Jacob Gottlieb Altium

When it comes to top executives in the healthcare industry, few people have the name recognition that Jacob Gottlieb has. While he gained fame as one of the founders of Visium Asset Management, he has since moved on to form a brand new healthcare investment firm by the name of Altium Capital. He found great success with his past firm and is now aiming to replicate his success with this new venture.

Gottlieb actually became interested in the world of finance at a rather young age. While in high school, he became the winner in a contest dealing with faux stock picks. This ignited his lifelong interest in the field and was most certainly a key to his success. He already possessed a remarkably powerful work ethic and was blessed with the support of parents.

Gottlieb graduated near the top of his class at Brown University, attaining the honors of Magna Cum Laude. He at first thought he wanted to become a professional in the field of medicine but decided against it after finishing an internship at New York University Medical School. It was after this experience that he realized his true passion was finance. He focused his efforts on conquering Wall Street after this.

He began his actual business career at the firm of Bernstein & Co. He continued his relentless pursuit of education and achieved his Certified Financial Analyst degree while working at this firm. He quickly saw that he could gain new career heights by moving on and found himself newly employed at the Merlin Biomed Group. He didn’t stay long there however and moved to Balyasny Asset Management where he found even greater fame. After a number of years there, he finally joined the company of Visium in 2005.

There is no doubt that with all of his past success he will find even more at his new venture. It seems that no matter where he goes, he finds his skills and expertise truly shine.

The Many Roles of Jason Hope

Jason Hope describes himself as an entrepreneur and business owner. Regardless of the title he is given, his successful philanthropic endeavors have made a difference for people in Arizona, his home state, as well as for others across the country. When asked about philanthropy, Hope states he feels he is in a position to help others, and feels compelled to do so.

Hope is particularly passionate about giving back to his local Scottsdale, Arizona community by supporting local organizations. He has a desire to see his community thrive, and is constantly looking for projects that would benefit from his input of resources, time, and influence.

Looking to the future is a big part of Jason Hope’s philosophy. He supports humanitarian organizations that are focused on improving the lives of all people, and all those to follow. He is especially interested in efforts to fight the effects of aging, and allowing people to lead longer and healthier lives. The SENS foundation research on creating a better quality of life by focusing on disease prevention is one organization that Hope passionately stands behind. He believes that prevention, not treatment is the key to a healthier future. Read more about Jason Hope at Inspirery

Believing that technology is the future leads Hope to carefully study trends, and then work with individuals and businesses to help plan, develop, and implement the latest advancements. Hope says technology should be used to our advantage, should improve life conditions, and should make daily life a little easier and more enjoyable. Hope supports young entrepreneurs who have great technological ideas, but lack the funding to bring them to reality. His grants and offered insight give life to many new projects. Hope believes the Internet of Things will bring many positive changes to our society.

Jason Hope encourages everyone to be involved and support the things they are passionate about in whatever way they are capable of doing. First, he advises to find your passions and determine if you want to assist on a local or national level. Then, decide how you are going to be involved. You may invest financially, donate time and effort, or do both. Hope says the last step is to do your research and find those organizations that you believe in. Based on all the ideas and efforts he supports, it seems to be a good idea to add philanthropist and futurist to that list of words to describe Jason Hope.

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David Zalik takes big risks, ultimately prevails with GreenSky

Many of the greatest entrepreneurs in history are known today due to their willingness to do things and take on risks that others could not or would not face. David Zalik, the founder and CEO of GreenSky , is a good example. Zalik, 44, risked literally everything he had more than 12 years ago to found the company that today ranks as one of the most important firms in the fintech sector. It was Zalik’s unique combination of certitude, willingness to take big risks and, somewhat paradoxically, deep business conservatism that have defined the success of GreenSky .

Now, as the company mulls an IPO that some analysts are saying may be worth as much as $10 billion, the world is watching to see what the next step for GreenSky  will be. But as many who have closely observed the firm over the course of its history will point out, the GreenSky business model itself has not changed much from its earliest days. It has just proven to be so versatile that the company appears to be doing radical new things when, in fact, it is simply applying the same solution to a wide variety of different industries.



Big moves for a small company

When Zalik first conjured the idea behind GreenSky  based on his years of working in the home improvement business, he had difficulty finding a bank willing to lend him the startup capital needed to get his venture off the ground. Eventually, this problem became intractable. Desperate, Zalik effectively reverse mortgaged his entire $12 million commercial real estate fortune and poured every cent of it into his new business.

This risky all-in move at a time when his company had barely registered as a corporation would prove to be one of the best bets in American industry over the last two decades. By 2018, GreenSky was worth in excess of $4 billion. Zalik’s vision of creating a seamless way to provide retail-level bridge financing for big-ticket items has been roundly vindicated. GreenSky’s soaring valuation provides evidence of how farsighted Zalik’s original bet really was.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Transforming Bodies & Minds

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., affectionately nicknamed Dr. J, is a board certified plastic surgeon located in Dallas, Texas, with a focus on cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, body and breasts. A graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, he is a renowned member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. His extensive experience, coupled with his warmth and sensitivity, has helped many a patient achieve their goals. Drawing in patients from all over the world, Dr. J is keenly aware that every patent is unique, with their own needs and goals. This attention to detail and sensitivity to diversity has ranked him among the top physicians in the nation based on patient reviews.

He’s gained high marks in the areas of thoroughness of examination, clarity of instructions, positive attitude, and history of success. In fact, he is one of the few physicians to be honored with the Compassionate Doctor Certification in 2012, an honor which was only awarded to a fraction of over 800,000 physicians with near perfect scores in verbal and bedside manner. Dr. J’s passion for the art of plastic surgery can also be found on his blog at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute’s website. There, he educates readers on a variety of topics including new products and cutting edge procedures, cosmetic trends, skin care basics, and implant safety. He ensures that patients make smart and informed decisions about the changes to their body by developing close relationships and encouraging open two-way communication.

