Private Equities Should Invest In This

There are many private equities that feel that their performance is not satisfactory. There are experiencing a decrease in their growth, averaging about 1 to 9% from 2016 to 2017. Private equities are experiencing an increase in their bonus payments which assist in their return on capital, but not as much as they thought it would. There are other private equities that are averaging about a 4 to 6% increase in their funds, these private equities are investing their capital in improving their performance. A private equity must invest in improving their funds and performance in order to return more capital to themselves. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

These private equities would benefit if they were to improve the quality of their employees by reaching out to a platform like GoBuySide. GoBuySide is a platform where freelancers and professionals are interviewed based on their skills and expertise in order to evaluate if the fit a niche. They utilize modern technology that automates the process of selecting prospects for private equities to hire. This helps private equities save time during the hiring process.


The hiring process is an exhaustive process for people who work in business because it is a tedious and bureaucratic process. There are many cases where a business owner does not get the best person they could find. It is also the case that people can lie on their portfolio in order to deceive employers into believe that they can do it. GoBuySide selects the top one percent of applicants and admits them onto the platform. There are individuals and professionals that are accepted throughout the world into the GoBuySide platform. Private equities are realizing the importance of improving their performance and are taking action in finding the right people. Performance is a quality that continues to have a great influence on whether a person would consume from a firm or not. A major factor in performance are the people who operate the business and the way they communicate with consumers. By using GoBuySide, it would eliminate the necessity to train people for a position, the search firm automates the process and finds ideal candidates. Follow GoBuyside on

Malcolm CasSelle Ventures Into Decentralized Waters wtih WAX

Malcolm CasSelle began his career in the digital industry way back in ’95. Freshly graduate from both MIT and Stanford, the bachelors and masters welding graduate formed his own company. NetNoir was one od the first media production websites. It caught the eye of the AOL Greenhouse program and established CasSelle as an avid professional. Since then he has jumped around a lot, climbing further up the ladder with every leap. As such he has been part of most innovations rocking the digital industry. He gained experience in social media through Xfire, gained experience in online paywall solutions with MediaPass, and finally came to online content sales with OPSkins.

CasSelle was an early stage investor in Facebook, Zyna, and Bitcoin. He has pure instincts, and impeccable experience garnered from years in the industry. OPSkins has benefited form his investment experience, becoming a global leader in digital asset sales. OPSkins is also the largest Bitcoin merchant, another gift of CasSelle’s expertise.

CasSelle’s newest innovation is a player to player gaming network that offers the ability to see online wares. Most games have digital currency available for the base game only. It cannot be transferred, used elsewhere, or sold for money back. CasSelle wants to change all that by offering returns on investments for gamers within the network of WAX. WAX is a new P2P market where players can buy and trade amongst themselves.

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange and it is Malcolm CasSelle’s wave of the future. The network uses blockchains and smart lists to create a safe environment for trading. Gamers within the network can invest in digital sales and flip them around, selling them to other gamers for a profit. This makes digital assets a viable trade medium. WAX is the child of parent company OPSkins. CasSelle serves as CIO for OPSkins, as well as CEO and President of WAX


Susn McGalla is a Woman on A Mission

Susan McGalla is a woman who cares about helping other women to succeed. She is someone who has worked diligently to ensure that she created the best life for herself. Susan McGalla is a woman of purpose and passion who worked to get to some of the top levels in various companies.

American Eagle Outfitters is one of the companies that Susan worked her way up in. When she started all of the top executives were men but before she left she became the President of the company. She founded P3 Executive Consulting due to all of her experience. Now she works for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She serves as Vice-Present of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Susan McGalla knows that many women have not been given the same chances that she has and she tries to think of ways to level the playing field for women in the workplace. She believes that sponsorship and mentorship is one of the best ways to help. The sponsor would work with women who are deeply invested in their careers and create opportunities for them. Susan is fully behind this concept because it will allow more women to have opportunities and companies who have men and women executives do better overall.

