Barbara Stokes Places New Manufacturing Center In Cullman

Green Structures Homes Delivered is a company headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. It was co-founded by a married couple, Barbara J. Stokes and Scott B. Stokes. She is the chief executive officer of this company while he is the chief operating officer. This is a company which provides a housing solution to those who need a place to stay due to a natural disaster making their home unlivable until it can be repaired or replaced. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

This company is opening a new manufacturing center in Cullman, Alabama. The facility costs $8 million and it will provide jobs to 80 people in this city in its first phase of operation. Eventually, the goal is to employ 300 full-time people within the next three years at this facility.

When talking about the city of Cullman Barbara Stokes thanked them for everything that they had done for her city, from the leadership of this city to its business leaders. She said they had looked at many cities across Alabama but Cullman was always at the top of their list. She said that she and her husband loved the city and bought a home several years ago on Smith Lake. She thinks the people of Cullman are very inviting and that it would be a great place to expand their business to.

Green Structures Homes Delivered new facility in Cullman occupies a building that has 99,000 square feet of space. It is located inside the Cullman Industrial Complex. The building they will be occupying was constructed by the city and county. They sold it to Green Structures Homes Delivered parent company, Stokes Development, in December 2017.


This company plans to build 500 to 600 homes each year wich are made of light-gauge steel. Scott Stokes said that their structures are resistant to mildew and mold and can withstand hurricane-force winds. Each home can be built in as little as two days due to their proprietary structures and methods. Barbara Stokes added that the materials for their building come from Decatur and Birmingham. They also use recycled steel.

Robert Aderholt is this city’s Congressional representative. He released a statement saying that he thought Barbara Stoke’s addition to his city was fantastic and would add to Cullman’s economic development. Even the Lt. Governor of Alabama, Jim Folsom, Jr, chimed in saying that this development was great for both the city and county as well as the Stokes family. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.