Oncotarget: A Harbor for Oncology Research

Oncotarget is a medical journal that focuses on publishing the work of medical studies related to tumors. Everything from research of biological process to development of new medicines and treatments is found in this medical publication. Oncotarget serves as a harbor for one of the largest and most deadly medical problems that faces our population today.

Oncotarget has built a great reputation for becoming a trusted medical publication for medical news and publications. The prestigious medical journal often publish studies that focus on groundbreaking research and medical procedures. You’ll often find multiple published medical studies that cover topics such as childhood brain tumors that are complex and pressing issues.

Oncotarget often publishes research that many oncology researchers can look to for information and science applications that they can use in their own works. Studies such as those that focus on gene fusions and tumors in developing child brains serve as a lighthouse in the dark night that could lead to breakthroughs in medical science and treatments. In this way, Oncotarget acts as a harbor that handles the flow of information and medical studies surrounding oncology. Oncotarget is a reliable and authoritative source for medical research that scientists, researchers, doctors, and pharmacists can all look to.

Oncotarget doesn’t focus on one demographic or specific type of tumor, instead, they do a great job of harboring information that is pertinent to all of oncology. You’ll find in-depth studies of childhood brain tumors and gene fusion being published right along studies of bacterial imbalances and a potential link to breast cancer. This broad range of information based in oncology can have cross benefits that lead to discoveries about tumors that apply to the entire field of oncology through linking the causes of different types of tumors.

The potential impact of the vast information that Oncotarget has published and spread may never truly be understood. We must support and encourage trustworthy medical journals that publish bleeding edge research in fields such as oncology where people of all ages and walks of life can benefit. The study of tumors, their effects on the body, and development of treatments push forward by Oncotarget and publications like it.

USHEALTH Advisors are revolutionizing the American insurance industry

We all desire to live long and healthy lives. However, we are living in a society where only a few people, if any, enjoy perfect health.

The cost of getting good healthcare services is increasing by the day, and just a few people can afford it. That is why getting an affordable healthcare insurance is no longer an option, but a necessity for both families and individuals.

Indeed revealed that USHEALTH Advisors, a leading provider of healthcare insurance products, has put a lot of effort to ensure that the American people get affordable and innovative insurance products that suit their needs. The company, which was established in 2010, is a part of the larger USHEALTH Group, Inc, the leading provider of Health and Life insurance in America.

The company has come up with innovative products that seek to meet the insurance needs of the low and middle-income people who have been left out for long by other insurance providers.

According to figures on CrunchBase, there is no doubt that USHEALTH Advisors are taking over the insurance market in America.

The company has so far managed to serve more than 15 million people where they have sold millions of insurance products. Learn more about US Advisor: https://www.yellowpages.com/memphis-tn/mip/ushealth-advisors-506451180

The company has a network of agents who are spread across the country. The agents, together with the company’s employees work together as a team to ensure that they reach out to every individual who needs insurance coverage in America.

The company has put up an enticing compensation plan for their agents, which motivates them to deliver high-quality services to their customers.

USHEALTH Advisors salaries

The company’s employees are among the highest paid in the American insurance industry. Besides a hefty monthly paycheck, the employees get huge allowances, which make them more than comfortable to work in the company. The agents also enjoy huge commissions and bonuses.

The company has set up a dedicated customer care department that promptly responds to any queries from their customers regarding the company’s claims and policies.

They also have a customer portal on the company’s website where one can easily contact the customer care representatives. Besides, USHEALTH Advisors has invested heavily in technology where they have put adequate communication infrastructure that connects agents and customers from across the country.

Why OSI Group is considered the World’s Greatest Solution to Food Security

Basically, the success of OSI Industries is attributed to a supply history of over a century. The founding of the company dates back to 1900 when it was created by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto started the brand as a local meat shop in Chicago. At this time, the brand was known as Otto & Sons USA. Currently, OSI Group enjoys over 65 branches globally, all led by the group CEO, Sheldon Lavin. Mr. Lavin is very focused on promoting food security, market sustainability, and green technology. Sheldon Lavin has been the driving force behind OSI’s global food dominance and he has led the company to major partnerships and acquisitions.

