David McDonald: President Of OSI Food Company

OSI, a premier food company was established in 1992 in China. Over the years, the company has grown significantly and has contributed to China’s economy. The company is a force of nature in the food industry.

OSI Group has partnered with other different regional and international companies. For instance, in 2008, the company was a sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games. They provided different types of foods that amounted to 113 tons.

The quality of their food products has influenced OSI success. After the Olympics, OSI received positive reviews from McDonald and the Olympic Committee for their service which impacted the Company’s popularity in the international front. They supply various food products to different brands in the world.

OSI Group has achieved success in the industry. The success has been influenced by their core values; passion and dedication. Customer satisfaction is also at the core of the company’s operation. They offer tailor-made solutions to suit their customers’ needs. OSI has five food categories that they offer including beef, pork, poultry, bacon, and fried foods. Teamwork, commitment, transparency, accountability, and innovation are the qualities that have given the company a competitive edge.

About David

David McDonald is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Before joining the Company, David worked for other companies including the North American Institute. Since joining the OSI Group in 1987, David has worked the C.E.O and the Project Manager of the OSI Company. David is the Director of the OSI International Food operations in Australia and a member of the Board of Directors of OSI Company. He is a Director of Marfrig Global Foods, which later acquired the OSI Company offices in Brazil and Europe.

Under his leadership, OSI has gained recognition and success in the industry. David McDonald OSI Group motivates his employees to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives. David has acquired a set of skills that have helped him to lead the Company. He is good in management, leadership, sales management, mergers, retail, strategic planning, food service, forecasting, negotiation, business development, and strategic management.

David McDonald graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University.

How Does Nationwide Title Clearing Serve Customers?

Nationwide Title Clearing has an incredible online system that may be used by may any customer when they wish to order a cleared title. The company ensures that all customers have their services completed as soon as possible, and they customer will have a cleared title they may use for any number of purposes. There are many real estate agents and customers who must contact the company for help, and they will have a full report sent back with the title they receive.


#1: How ARe Titles Cleared?


Titles are cleared using a simple process that is begun in the records office where the title is held. The people who are checking on titles will look at how the title is written, and they will check to ensure it is correct. They must look for discrepancies that are a problem, and they will ask to have those corrected as soon as possible. They will ensure that they have a number of different things that they check, and they will use the supporting documents they were given when the title must be changed.


#2: Who Needs The Title Changed?


The title must be changed for an owner who does not have the proper name listed on the title, and it may be changed by the owner when they notice that there are mistakes on it. There are many different people who must ensure they have altered the document to line u with their current name or information. There may be titles that are not listed properly, and they must be changed to ensure they will read well when they are presented to the lawyer.


#3: How Long Will The Order Take To Process?


Orders are processed in a matter of a few days. Nationwide will ensure that a report is completed to accompany all orders, and they will show how the title will change to help the customer understand why the title was changed to begin with. This is often a point of contention, and it must be understood before the customer may go on to close their real estate deal.


Everyone who needs to clear a title must contact Nationwide today for help. They will find it easy for them to close the order, and a copy of the title will come in with the report. Every Cleared title will make way for a new real estate deal to close.


Doug Levitt Singing

There are a lot of people who live interesting lives and get to tell stories about it. However, few people are as unique as Doug Levitt when it comes to singing and songwriting. Over the years, he has worked hard to tell a great story of his life. He recently went on the road in a Greyhound and decided to start singing and writing songs. He wrote down all of the things that he has learned, and it really is a joy to read about. Although he was in some dangerous situations, he is now ready to start looking to the future for hope and success.


During the time he was traveling, the election was going on. A lot of people were scared and nervous about the future of the United States. This was a common theme for him no matter where he traveled in the country. If you want to learn how to build a life that you enjoy, you should follow his example. He never asked permission to do what he wanted to do, he simply started singing and songwriting in a variety of areas. This is a great solution to worrying about the future or how you are going to make a living. He even said that he ran into a lot of big political supporters who were a little too passionate about their particular candidate. With that being said, he is really glad he made the tip and feels like he learned a lot in the process.

Future Plans

In the coming yeas, Doug Levitt plans to do this journey again. He made a lot of great memories and got to see the world. Not only that, but he also started to invest in a lot of quality areas over the years. If you are ready to build wealth in your life at a high level, he is the type of person who you should work with. He understands how to live on little money and do the things that you actually enjoy doing for work.

