Impressionable Facts AboutSahmAndrangi

SahmAdrangi has profoundly contributed to the success of most hedge fund managers In the past years due to the vast knowledge he shares with them concerning the sector. The current short that he published which was named the Northern Dynasty, acted as an inspiration to many hedge fund managers. The publication has brought significant changes in the market which have brought about volatility and acquisition of ideas and great developmental strategies. Sahm has offered a lot of lucrative investment ideas to help investors carry out their daily operations with ease. Through the advice he offers his partners, many of them have gained an opportunity to improve their business strategies and outline high goals that are likely to increase their profits if well implemented.

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and chief executive officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management and has gained vast experience in the investment sector due to the many years he has been investing. He has seen his investment hedge fund improve its production since its establishment. Sahm has also interacted with a vast number of prestigious investors through which he has acquired critical ideas for the development of his firm. Besides, the renowned hedge fund manager has always had a great determination towards achieving the best, and teamwork with his employees have seen him perform most of his goals. Sahm Adrangi is full of living and generous and never ceases to share every idea that he thinks can lead to a better and prosperous investment to entrepreneurs.

Besides, Sahm has in the recent year’s impressed many individuals through his significant contributions to the development of the economy in various countries. He has played a substantial role in changing the minds of people concerning the value of stocks, underfollowed longs, as well as overhyped shorts in the hedge fund sector. Through Kerrisdale, Sahm had educated people and given investors solutions to the many challenges which they go through during their daily business operations. He has made a name for himself through exposing and exposing fraudulent Chinese companies like the China-Biotics, China Marine Food Group and many more. He has targeted more businesses in China and hoped to equip them with ideas for the development of their firms.


Greg Seckers Achievements

Greg Secker happens to be a great philanthropist, entrepreneur and a great international speaker. He happens to have been the owner of some of the greatest companies that have greatly changed the world of forex trading. Greg Secker also happens to have been the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation which is also a great nongovernmental organization that has been committed towards the success of these people. He is always committed to changing the lives of his fellow human beings and also makes their lives better. He always works towards the accomplishment of their dreams in life and has that passion for helping them make it in life. He has always been pushing for progress and better achievement in terms of development.

Greg Secker happens to have traveled the globe training so many forex brokers and has been on the frontline ensuring that he helps people achieve in life. He has always committed himself towards achieving great things in life and his life has been overwhelmingly awesome. He has been able to have trained more than 200,000 people or rather traders through workshops and various seminars. He has been able to have found other companies like SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, a forex brokerage firm and also FX capital. Through these companies, he has been able to amass a lot of wealth in terms of development. He is always focused on making forex trading easy and has that passion for helping his fellow humans.

Greg Secker is also a great person with a very great beginning. He was known to have been a very humble student while at school and always dedicated his time and life to success. He has always been on the frontline working hard for his company’s success. He happens to have been alumni of the famous Nottingham University and pursued a bachelor of science in food science. He has always been on the frontline working towards making ends meet. After graduation, he joined the financial field when he joined the famous Thomas Cook Financial Services whereby he was given the opportunity of working towards developing a trading platform. His mission has always been to achieve in life and was able to create Virtual Trading Desk.


George Soros Philanthropic Efforts Amounts $18 Billion Through the Open Society Foundations

George Soros is considered as one of the largest financiers in the world. This is because he has issued over $18 billion towards supporting various charitable and human rights campaigns in and out of the United States. This ranks the Open Society Foundations among the leading charitable organizations in the world.George Soros is the richest philanthropist in the world. Because of his commitment to a better world where all classes of people respect the rule of law, George Soros started operating the Open Society Foundations in 1979. During that time, he realized that his money would not impact the world in a better way than in active philanthropy. Therefore, he was determined to use his money to bring change to the world in a way that assimilates better business provisions for the people. Since the Open Society Foundations commenced its operations, it has served more than 100 countries with better governance as a voice of the less fortunate.

George Soros was born during the Nazi Occupation in Hungary. He was born in a country that did not respect the multi-cultural rule of nature to sustain its economy. For this reason, the Hungarian people decided to form the Nazi Occupation to eradicate the Jews from their country. This is because they realized that the population of the Jews was growing at an alarming rate. Therefore, they ended up achieving the best for their reasons in a manner that provides better business values for the nation. The Nazi Occupation was the cruelest regime George Soros has ever suffered under. When George Soros was about 18 years old, he went to secure false Hungarian identities to help his family secure refuge in the country as he completed his high school education.