OSI’s Growth Milestones

The brand started to experience significant growth in 1955. This was after it landed a supply deal to deliver hamburger to McDonald’s. In 1973, Otto & Sons brand was compelled to station a hamburger plant that was to specifically meet the growing demand at McDonald’s. Three years prior to this deal, Sheldon Lavin had joined the group and he was very instrumental in regard to the McDonalds deal. In 1975, the brand changed its name from Otto & Sons to OSI Industries. In the 1980s, the brand expanded to Spain, Germany, Austria, Brazil, and Taiwan. Two additional supply plants were opened in the US in the 80s. By 1990, OSI Group had established presence in Mexico, Poland, and the Philippines.

Major Acquisitions and Deals

In 2002, the company acquired distribution rights in Austria to supply beef. This was to meet the high demand for the product. In 2006, the company procured another deal in the US to supply poultry products. In 2010, the brand opened a beef production plant in Japan and they procured the right to supply the meat. A few years later, the brand took to India and Canada. In 2014, OSI Group signed a deal with Pick stock. In 2016, they acquired food supply rights at Baho Foods, Flagship Europe, Tyson, and German’s Hynek.


Overall, OSI Group has taken major growth milestones. The brand has enjoyed more than a century of good reputation in the food industry. The success of OSI is attributed to quality leadership especially under the headship of Sheldon Lavin.

For details: www.mapquest.com/us/iowa/osi-industries-llc-6772346

Entrepreneur, Influential Tech Figure, and Philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an influential tech figure and entrepreneur. In 2015, he co-founded a technology startup known as Tempus, which aims at establishing infrastructure for cancer treatment advancement. Since its launch, Tempus has grown to become a successful company. It has even made it to the top ten tech startups in Chicago sharing its ranking with notable companies such as Outcome Health, SMS Assist, Avant, IRI, Raise, Relativity, SpringCM, Analyte Health, and Signal.

More about Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky

Recently, Tempus designed a unique software platform that analyzes clinical and molecular data. The startup is closely working with hospital systems including the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern, and the University of Michigan. According to Eric, these collaborations make Tempus unique and improve its chances of finding solutions. Through its collaboration with academic institutions and hospitals, the company hopes to gather large amounts of data. Tempus offers twofold services; from its River North headquarters laboratory, it provides gene-sequencing tests to patients and offers software-based solutions to physicians to enable patient genetic profile comparison with other cancer patients’ database. This makes accessing clinical trials easier for doctors. Moreover, doctors can determine the most effective treatments more easily.

Besides being a co-founder of Tempus, Eric is a partner at Lightbank, Uptake Technologies, Groupon, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings. All these companies are successful and hold key positions in their industries. Eric is also a philanthropist. In 2006, he began the Lefkofsky Foundation with the help of his wife. The foundation is dedicated to advancing high-impact projects in medicine, culture, fundamental human rights, art, and education. All this is geared towards enhancing the lives of the served communities. Eric and his wife are also active members of a philanthropy group known as The Giving Pledge. Mr. Lefkofsky’s desire to help others has earned him important positions on board of trustees of several organizations and hospitals in Chicago including Chicago Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, and the Institute of Art Chicago.

George Soros: CEO and Founder of the Open Society Foundations

George Soros is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs and accredited investors based in New York. For all his life, George Soros has looked forward to a nation where the rule of law is upheld by all parties regardless of their integrity issues. This is the reason why George Soros is considered as one of the largest philanthropists in the industry. The harsh government rule characterizes George Soros’s life. When he was a child, George Soros faced an unparalleled form of oppression suffering under an unjust government. For this reason, he ended up activating better business solutions towards achieving the most sophisticated business capability.

When you look at his life, you may never think that he could achieve the level of success he had achieved when he was a child. However, George Soros says that time and chance happens to all. If you are ome of those people seeking to achieve the unparalleled business solutions while oppressing the people, it is high time you amend your ways. This is because the junior members of the community will one day become greater than you. This is the time you seek their attention. If you don’t have a good history with them, they may do you as they wish and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros is the Chairman and Founder of the Open Society Foundations based in the United States. George Soros founded the company when he realized he had enough money in this world. During that time, George Soros had achieved success betting against the major currencies in the world. Because he was also successful at what he did, he ended up achieving the best for his solutions. George Soros has always gone before the people to achieve the best on their behalf. Perhaps this is the reason why he has assimilated unparalleled amounts of success in the industry. Few people can compare their achievements with George Soros and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros also believes that the world is never fair in its current state. For this reason, the only way it could be made fair is to develop a new regime that overlooks the authorities that assimilate better business associations. This is perhaps the reason why they intend to activate an incoming solution for the business world. The Open Society Foundations also recognizes that the world will never develop to its fullest potential if it is not properly achieving its solutions and more information click here.