Greyhound Diaries



Mike Baur: Swiss Visionary, Entrepreneur

In 2014, a name named Mike Baur created something that was entirely unique to digital business building. He created a company called Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF)that has a sole purpose in helping young entrepreneurs in building their companies. SSUF follows a three-month building sequence to coach, monitor, and get investors for them. For example, there is a bike company that has a fresh new way of making a portable bicycle, what the Swiss Start UP Factory will do, is they will do all the things that will make it become successful in a three-month period. SSUF is based in Zurich, Switzerland.


Mike Baur is a former banker at Clariden and Sallfort. Including his occupations at the two firms, he has been in the banking industry for over twenty years. His expertise from his banking assists the startups with their fundraising and financial rounds. To be specific, his roles at Swiss Start Up Factory help new startups with bookkeeping, invoice management, payroll management, financial statements, tax and VAT reporting, cash flow reports, progress, and financial health reviews.


Starting in January of 2016, Mike Baur became the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. He takes the spot that was occupied by Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, who is the current managing director of CTI Invest. With this, Vuilleumier will assume the position as a managing partner for Swiss Start Up Factory. The two men hope that the two companies will form a new-found development between them. SSUF will help the CTI Invest with co-organizing events and training for startups. CTI Invest will assist with the pre-selection of the most qualified startups, and they will also coach the startups that have brought on by SSUF. The two companies already have various podcasts that they have uploaded, and they have made videos together that promote the networking if Swiss startups. CTI Invest is a prominent financer of Swiss startups. CTI has over 100 investors, and they have various days throughout the year where they help Swiss companies network and promote themselves. CTI Invest also have over ten years of experience in helping startups around Switzerland, and they have been noted for being a key role in promoting them.

Davos Real Estate Group launches new application

June 22, 2016, David Osio who is the founder and the chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group accompanied by his executive team of Davos Real Estate Group (REG) launched a new mobile application. The application Davos CAP Calculator is to be used by the Davos group clients and it is intended to estimate the returns of the real estate investments.

Davos Real Estate Group is a unit that forms Davos Financial Group. The financial group has been in the financial industry for over two decades now, and it is recognized as an international financial group and also a leader in the Latin American market. The team strives to offer comprehensive financial advice.

The executive director of REG Gerard Gonzalez has been working together with the company Technolution regarding the application. The tool is developed and designed to allow the user to estimate the return of an investment asset.

The application is a result of the latest technology and is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. The application helps compromise the ability to identify assets through your device and sent historical reports of the respective agents at Davos and encourages interactive chats.

David Osio says that the primary objective of the application is to guide the clients on monetary phenomenon especially when investing in real estate in the United States. In addition, Gerard Gonzalez states that with CAP calculator, they have developed an innovative tool that enables the investors to have a clear financial vision.

Additionally, the application comes with a mortgage calculator which allows their clients to project their mortgages based on banks valuation, period and expected interest rates. Equally, the firm illustrates that they have been developing new business strategies in partnership with real estate agencies intentionally and planned to expand their business beyond borders to Europe.

Gerard says that the organization is currently working on various projects that will allow them to fulfill their commitment to their clients and provide excellent services. This includes expanding their platforms of agents by over 60% which has resulted in over 75% sales increase in the first half of 2016.

David Osio, the founder of the firm, has committed to providing exceptional financial advice to his clients. David through his philanthropic passion, strives to make a difference across the globe. He has served in executive positions in different organizations where he succeeded in structuring marketing programs for various products. His efforts and hard work have raised him to higher ranks in various agencies.

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Mike Baur is a Switzerland entrepreneur and business person. He is also the co-founder and a managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. He was fascinated with Banking and finance subject since he was a teenager. Mr. Baur made his early desire to his career. He attained his master degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester which is based in New York. He also holds an Executive Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Bern based in the Swiss capital. Mr. Baur worked in Swiss private banking for over 20 years which include Salford and Clariden Leu. He made his way from being a commercial trainee at UBS to an administrative board member of a Switzerland Private Bank. He later quit his position to start investing in startup businesses. Mr. Baur later founded Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014 together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister at the age of thirty-nine.