George Soros completed his secondary school education before he found his way out of the country. George Soros took his parents and siblings to the UK. When they reached the region, George Soros settled in London. He worked at a the National Railway Sub-Station restaurant as a waiter to secure money to pay for his school fees and take care of his family. George Soros enrolled at the London School of business for a three-year course. After studying and working for three years, v realized it was time to take a break from that life. He secured a chance to travel to the United States before entering a secured place in the country.

When George Soros arrived in the country, he wanted to access the most sophisticated business solution by entering an agreement with his junior members at the New York Hedge Fund. George Soros worked hard to help the company sustain its growth. Because he understood the collection capabilities of the region, he went on to assimilate better business for the growth of the hedge fund. After working for one decade, George Soros gathered enough money to found the Soros Hedge Fund Management Company based in New York. George Soros is now one of the richest individuals on the face of the earth courtesy of his capability to locate the market niche in the risky currency trades.

Securus Technologies at the Top of its Game Thanks to Rick Smith

Securus Technologies a leader in offering both civil and criminal technology solutions added John Bell to be the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales on December 30, 2015. Mr Bell work was to cultivate a high-tech, software oriented sales team who were to market the firm’s expanded portfolio that featured over 800 products to the law enforcement and correctional market.In a press briefing, Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus elucidated that the company had invested a huge sum of $600 million in the purchase and development of security products over a period of three years. He further added that the company needed a skilled professional like John Bell who would ensure that the newly released products will reach the target market through a capable sales team that Mr Bell will create.Additionally, Mr Smith added that John Bell had in the past transformed organizational culture and performance resulting into outstanding performance, growth and developing remarkable sales leaders. Besides his exceptional skills, Mr Bell has also the right educational background that makes him a force to reckon with.

For that reason, he was the right candidate for the job.Securus Technologies has been on the forefront in providing innovative technologies that have increased public safety by solving crimes as well as reducing the number of crimes including prisoner-on-prisoner crimes. Several stakeholders have expressed that the technological solutions offered by Securus have been of great help and some of these clients’ comments can be retrieved from the company’s website.Rick Smith who is the CEO and Chairman at Securus clarifies that the company develops service and product proposals on a weekly basis to help law administrators and correctional officials to conduct their jobs more effectively. Moreover, he points out that the company has received numerous letters and emails of their clients thanking them for their continued adequate service delivery that increases public safety in recent times as compared to the past. Additionally, Rick Smith expresses that it is in the company’s DNA to ensure they protect and serve the community.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith is presently the President and CEO of Securus Technologies. He joined the organization back in 2008 and has worked under different posts before becoming the top executive that he is today. Before moving to Securus Technologies, Mr Smith was working at Eschelon Telecomm Inc. where he was involved in varying positions as well. Prior to working at Eschelon Telecom, he was the Vice President of financial management at Frontier Corp. Rick Smith has attained a number of skills and experience in the course of his profession having worked in several executive positions. Rick Smith has a rich educational background. He is an Electrical Engineer graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology and he earned his MBA at the University of Rochester where he majored in Mathematics. Moreover he also holds a professional degree from the State University of New York Buffalo.

The Legacy that Business Mogul and Philanthropist George Soros is Aiming to Create

A person that has been through difficult situations emerges from the experience with lots of lessons to learn. When George Soros was just a teenager, he was forced to flee Hungary because of the Nazis and the threat of the Holocaust. Even though he got asylum in the UK, and he was able to get himself through college and start his company. When George moved to the United States, he realized that he was now in a position to affect change in the society. He started the George Soros Foundation close to three decades ago, and he has been using it to support the foundations and charities that fight for the equality of all people.

One of the issues that Soros has been involved with lately was the Ferguson protests. These erupted after the racially motivated profiling and killing of a teenage African American boy by white police officers. The police officer was never indicted for the crime, and this angered the civil societies greatly. George Soros funded the buses that ferried protestors to the town, and by the time that the protests were dying down, which was a few weeks later, the message that black lives matter had been passed across. Today, there are players in the NFL who take a knee whenever the national anthem is being played, as a sign to show that black lives matter. The authorities are checking the amount of force they use when arresting people of color and there is more sensitivity to the rights of all people, regardless of their skin color.

George Soros has also been deeply involved in the politics of the country. There was a time when he supported John Kerry because he wanted to put an end to the massive mistakes that characterized the Bush administration. His main problem with the Bush administration was the fact that he had engineered a fake war with Afghanistan because he was following personal interests. While Kerry lost the election, Soros stayed in close contact with the groups which were supposed to keep checks and balances on the administration, and when the next round of elections came, he supported the Liberal candidate, Obama.