George Soros set his first foot with the Open Society Foundations in Hungary. During that time, the best he could do was to assimilate better business capabilities. His main move was to remind the Hungarian people of what they did to his fellow Jews in the country. George Soros also wanted to reform the governance of the country as a pinpoint in the European Union and Follow him Twitter.com.

More Visit: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-did-george-soros-become-the-favorite-boogeyan-of-the-right-2017-5

Might Fortress Church: A Home for Anyone

Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church was modeled after a well-known church in Cambridge, England. It can be spotted for miles with it’s reaching center spire that makes it the second tallest building in Minneapolis. The church is especially picturesque when snow covers the ground and lines its windows.

The Church of Assumption was built in 1870, making it the oldest standing church in St. Paul, Minnesota. Its architecture was based on the Romanesque Revival style that flourished in Munich, Germany at the time. This design is evident in it’s square towers and the black trim over the white stone walls.

The Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Little Falls is a bit humbler in comparison to the Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church and The Church of Assumption. It was built in 1903 and features both Tudor and Gothic architecture with local fieldstone construction on one end and a half-timbered stucco design on the other. All this is set off by a bright red door that stands out against the brown stone and wood, as well as the pure white snow in the winter time.

Another popular church in Minnesota is the Mighty Fortress Church. They church is based in Minneapolis and provides a welcoming environment to anyone whether they are looking for a home church or just a place to explore who God is and what Christians believe. The worship service is relaxed and casual while focusing on topics that people can take in their everyday lives.

Mighty Fortress Church encourages people to come as they are. They value everyone who walks through their doors and hope to see lives changed by the Word of God. This church is a strong community for anyone looking to learn more about Christ regardless of their station in life or religious background.

The pastor at Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop Thomas Williams. Pastor Williams believes in the relevance of the Bible and that its teachings can be used to alleviate the world’s sufferings. Williams has dedicated his life to the church and strives to bring its message to as many people as possible.

Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook for more information.

Securus Technologies at the Top of its Game Thanks to Rick Smith

Securus Technologies a leader in offering both civil and criminal technology solutions added John Bell to be the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales on December 30, 2015. Mr Bell work was to cultivate a high-tech, software oriented sales team who were to market the firm’s expanded portfolio that featured over 800 products to the law enforcement and correctional market.In a press briefing, Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus elucidated that the company had invested a huge sum of $600 million in the purchase and development of security products over a period of three years. He further added that the company needed a skilled professional like John Bell who would ensure that the newly released products will reach the target market through a capable sales team that Mr Bell will create.Additionally, Mr Smith added that John Bell had in the past transformed organizational culture and performance resulting into outstanding performance, growth and developing remarkable sales leaders. Besides his exceptional skills, Mr Bell has also the right educational background that makes him a force to reckon with.

For that reason, he was the right candidate for the job.Securus Technologies has been on the forefront in providing innovative technologies that have increased public safety by solving crimes as well as reducing the number of crimes including prisoner-on-prisoner crimes. Several stakeholders have expressed that the technological solutions offered by Securus have been of great help and some of these clients’ comments can be retrieved from the company’s website.Rick Smith who is the CEO and Chairman at Securus clarifies that the company develops service and product proposals on a weekly basis to help law administrators and correctional officials to conduct their jobs more effectively. Moreover, he points out that the company has received numerous letters and emails of their clients thanking them for their continued adequate service delivery that increases public safety in recent times as compared to the past. Additionally, Rick Smith expresses that it is in the company’s DNA to ensure they protect and serve the community.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith is presently the President and CEO of Securus Technologies. He joined the organization back in 2008 and has worked under different posts before becoming the top executive that he is today. Before moving to Securus Technologies, Mr Smith was working at Eschelon Telecomm Inc. where he was involved in varying positions as well. Prior to working at Eschelon Telecom, he was the Vice President of financial management at Frontier Corp. Rick Smith has attained a number of skills and experience in the course of his profession having worked in several executive positions. Rick Smith has a rich educational background. He is an Electrical Engineer graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology and he earned his MBA at the University of Rochester where he majored in Mathematics. Moreover he also holds a professional degree from the State University of New York Buffalo.