Nick Vertucci on The Mentality Needed to Succeed

Nick Vertucci is one of the successful entrepreneurs who will tell people what they don’t want to hear. One of the reasons that he has succeeded is that he has went against convention. He is someone who is not going to tell people that he has just played the game and somehow made enough money to be rich. He is also not going to tell people that he has made some magical choice that has made him a fortune. As a matter of fact, his story is filled with a lot of mistakes and discouragement as well as adversity. He would call his story a “rags-to-riches then back-to-rags and then back-to-riches” story.

One thing that Nick’s example shows is that people can get plenty of chances to get it right. Also, there is no such thing as doing it right the first time when it comes to making money. Another thing that Nick Vertucci would say is that the worst thing a person can do is play it safe if he wants to move forward. Many people are made to believe that they have to just settle for less and somehow that will be their way to success. The only thing is that a job that gives them less is not going to cover any emergencies.

Nick Vertucci has written a book that has talked about his life. It has included his mistakes to show people that it is okay to make mistakes on the way to the top. One aspect of the story that is encouraging is how he has gained a fortune at some point as an entrepreneur and then lost it all. The interesting thing about this story is that Nick Vertucci started over and regained everything he has lost. This is the type of example that people need in their lives.

Robert Ivy a Globally Popular Architect

As announced by (AIA), the American Institute of Architects the Chief Executive Officer and the Vice President, FAIA, Robert Ivy was given by the non-profit (MIAL) Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This will be the first time that an architect acquires a Polk Award. According to the news that was released by a press, the people who have been receiving the award are the Mississippi-connected art patrons and artists. The patrons and artists work for many years performing, creating and promoting art in an extraordinary manner that is why they are worth the special honor. The stained-glass artist known as Andrew Cary Young will be officially handed the Polk Award will officially be offered the Polk Award on 2nd June.

Robert Ivy has several titles, since 2011 he is the CEO of the American Institute of Architecture. Ivy has other titles such as an editor, author, and the practicing architect. Robert was recognized by the President of the American Institute of Architecture, Carl Elefante as a person who is worth the title ambassador for their profession. The award was both for personal and professional achievements for Mr. Ivy as a Mississippi local. The president congratulated Ivy regarding this unique honor. Before Robert joined the AIA, he worked as a chief editor for the Architectural Record. During his time there he got a lot of awards one of them being the National Magazine Award. At the AIA, Robert’s leadership has greatly led to the growth of the Institute’s world footprint. In its history of 60 years, level of membership at the peak.

In the year 2010, the Alpha Rho Chi fraternity of the national architecture named Robert Ivy Master Architect. This is the title of honor that is only given to the renowned architects. Other architects that were given the name are; I.M. Pei, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, R. Buckminster Fuller. In 2017, from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture, Robert Ivy earned the Dean’s Medal. Robert is the writer of Fay Jones. The president of MIAL Nancy LaForge said that no any other person from Mississippi had made the architecture well known to the general public apart from Robert. The famous worldwide architect Robert Ivy takes his rightful position in the list of the Noel Polk Award where he has joined Eudora Welty, actor Morgan Freeman, singer Leontyne, Shelby Foote and Artist Walter Anderson.

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Why the Fortress Investment Group Is Popular

As the business owner, you may realize that your company needs some help from the investment firms, for instance, the Fortress Investment Group. If this is your case, then it is necessary to ensure that the officials in your organization are well conversant with what they usually do and what they specialize in too. In the year 1998, it is when the Fortress Investment Group was formed as a private equity firm. This firm is rich in experience and expertise in many different areas. The Fortress firm is famous for it offers services in all parts of the world so that they empower their investors in several places around the world. It is advisable to look at the competences of the Fortress Investment Group so that you understand why it will be the best for your company.