In the 2015 run for the presidency, he is one of the business magnates who were interested in Hillary making it to the White House. From his level, Soros has always liked the politics played by Clinton. He contributed more than $25 million to her campaign. He believes that Conservatives are taking the country back to an era where people’s basic rights are violated on a daily basis and that it will take a lot of effort by the Open Society Foundations to ensure that the regime does not overstep and start taking back the rights and freedoms of the free world.

Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Meet with Universal Music Group

Jay Z is a man who changed an entire industry. As one of the leading moguls in the hip hop industry, Jay Z has become a brand unto himself. As founder of Roc Nation, Jay Z is coming up on a big year where he’ll see his fortune change entirely — for the better. Jay Z signed a 10 year contract back in 2008 with the team at Live Nation for an astounding $150 million. The deal helped to shape the music industry while turning Jay Z into a legend himself. Now, Jay and his partner Desiree Perez have to decide where they are going with Roc Nation in the coming year.

As the 360 Deal elapses between Jay Z and Live Nation there is suddenly a huge void with one of the biggest media moguls in the entire industry. Jay Z has a wealth of opportunity before him that he never had back in 2008 and that means he’s going to be very selective with who he chooses to partner up with. Preliminary reports show that Live Nation is unlikely to bring Jay Z back for the primary reason that they are no longer interested in recorded music. Live Nation is now moving their focus straight onto live shows and that is something that Jay Z and Roc Nation brings in spades.

This past summer Desiree Perez and Jay Z were seen in Santa Monica, CA at a sit down lunch with Sir Lucian Grainge. Sir Lucian Grainge, for those not in the know, is the CEO and head chairman at Universal Music Group. Perez is the right hand of Jay Z’s Roc Nation and the fact that they were both in attendance at this meeting means that something could be on the up and up. Reports still haven’t been confirmed as of yet.

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Voicing the Plight of those Crying in the Wilderness

There are numerous groups and organizations that fight effortlessly for the rights of immigrants and other minority groups. Some of these groups and organizations are:

  1. i) Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law which was formed by President John F. Kennedy to help advocate for civil rights of migrants. The non-profit organization was formed with an aim of eradicating discrimination of the immigrants by bringing together groups that represent both racial and ethnic minorities who are faced with economic disparity.
  2. ii) Black American for Just Immigration group that advocated for the respect of the rights of the minority black Americans. The group has been leading in enlightening, educating, organizing and advocating for social, racial and economic justice.

iii) Council on American-Islamic Relations whose main goal is to fight any form of discrimination against the Muslims. The organization is one of the largest civil rights groups that protect Muslims from being victimized along religious lines.

Muslims have been victimized in some countries; especially the United States of America by being labeled terrorists and this organization has to be on the forefront of making sure that their rights are protected. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Of all the groups and organizations, few can match the kind of work done by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization whose base is in Arizona and the border of Mexico. The fund was started by two veteran journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who were both co-founders of Phoenix Times and Voice Media, the news and information outlets that fought for the rights of the minorities.

One of the things that the two celebrated journalists fought for was the implementation of first amendment rights.

During that time, Maricopa was under the tyranny of a Sheriff by the name Joe Arpaio. Joe was a notorious Sheriff who had formed a habit of arresting people and accusing them of falsely and charging them with offences he could not prove in a court of law. He used to mistreat jail inmates, discriminate members of minority communities along racial lines and used his powers and office to avert justice.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin fell under his wrath after they had written a story that exposed him. He thought he had succeeded but the truth is he had picked a battle with the wrong target. Both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin managed to convince the jury that they had been falsely arrested and accused and that Sheriff Joe had arrested them to safeguard his own personal interests.

When they were released, the two sued the county. They won the case and awarded a resettlement of 3.75 million dollars.

Instead of using the cash for their own benefit, Michael and Jim decided to use the cash by setting up Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The foundation was aimed at providing financial support to organizations that are advocating for the rights of immigrants.

The foundation does not advocate for the rights directly but financially supports groups and organizations that champion for the rights of immigrants. The organization has its operations in Arizona and has widened its operations to the Mexican border.

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Mike Baur: In and Out of Banking

Most entrepreneurs start out as something else. Mike Baur is no different. He started out as a finance expert working at several of Switzerland’s most prestigious banks. His first big job in the industry was a young finance expert for Union Bank of Switzerland.