The Academy Of Art University Offers Insight On Fashion

On 9th September, The Academy of Art University graced news headlines with the amazing fashion show event that saw many fashion designers and models participating. The event was hosted at the prestigious, Skylight Clarkson Square. The season saw graduates showcasing stylish women’s wear coupled with impeccable tastes as well as menswear collection. Given the nature of the event, there was a lot of interaction from diverse cultural backgrounds. It was a platform that offered a moment of interaction for designers. Some of the famous faces to attend the event included the famous, Ms. J Alexander joined by Sara Kozlowski.




Most fashion lovers would agree that fashion is constantly taking new dimensions every day. It is a transitional journey that requires consistent follow up. Fashion defines a person’s character as well as preferences in life. It is one of the fastest way a stranger can tell your character from. With the modern era, fashion takes different forms of presentation. That is why it is important to be in check with the latest fashion trends that the society is embracing.




At the Academy of Art University, fashion is defined by artistic designs. The institution was established in 1929.It was registered as an art school. Under the guidance of the founder, Mr.Richard Stephens, the school was able to admit thousands of art students. Stephen was a painter. He also edited the school magazine. Richard A Stephen , his son, took over his duties in in 1951.The Academy Of Art University is among the largest, leading schools in San Francisco. The institution is adjacent to New Montgomery Street, at the middle of South Market.


Accreditation and Teaching


The Academy of Art University was honored to receive public recognition from the association of western schools and colleges. This was in 2007. The award recognizes institutions that have executed excellence in administering learning opportunities to students. The school boasts of offering master’s degrees in arts and architecture. It is the sole responsibility of teachers to facilitate the courses throughout the learning period. Distant learning students can also enjoy partaking their vocational studies through the online portal.

Texans Give Dr Jennifer Walden Positive Reviews

There is a lot of talk in Texas about Dr. Jennifer Walden. When it comes to plastic surgery Texans are definitely giving her a positive review. She has become well known in Texas, but this is not the only place that Dr. Jennifer Walden has received accolades for her work. She is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country, and there is no doubt that Dr. Walden is on a path to greatness as one of the best female plastic surgeons in the world.

Dr. Walden has appeared on a number of different magazines, and people that get Austin MD subscriptions have definitely seen her on the cover more than once. She is exactly what the city of Austin needs when it comes to having an established plastic surgeon that is able to provide rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and Botox injections. These are the things that she is most well known for, but there are a plethora of other things that Dr. Walden has been able to do as well. She has continued to be one of the best in the plastic surgery arena because she stays abreast of all the things that are going on.

There is definitely a need for surgeons like Dr. Walden in the area of plastic surgery. She is someone that has made her name very well-known, and she is trusted by the patients that rely on her specialties. She has become so well-known, in fact, that people are actually looking for her too perform surgery even when they are not staying in Texas.

Some of her patients actually fly into the state to get procedures done. This is just a sign of how positive the reviews have been for Dr. Walden. She is one of the best, and people are impressed with her work.

Freedom Debt Relief Could Help You Negotiate Your Debt, and What To Do About the Equifax Breach

The recent Equifax breach may have affected over one hundred and forty three million Americans. Private and sensitive information may have been compromised. Here is what you should do about it.

First, head to Equifax website so you can find out how to check if your data has been breached. If it has been, go request a freeze on your credit report. This will prevent hackers from using your credit report to their advantage. You can also request a freeze from the other credit reporting bureaus. If your credit reports are frozen, you can not use your own credit report either, but you can also unfreeze it whenever you want by using a special PIN that is only known to you.

You should review your direct reports as well. You are entitled to at least one free one a year, so take advantage of it. You should also start monitoring your credit card history and your bank accounts. If you notice something that is wrong or that sets off red flags make sure to investigate what is going on. You should do this even if it is a small amount. The reason is that people will try to test your card with small amounts first, which are usually just a few dollars each. If you do notice anything suspicious, make sure to call your bank immediately and report it. They could help you stop payments and get a new card.

Freedom Debt Relief is the nation’s best debt relief program. They will negotiate with your creditors to help you get relief from your debts. They will help you pay it off so that you are not stuck with it. They have saved over one billion dollars for their clients, and are the first company to reach that mark.

Freedom Debt Relief Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/FreedomDebtRelief