Beating chapstick to become the best in lip care

The lip care industry was dull and boring for very many decades. With companies like chapstick in place, the only thing one expected to find different about their tube of gloss was a new flavor or a slight adjustment in the cost. Then, one day, the celebrities introduced round orbs full of colorful and aromatic lip care products and everything was completely transformed. This is the simple process that was used by the creators and the marketers of EOS lip balm in redefining the needs of the lip care industry.

When the team got to the stage of planning about the product, they realized that creating another generic product and knocking off a few bucks to try and see if it would compete with industry veterans was not going to work. They needed to do something different and phenomenal. There was nothing better than the round shapes, the flavors and the enticing sound that the containers make when they click shut.

Then, with the design in place, they needed to market the product. Hollywood stars came in handy. Taylor Swift was the brand ambassador in Asia. Britney Spears, Nina Dobrev and even Kim Kardashian had to be seen spotting a flavor of the balm and everyone was sold.

But the process was not quite complete yet, because, the product was not available to every little girl out there. Walgreens is the first company that agreed to distribute the products and pretty soon Target and Walmart had joined in and others such as Amazon started stocking the products. Though there have been a few hitches here and there on the road to success, the idea has been well implemented and the increase in the sales is evidence enough that the products are here to stay and that with time, they will get even better.

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Lime Crime’s New Metallic Lipsticks and EyeShadows


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that doesn’t follow traditional fashion trends. The company offers colorful and bold products designed for people who aren’t afraid to express themselves with their cosmetics. Lime crime’s creator Doe Deere launched the company in 2006 after finding it difficult to locate make-up products that weren’t ultra natural. Deere wanted to have more whimsical choices in beauty products so she began modeling her unconventional looks on YouTube. Soon, Deere began selling products due to an increased demand seen by females who also wanted to have vivid eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes for themselves.

In August 2016,  Lime Crime launched their highly anticipated Metalic Velvetine liquid lipsticks and their super shimmery Superfoil Eyeshadows. PR Newswire makes the case that the Metallic Velvetine lip colors are different from their ordinary lipstick, because they have a glittery finish that stays put after drying to a matte finish. The three new colors available from the line are a bubblegum pink rose gold color called Blondie, a purple metallic mauve called Mercury, and the burnished bronze color Lana.


Superfoil Eyeshadows were also launched in August 2016 and are dramatically different from any other make-up product on the market. These products actually look like liquid foil after they are applied to the lids. The product has a very shimmery, glittery, and shiny effect and can be put on in a wet or dry state. Buyers have six duo options to select from on UrbanOutfitter’s website. They can choose a grass green/ pewter set referred to as Electric/Barbella. In addition, a bright purple/pale pink set called Tutu/En Pointe or a violet/green gold duo called Cosmic/Firefly can be purchased. Buyers may also like to own a bright blue/Barbie pink set called Malibu/Convertible. There is also a bronze-y gold/ baby blue combination called Gilded Carriage/Glass Slipper available.


Lime Crime has always been innovative in offering unique make-up colors to buyers. However, they have changed the cosmetic industry with these new lines that they have introduced. Fans keep coming back to Lime Crime after all these years, because they know that the products are unique and fun.  Follow their blog for updates, but also check out their social media for free tips on wearing their many crazy colors.

How A Childhood Of Imagination Shaped Doe Deere’s Life

Many people today aren’t quite sure where to begin when it comes to raising children. Many child rearing theories abound, leaving parents often confused. Yet one woman today credits her own upbringing for helping her become the success she is. Doe Deere, the creative force behind cosmetics company Lime Crime, is one person who finds that her childhood greatly helped her develop into a confident and happy mature young adult. She speaks out about her life as a child and her own background in a recent interview online. Here, readers can find out what helped shape her concepts of the world and how this made her realize just how much fun and imagination she could can on as she got older. It is such insights that she hopes readers will enjoy and perhaps consider how they can help bring out creativity in their own children.

Artistry And Imagination

Even as a child, Deere thought about the world around her in new ways. She was always aware of color from a young age, allowing her to escape to a world of fantasy. This viewpoint gradually came to her when she was very young. She recounts an incident when she was nine year old that helped her understand how the power of makeup could be used correctly and effectively. At a slumber party, she realized that makeup could be used in a way to help her create a new character and a new look. While she could dress up, it was with the use of makeup that the look she had in mind started to come together. Here, she first began to conceive of a world in which color would be her medium.