His talents were immediately apparent. The guy who hired Baur told him exactly how to succeed at the company and make his way to the top. He basically gave Baur step-by-step instructions on how to become one of the big boys that ran the company. Despite that huge advantage, Baur began to think that maybe banking wasn’t meant to be his life.

Nevertheless, he spent over 20 years in the industry. His journey toward entrepreneurship began with his first promotion. Within a few years, he’d earned several other promotions. It looked like he’d be a part of UBS forever, but it wasn’t so.

In 2008, Baur left all of his accomplishments behind and started working for another company; Clariden Leu. He hoped that Clariden would spark that passion he once had for the industry. His career with Clariden was very similar to his time with UBS; filled with success and compensation.

Yet, his passion for banking faded even more. After the banking recession of 2014, he lost all interest in the banking industry as a profession. He decided it was time to pursue his entrepreneurial passion. So, that same year, he joined Max Meister and co-founded Swiss Startup Factory.

To date, SSUF is the largest independently funded business incubator in Switzerland. For Baur, SSUF is more than just an incubator; it’s a way for him to offer his 20-plus-years of experience to young tech entrepreneurs. He takes great pride in the fact that he’s helping to build up Switzerland’s economy and business industry.

As SSUF grew, Baur couldn’t help but think about his 20 years in banking. While he didn’t want to condemn himself back into the life of a banker, the thought of wasting all that knowledge sickened him. So, he founded Think Reloaded, a financial advisory firm for the more affluent of individuals.

Of course, Think Reloaded collided with SSUF, giving birth to several collaborations, which sparked a partnership with BV4. Together, all three companies focused on increasing and improving ways for new entrepreneurs to get financing.


Bob Reina: The Wishmaker

If there is a person out there that can make people’s wishes come true, it is not a genie. It is Bob Reina of Talk Fusion, the video communications provider. He knows all about people that have wished to work from home, and he also knows a thing or two about people in need. That is why people are so responsive to Bob Reina and the way he conducts himself. They know he is the type of man that is going to go to bat for someone and he is going to do everything within his power to improve their life. Learn more:


That is something that means a great deal to Bob Reina, and it is infectious to say the least. He exudes this feeling like everything is going to be OK, and everything will be OK if people use Talk Fusion ( It is the answer to all of the problems they are having, as most people are having problems at work. For them, it is just a job, nothing more and nothing less. It is a way to make a living. It does not provide them with any satisfaction or any feeling of accomplishment. It is simply something that is a way to pay the bills.


When a job becomes that, it is truly sad. The person becomes miserable, anxious, and depressed all in one. Bob Reina does not want to see anyone feel like that as life is so short. They should be living each and every day to the fullest and having a blast. They should not have any regrets or feel like any day is being wasted. They should be spending time at home, making money, and enjoying all they can out of life. One of the worst feelings in the world is regret. If someone uses Talk Fusion, they will have zero regrets. Learn more:


They will know they have put their all into something that is bigger than them, which is a special, special feeling. Everyone around them will see the change in them as well and they will be inspired to do the same and start over. Learn more:


David McDonald: President Of OSI Food Company

OSI, a premier food company was established in 1992 in China. Over the years, the company has grown significantly and has contributed to China’s economy. The company is a force of nature in the food industry.

OSI Group has partnered with other different regional and international companies. For instance, in 2008, the company was a sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games. They provided different types of foods that amounted to 113 tons.

The quality of their food products has influenced OSI success. After the Olympics, OSI received positive reviews from McDonald and the Olympic Committee for their service which impacted the Company’s popularity in the international front. They supply various food products to different brands in the world.

OSI Group has achieved success in the industry. The success has been influenced by their core values; passion and dedication. Customer satisfaction is also at the core of the company’s operation. They offer tailor-made solutions to suit their customers’ needs. OSI has five food categories that they offer including beef, pork, poultry, bacon, and fried foods. Teamwork, commitment, transparency, accountability, and innovation are the qualities that have given the company a competitive edge.

About David

David McDonald is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Before joining the Company, David worked for other companies including the North American Institute. Since joining the OSI Group in 1987, David has worked the C.E.O and the Project Manager of the OSI Company. David is the Director of the OSI International Food operations in Australia and a member of the Board of Directors of OSI Company. He is a Director of Marfrig Global Foods, which later acquired the OSI Company offices in Brazil and Europe.

Under his leadership, OSI has gained recognition and success in the industry. David McDonald OSI Group motivates his employees to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives. David has acquired a set of skills that have helped him to lead the Company. He is good in management, leadership, sales management, mergers, retail, strategic planning, food service, forecasting, negotiation, business development, and strategic management.

David McDonald graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University.