. The foundation has funded over 50 organizations. He is also part of The Giving Pledge. Lefkofsky also seats in some boards including Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, the board of directors of The Museum of Science and Industry, World Business Chicago and a Trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Since his successful career at InnerWorkings, he began a teaching career at business schools in Chicago. He has published a book Accelerated Disruption, which mainly emphases on how technology affects business.

Click www.forbes.com/profile/eric-lefkofsky