You should ask for assistance from the Fortress Investment Group firm whenever your company is experiencing several types of the transactions that need the business valuation. The team of specialists in the Fortress Company has the right skills and experience to provide you with both the valuations, also to help you with mergers and the acquisitions. One of the examples is when you are planning to unite with another company; you will need the assistance of the Fortress Company and its specialists. This company will be of great importance when it comes to using its approach competency based on the assets, to gauge your companies’ value. Regarding the services they normally offer their primary focus will be determining Net Assets Value of both companies (your company and the one you want to join) in order to facilitate the process.

Among the ventures that are on the frontline is the SoftBank’s $ 3.3 billion and this is the all-cash buy of the Fortress firm, the major Manhattan who is a lender and a property investor. The move may make a great sense for the financial or traditional real estate firm, but it’s not more clear for Masayohi Son’s tech-dedicated enterprise. The Fortress Company has purchased a SuperValu distribution center in the Pompano Beach. It is part of the $ 483 million nationally portfolio deal. The amount of money that the Fortress Investment Group paid for the Supervalu facility that is 769,000 square-feet is $66.4 million. According to what the record, the deal was funded with $ 68.41 million mortgages. The cash was from the Royal Bank of Canada. learn More.

Matt Biadali Demonstrates The Importance of Being Unorthodox While Investing

One thing that people are going to find with business is that there are established methods to success. There are always procedures that are known as tried and true. However, many people discover that it doesn’t always work for people. For one thing, what was tried and true didn’t work the best for Matt Badiali. However, he has found something that works even better. This type of strategy is one of the reasons that he provides insights on Banyan Hill. This can at least show people that they do not have to follow strict and old rules in order to make something work. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

One thing that Matt Badiali addresses is the constantly changing market. As markets change, it is expected that some of the methods are going to change as well. People who are flexible and imaginative are going to be the ones that manage to not only survive, but thrive with the changes. It is the people that fight the change that are going to eventually fall under. This is one of the reasons that some of the most successful investors often offer advice that is considered out of the ordinary. However, people who follow Matt Badiali’s advice may actually find themselves stumbling on prosperity.


One thing that can be said about the other financial experts when compared to Matt Badiali is that they are rather unimaginative and out of touch. They just don’t bother to think about the changes that may occur in the market. For one thing, they are out of the game because they have retired. They made their investments at a time that was best for them. However, Matt is constantly involved. This explains why his advice is so much better than the advice of other investors. This is one of the reasons that investors that read Banyan Hill succeed at a much greater rate. Read more about Matt Badiali at Talk Markets.

How Did South Korea’s Winter Olympics Compare with Fortress Investment Group’s Vancouver Winter Olympics?

The South Korea Winter Olympics was the 23rd of the modern era. How did it compare with the Fortress Investment Group’s Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010? Which sporting events were added?

South Korea Winter Olympics 2018

Between February 9th and 25th, 2018, there were 2,914 athletes from 92 nations competing. The number of sports categories has stayed the same between 2010 and 2018 (at 15), except a few more events have been added, bringing the total up to 102 events. The new events included “big air” snowboarding, mass start speed skating, mixed doubles curling and mixed team alpine skiing. Some of the new nations competing in the Winter Olympics, included Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria and Singapore. Pyeongchang, South Korea included robotic torch bearers and a very intriguing drone lights display. Outdoor events took place at Dragon Valley (Alpensia) Ski Resort and indoors events took place at Gangneung.One negative was the political ban of an entire nation: Russia. This was particularly odd since Russia had hosted the Olympics a few years previously. The Olympic committee pretended that brand new evidence showed that Russia was doing something that the Soviet Union had been doing for decades.

 Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

The Vancouver Winter Olympics took place between February 12th and 28th, 2010. There were 314 fewer athletes taking place than in 2018, only 2,600 athletes from 82 nations. There were 16 fewer events back in 2010 at 86 events within the same 15 overall categories.Fortress Investment Group and other private lenders helped pay for the British Columbia Winter Olympics. Fortress helped the government build the athletic village for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in British Columbia, 21st Winter Games. Some events were in Whistler, the resort town, along with Cypress Mountain and Hillcrest Park. Celebrity torch bearers included Justin Morneau, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sidney Crosby, Steve Nash and Wayne Gretzky. The event was very well-accepted thanks to due diligence by corporate sponsors like the Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Improves Global Prestige

The Fortress Investment Group took part in one of the most international sporting events on the planet. It benefited from the fact that the Vancouver Winter Olympics was not marred by any political machinations. Corporate sponsors do not receive as much benefit from funding an event that is highly political.More and more, people are tired of the politics. They regularly turn off certain media presentations, like the NFL due to the politics. People want to simply relax with sports.The Fortress Investment Group helped build the Winter Olympics brand. They advanced the central theme of unity. The Winter Olympics keeps adding new events to attract young viewers.

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Director General Kamil Idris Celebrates Intellectual Property Day

The World Intellectual Property Day is coming up, and it’s truly something to celebrate. According to Professor Kamil Idris, the former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, it’s worthy of its own holiday.

“On World Intellectual Property Day, we pay tribute to the inventors and artists, great and small, who enrich our existence with the fruits of their innovative thoughts and creative vision.” Stated Professor Idris.

This special day was launched eight years ago, and every successive year it’s grown more popular. Many of you might be wondering why this topic is so special. Yes, copyright law and patents can be dull on the surface. But, when you step back and take a look at the big picture, the topic of intellectual property is fascinating, and worthy of a celebration. Here are a few reasons why this day is so special.

Assigning intellectual property rights spurs innovation in technologies that help the human race, and our planet. Without these rights, many inventors, intellectuals, and artists would no longer feel compelled to create new things that benefit us all.

Artists, scientists, and other creatives deserve to be paid for their work, otherwise it will never get done. Imagine a dull, gray world devoid of creativity. Without strong intellectual property rights, that nightmare could happen.

It’s easy to say that intellectual property rights only effect big artistic or scientific endeavors, but you’d be wrong. Everyday life would change for the worse without legislation protecting and promoting intellectual property. The vacuum cleaner you use is a result of intellectual property laws. Sports fans enjoy more competitive tennis matches due to changes in racket technology. Heck, getting to and from work in your car more efficiently happens because of strong intellectual property laws.

The World Association of Sustained Development brings experts from around the world together to advance science and technology in service to the planet. Fostering communication and facilitating sustainable development activities benefits us all, and the WASD reduces the knowledge gap between wealthier nations and poorer ones.


The Crazy Enigma that is Sean Penn’s “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, by actor-turned-writer Sean Penn, appears to encapsulate Penn’s own activism and criticism of the Trump administration. The main protagonist of the book, Bob Honey, forgoes letter-writing activism and instead turns to violence to enact change according to his ideology. Assassinating the elderly, selling septic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses, and rescuing imprisoned Hasidic Jews number a few of Bob Honey’s adventure which the New York Times describes as a “riddle wrapped in an enigma and cloaked in crazy.”


Though satirical in nature Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff contains references to hotel-owning billionaire President Trump: primarily in referring to its fictional president as “Mr. Landlord.” Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff even reflects on the #MeToo movement, drawing criticism from the media and critics alike due to Penn’s outspoken view of the movement as an “infantilizing” movement that “reduces rape, slut shaming, and suffrage to child’s play.” In Penn’s view, the #MeToo movement acts as a “platform” to publicly shame media stars rather than enact any real change. In an interview with Marc Maron, Penn mused, “How do you get victims to report [sexual harassment] when it happens? Those who do are heroes.”


Penn was forced to defend the fictional work after select parts of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff were made public, treated as fact, and quickly went viral on social media. Penn tells Rolling Stone, “I think we’re in a bad state where fiction is attributed to opinion, where fiction can’t be just read as it is.” Although the criticism abounds, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has received acclaim from writers such as Salman Rushdie and Sarah Silverman.


Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff has been criticized for it’s literary style (described as clunky and esoteric) but that has done little to dissuade its author from the writer’s life. When asked about a sequel to Bob Honey Penn told Vogue, “Let’s just say I’ve got somethin’ cookin’.”