Director General Kamil Idris Celebrates Intellectual Property Day

The World Intellectual Property Day is coming up, and it’s truly something to celebrate. According to Professor Kamil Idris, the former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, it’s worthy of its own holiday.

“On World Intellectual Property Day, we pay tribute to the inventors and artists, great and small, who enrich our existence with the fruits of their innovative thoughts and creative vision.” Stated Professor Idris.

This special day was launched eight years ago, and every successive year it’s grown more popular. Many of you might be wondering why this topic is so special. Yes, copyright law and patents can be dull on the surface. But, when you step back and take a look at the big picture, the topic of intellectual property is fascinating, and worthy of a celebration. Here are a few reasons why this day is so special.

Assigning intellectual property rights spurs innovation in technologies that help the human race, and our planet. Without these rights, many inventors, intellectuals, and artists would no longer feel compelled to create new things that benefit us all.

Artists, scientists, and other creatives deserve to be paid for their work, otherwise it will never get done. Imagine a dull, gray world devoid of creativity. Without strong intellectual property rights, that nightmare could happen.

It’s easy to say that intellectual property rights only effect big artistic or scientific endeavors, but you’d be wrong. Everyday life would change for the worse without legislation protecting and promoting intellectual property. The vacuum cleaner you use is a result of intellectual property laws. Sports fans enjoy more competitive tennis matches due to changes in racket technology. Heck, getting to and from work in your car more efficiently happens because of strong intellectual property laws.

The World Association of Sustained Development brings experts from around the world together to advance science and technology in service to the planet. Fostering communication and facilitating sustainable development activities benefits us all, and the WASD reduces the knowledge gap between wealthier nations and poorer ones.


NGP VAN’s Tips for Launching a Great Political Campaign

The world of politics can be all encompassing. In a 24 hour news cycle it is important to be strategic about what you do. NGP VAN can assist campaigns with their technological needs. Here are some tips on how to launch a great political campaign.


The first tip is to come up with a thorough communications plan. Having great talking points is essential to crafting the campaign’s topline messaging and campaign announcement. The candidate is the star of the show. This means that the media kit and other materials that have to be prepared need to showcase the individual’s biography, accomplishments and photographs.


The platform of the campaign should outline where the candidate stands on the issues that are important to voters. Voters need to relate to the candidate so that they feel that their ideals are being represented.


The launch day for the campaign is a crucial press day. Do not ever turn down any interviews because you want as much word of mouth and print coverage as you can early on in the campaign.


The second tip is to create a functional website for your campaign. NGP VAN does have digital tools that can help to create great websites. The website should have relevant biographical data as well as donate here and email sign up buttons. The site should be as user friendly as possible. The website should be tested and be active at least five business days prior to the initial campaign launch so that any glitches can be worked out.


The third tip is to get a CRM such as NGP VAN’s Digital 8 to manage your campaign data. It is important to have your data stored in one place so that it can be used to interact with your audience and get donations.


The fourth tip is to find and create your unique brand identity. Voters are visual people so it is important to have a strong and colorful logo that is in vector format and has a transparent background. The logo should be used on all marketing items so that there is cohesion with the marketing.


The fifth tip is to work on and activate your social media accounts. A majority of voters use social media these days. Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great to interact with people in a quick and effective manner.


The profile picture of the candidate should be a sleek headshot photo. Hiring a social media manager can help when live streaming or live tweeting campaign events. Social media posting can help with rounding up volunteers and donors so using it daily is essential.


The sixth tip is to use SMS and mobile programs. Millions of people use cell phones on a daily basis. With SMS programs you can have people enroll in text message updates. This can help with donors and canvassing. A solid campaign needs to have a following to survive politically.


The seventh tip is to create digital advertisements. These advertisements should run for at least two weeks after the campaign official begins. Google Display Ads are a great option. These ads can raise awareness and appear as banner ads on websites that users visit.


Google Search Ads can help when people search for your candidate’s name. The website from your ad will be at the top of the search results. This can help drive website traffic. NGP VAN does have Facebook integration to build awareness about political issues which can help to grow the base of supporters.


The eighth tip is to pound the phones and start interacting with people. When launching a political campaign, you need to go old school and reach out and touch people through the phone. NGP VAN has great tools such as paperless call time, custom call sheet builder, and donor ask plans. This can help with creating a solid donor base and a grassroots effort.