Swiss Start-up Factory is based in Switzerland. It was launched in 2014 as an accelerator company. It is a number one self-governing and privately financed Information Communication Technology Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. The company helps entrepreneurs to execute their products and succeed in their business. They assist in bringing startups from idea to marketplace. They turn the vision and dreams of entrepreneurs into the business person that are capable of running a fast growing corporation. The company offers exciting opportunities to its clients from the first day they become members through their secure system in Switzerland and around the world. Swiss Start-up Factory run a start-up accelerator program for three months. The program provides a distinctive platform not only for services but also mentoring its clients in the Zurich. The company also provides its customers with a business network so that the firm can accomplish their determined objectives.


Mr. Baur is in charge of fundraising and funding the Swiss Start-up Factory. He spends most of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. Mr. Baur supports various Swiss Startups not only through mentoring but also through financing them. Mr. Baur contributed in the start Summiteer which is a start-up pitching competition to pitch Swiss Startup Factory. He was listed as deputy managing director of CTI Invest when Swiss Startup Factory joined with CTI in 2016. Mr. Baur managed the Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator system in early 2016 together with Goldbach Group. He also partnered with Fintech Fusion in February 2016.

Marc Sparks Highly Transformative Social Entrepreneur Program

Spark Tank is a continuous, social innovation challenge program spearheaded by Marc Sparks to empower entrepreneurs to change the community around them. The winners of the challenge pockets $5,000 in cash and gets a platform to push through their causes.

According to GoodReads and Crunchbase, Marc Sparks with his wife Lynne Sipiora created Sparks Tank with the conviction that social entrepreneurs everywhere are critical in the success of the community. During the round two of the event, several organizations submitted inspiring entries highlighting the good things they are doing in the community. The Shark Tank nominating committee had a very difficult time choosing the winner for the inaugural event.

The three finalists in round two were Families Freedom, House of Eli and Mommies in Need. The non-profit organization Mommies in Need was finally declared the winner. The organization provides well-trained and vetted nannies to parents with small children to help them manage their affairs unperturbed.

The participating teams are each given 20 minutes to make submissions in form of presentations and giving response to rising questions. The shortlisted programs are evaluated based on several key denominators, including the ability of the presenters to give a compelling story; showing how the funds will impact the project and providing a measure of the outcomes.

According to Sparktantdfw.com, applying organizations must be 501c3 registered with at least 2 years of active service. Some of the organizations that are open to participate in the program include; human and animal services, art organizations and faith based initiatives with non-religious stance.

Eligible participants are free to apply online. In the first round of the challenge, a total of 14 applications from several counties in Texas, including Grayson, Collin and Denton were received. Submissions for round three of Sparks Tank Challenge will open through September 2016 and end on October 1st and the overall winner of the grant will be announced in December. Learn more about Marc Sparks: http://whoismarcsparks.com/

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a prominent entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a keen interest in idea driven startups. According to Whoismarcsparks.com, Marcs Sparks holds several company portfolios under Timber Creek Capital. He has also written several books designed to help business entrepreneurs find success in their ventures. In his highly inspirational book “They Can’t Eat You”, Marc shares a “rags to rich” story of his business success.

The book targets entrepreneurs who have difficulty achieving their targeted goals and those who feel like giving up altogether. Besides his entrepreneurial ventures, Marc is also a renowned philanthropist in the greater Dallas area. According Wikipedia, Marc’s humanitarian efforts are evident in the work he is doing with organizations such as Samaritan Inn and Habitat for Humanity. He is also a strong supporter of a high school program in Dallas called American Can Academy.

White Shark Media Not Content to Rest on Its Laurels

White Shark Media has been a leading Digital Marketing Agency since its inception in 2011. Offering end-to-end customer service for small to medium business owners, they have since become a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner.

White Shark offers one service many other businesses can’t – or won’t. The company adapts, adopts, and improves based on the input of its clients, as evidenced by recent changes announced by co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Lolk. The changes come as a direct result of listening to their clients’ suggestions regarding room for such improvements.

Business owners previously thought they couldn’t adequately view their reports; the process has been streamlined so clients can see the performance of their ads or even specific keywords. White Shark Media now provides for in-house installation of conversion tracking, no cost call tracking – for which they’ve partnered with Marchex – and offers the use of Google Analytics.