Creating A Company

While her first attempts with makeup were tentative and unsure, as she grew older she became aware of the power of cosmetics. She also started to realize that she could make a difference in the industry. Since that time, Deere has started her own online makeup company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime, an enormous success, is one company where she has been able to see her ideas about makeup come to life in vivid and inspiring color. It is here she shows off what she learned even a young child. She has never let go of the imagination that as hers when she was younger. She still calls on that early worldview even today in her work.

Check out all of Doe Deere’s looks!

Why Is Hair Important? Ask WEN’s Chaz Dean

Aside from protecting the scalp from the sun, hair is important for so many reasons. From the confidence it instills in women to the general happiness it can provide people with to even the manner people make a living, hair is a crucial part of life, specifically for women. As a result, it is important to care for your hair because the failure to do so can be detrimental to your self-esteem and even the manner that you relate to the world. In no way is hair a vain element. However, it is a direct reflection of a person’s general health. If you are unhealthy, your hair will demonstrate that by being brittle and lackluster. With all of this in mind, caring for your hair is of the utmost importance and investing in quality hair care products will only contribute to a healthier way of life and the elevation of self-confidence. WEN by Chaz is a line often heard of. Most people assume that this brand is for the wealthy who can afford to have salon results each day, but that is false. Aside from being affordable, this brand makes it a point to give back to the communities it services. Chaz Dean ( is a stylist who has the clientele to boast of. His work has circulated celebrity clients for years, but that does not deter him from helping those in need. Each time a person purchases a Wen product, a portion of the proceeds is donated to charity. If this factor is not enough to make a person utilize this line, the truth that these products will work on all types of hair should be. Whether they are adding volume to short curls or taming the most unruly of strands, WEN products work and they improve the lives and appearances of many. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be ordered directly from the Amazon website.    

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Lime Crime Leads the Way in Instagram Followers

The changes brought about in society by the Internet have been huge, and they have had an impact not just on the way we socialize and communicate, but in how we conduct business. Today, businesses that know how to really take advantage of social media are seeing great benefits, but it does take a lot of know how and savvy to really make it work.

One of the companies that is using social media to its advantage in a very smart way is Lime Crime Cosmetics. This company was founded by CEO Doe Deere back in 2008, and since then this company, with it bold use of color and Internet savvy, is having a real impact on the beauty industry.

Right now Lime Crime has gone beyond 2 million followers on Instagram, which is a testament to Deere’s inventive use of this very visual site. Deere has gone beyond just promoting products on the Lime Crime Instagram site and has reached out to followers to post their own beauty ideas using Lime Crime. The result is a Instagram page that features countless photos of users wearing Lime Crime lipsticks and shadows in incredibly creative ways.

According to Deere on her blog, it’s this interactive feature of Instagram that is really getting followers excited and engaged.

For Lime Crime, with its full line of boldly colorful lipsticks, eye shadows and liners, Instagram is a great way to engage with users and really show the range of what these products can achieve. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for everyone, from Lime Crime itself to the women who want to use these cosmetics to look as boldly beautiful as can be. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @LimeCrime.

Something That Lime Crime Does Differently

It’s safe to say that most people want to look and feel their very best. And luckily, cosmetics are a resource that individuals can utilize to realize this objective. One company that is passionate about providing people with this resource is Lime Crime. Learn more about this dynamic cosmetics company by reviewing the data found below:

On Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company founded for the purpose of providing individuals with the resources necessary to cultivate a highly distinct aesthetic for themselves. The line is diverse and includes a wide range of products featuring bright colors. The company’s CEO, Doe Deere, is passionate about utilizing the make-up world as a tool through which to challenge, invert, and/or subvert dominant fashion and cosmetics rules. Deere herself is known to break quite a few conventional rules and regulations, including the idea that one has to dress one’s age. One of Deere’s favorite fashion mavens is Betsey Johnson, who is known to wear tutus.

Lime Crime’s approach to the cosmetics world is multi-faceted and comprehensive. As a customer-centered organization, Lime Crime is committed to placing primacy on the value systems and personal preferences of the people it serves. In addition to caring about customers, the company’s owner is passionate about treating animals with dignity and respect. As such, the entire Lime Crime line is cruelty-free as their Twitter shows completely.

A Little More About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a cosmetic expert who has been fascinated with the world of fashion and make-up since she was a young girl. In adulthood, Deere’s passion for fashion and cosmetics led her to develop the Lime Crime line that can now be seen on UrbanOutfitters. She is excited about her ability to empower others to express themselves through the aesthetic realm, and she refers to her customers with the affectionate, approving term “unicorn.” This term references an individual who is not afraid to stand out and be brave through experimentation with make-up.  Check out the official site for further information.