Previously, clients had to go through a receptionist to reach their contact, but now through the use of direct extensions and monthly status calls with shared computer screens via GoToMeeting, client communication has been made even simpler. SEM consultants now follow each client from the time they sign up, through the optimization process and are active in each client’s life cycle with the company. SEM strategists and senior staff now offer the service of helping clients to choose an SEO company, and review their SEO proposals.

White Shark Media will focus on existing successful campaigns where warranted, or create accounts from scratch, with each SEM strategist teamed with a supervisor to form a more experienced group to oversee and analyze the campaigns. By taking this approach, they can assure that new campaigns are not created to under-perform existing ones.

These client-motivated changes in White Shark business operations announced by Lolk in his WhiteSharkMedia.com blog demonstrate that moving into the future, their customers need only ask and they will receive.

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Mother’s Day Fashion News And Something From JustFab Mother’s Day Fashion News

Mother’s Day is approaching soon, so you should be sure to get mom something special for this special day. You only have one mother, so surprising her with a fashionable gift is a great way to go. Elle put together a special article to feature some chic gift ideas that you can pick up for your mother at under 30 dollars. Take a look at this article for the full scoop.

Mother’s Day is May 8th, so you have enough time to get your mom the perfect gift. You could even get it shipped to her house. This gift buying guide from Elle has some spectacular ideas, like reasonably priced cardigans, tote baskets, denim jackets and striped boatneck t-shirts.

About JustFab

JustFab is one of the most popular premier fashion websites where users can find hand picked, designer clothing and apparel at a reasonable price. JustFab has some of the most exciting and innovative brands and designs on the market. Their team of fashion experts will find exactly what is right for your personal style, and they will hand select everything from their catalogue to present to you. Their paid membership program is a VIP membership that gets you special pricing on all of your purchases. You will also get a special VIP Personalized Boutique if you enter as a VIP member at JustFab.

The monthly VIP membership is designed to keep your clothing options open to new trends and new designs in the fashion industry. JustFab carries every type of shoes, apparel and bags that you could ever dream up. Their VIP membership gives users a Personalized Boutique that is updated with new, hand picked selections every month. The fashion team at JustFab is able to figure out your sense of style and fashion preferences after you take a short quiz. The quiz is nine questions long, and it covers what types of shoes, purses and clothing that you prefer. It’s a fun quiz, and you get to have instant access to some of the best trends that JustFab can find.

Doe Deere: The Colorful Founder of Lime Crime

Doe Deere’s colorful outlook helps fashion-fatigued readers take a break from the norm. In the Bustle article, “Doe Deere Of Lime Crime’s Favorite Fashion & Beauty Rules To Break”, Deere shares not only which rules to break but also teaches readers how to break them. Starting with the “bold eye with bold lip” taboo, the article moves from cosmetic fun through warnings against mixing too many colors, wearing different patterns and wearing socks with open toed shoes. With each suggestion, Doe Deere encourages readers to shamelessly express themselves, dissecting then disposing of rules governing special occasion wear, wearing black with unnatural hair colors, wearing too many colors and different color palettes, and age appropriate dressing. She admonishes readers to enjoy their clothing and to ignore the rules.

Deere believes that clothing’s positive impact should not be limited and wears clothing as her mood dictates, shunning fashion rules. This rebellious nature fuels her company, Lime Crime Cosmetics. Born in Russia and raised in New York, Deere feels that makeup does more than perfect your face. As a form of self-expression and freedom, her cruelty-free cosmetics grew from her experiences selling her DIY fashions on Ebay in 2004. Serving as her own model for photos meant using hard-to-find, vibrant cosmetics for consistent branding. Deere started experimenting with makeup in 2006 after discovering professional makeup lines like Ben Nye and Krylon. She shared her experimental makeup efforts on YouTube but had not discovered a retail makeup line providing the same vibrancy as professional products. With a growing following, she realized she had discovered a market and established Lime Crime in 2008. The company’s value reached the $1 billion in little time. Deere believes in knowing what her brand stands for, knowing her customers and advises aspiring entrepreneurs to trust their gut. Lime Crime’s incredible growth reflects how her outlook supports success.

Deere’s creative adventures include a stint in a rock band where she met her husband, Mark, who serves as Lime Crime’s President. An avid animal lover, Deere has three cats and regularly donates to a no-kill animal shelter in New York. While she now has a successful company of her own, she has worked for others in the past. Those experiences taught her that the best way to have an impact was to be true to herself. Her name was added to Self-Made magazine’s list of Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in 2010.