A master of his craft, Dr. Jejurikar is committed to providing patients with the best approach to their cosmetic and reconstructive surgery needs. His skill is matched only by his passion to make positive change in the lives of his patients, transforming not just how people look, but how they think and feel.

Looking Into Fortress Investment Group with Clear Focus

Fortress Investment Group is a financial services provider, an investment management firm located in New York. It was initially founded as a private equity firm on January 1, 1998. It was founded by Wes Edens, Peter Bridges, and Randal Nardone.

In 2007 it became the first large-scale private equity firm to turn public in the New York Stock Exchange as was highlighted by its initial public offering that year. Fortress investment group handles assets worth over 43 billion dollars for their investors across permanent capital ventures, hedge funds, and private equity.

It was named as the Institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year by the Institutional Investor Magazine in June 2014. Some areas of expertise of the Fortress Investment Group include asset-based investments which include capital, real estate, and financial vehicles by utilizing private equity and credit funds to bring about cash flow in the long term.

They are also involved in operations management, managing mergers, and acquisitions and are specialists in capital markets and have institutional knowledge regarding companies and the wide variety of industries.

In 2017, the corporation was purchased by the Softbank Group Corporation which is a Japanese company whose headquarters are in Tokyo at 3.3 billion dollars. However, it still serves as an independent entity retaining its base at New York. Its founders remained serving as its principals.

Softbank has an eye on the information revolution and its management mainly leaning towards companies that deal with artificial intelligence, intelligent robotics, telecommunications, internet services, and other technologically based companies.

Their purchase of Fortress Group was a tactical move as it sought to increase investment expertise in its investment fund management.

Fortress Investment Group has recently partnered with iPass which is a world-leading provider of connectivity options globally. It operates the most extensive Wi-Fi network in the world.

With the partnership, Fortress provides funding of 20 million dollars, availing 10 million directly. This financing deal was brokered by Riley Financial which is an investment bank specializing in organizing financing between companies and investors.

Wes Edens owns his private passenger rail system in the United States the Brightline Train. Following the frustrations that are felt by many residents of Florida while commuting from Miami and Fort Lauderdale especially during rush hour time or other inconveniencing situations, the Brightline Train started operating on the route.

It has been useful especially in reducing the traffic on the Florida roads and providing a friendlier and cleaner traveling option.

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The Life of Robert Ivy


Robert Ivy is one of the most renowned architectures in the world. He is liked and adored by most people especially it the architectural space as their mentor. However, reaching the epitome of his success has not been a walk in the park. It has been out of ambition, dedication and quality education and joining of professional organizations that he managed to make it. He pursued his degree at the University of the South where he earned a bachelor of Arts and specialized in English. Robert Ivy furthered his post-graduate education when he did a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Tulane. Visit architectmagazine.com to know more about Robert Ivy.


In the 1980s, Robert Ivy was a principal dale, and he also used to criticize the national publications. His criticism helped in improving the quality of published work from the journalists. Little did he know that what he was doing was preparing his for a better lifetime career ahead. It was until 1996 that he was appointed as the chief editor of the Architectural Records, a well knows magazine for architects. Later on, he not only became the editor in chief but also the vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Furthermore, he was among the Panel that appointed Mr. Gehry to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.


Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, Architectural Records brought home very many awards, courtesy of him. The honors awards were the Unusual achievement for a professional journal, premier magazine journalism award and the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Additionally, he brought 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and the 2008 MPA Digital Award for the Website of the Year to Architectural Record. Furthermore, in 2009 Robert Ivy was recognized with the American Business Media’s highest recognition for a person, the Crain Award.

Moreover, he was also honored with the McGraw-Hill management award. Last but not least, he is also a senior member of the Design Futures Council. His achievements are tremendous and can only be compared to a few architects who come before him. Indeed he is a true leader.

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How Deirdre Baggot Revolutionized Health Care

As a new nurse working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago in 1998, Deirdre Baggot saw problems in patient care. When health care providers were not sure what ailment a patient suffered from, more and more tests would be performed. This concerned Baggot, who said she did not like moving forward with treatment based on incomplete information. That’s when she decided to try and streamline the procedure by making a checklist of each patient type she saw. Nowadays, that philosophy has developed into care protocols that help reduce the amount of tests and improve the quality of care. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

That is not the only contribution Deirdre Baggot has made when it comes to improving health care. Having seen the stress and confusion for patients and their families when it came to paying hospital bills, she set out to improve that area. As a health care strategist and payment innovation expert, she has developed the technique of bundled payments. This not only helps patients save money, but doctors and hospitals also share in the savings from this more streamlined process. Her pioneering work with payment reform and bundled payments has helped her develop and implement programs at over 200 hospitals across the country. She has also written twenty papers about bundled payments and has been interviewed on the subject by National Public Radio. Dierdre Baggot has also served in leadership capacities at The University of Michigan Health System and Northwestern Memorial Hospital and has been asked to speak at numerous conferences.

Along with a nursing degree, Baggot holds a Master’s in business administration from Chicago’s Loyola University Graduate School of Business. She also earned a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Colorado. She is now a partner for ECG Management Consultants based in Denver.

Visit: https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/health-it-revenue-cycle-conference/speakers/item/1525-deirdre-baggott-phd.html


Dr. Saad Saad: A Motivated Doctor

Dr. Saad Saad has had an admired career as an effective and advanced surgeon for young people. After being in the medical field for forty-seven years he felt ready to retire. He was born in Palestine during the creation of Israel as an established country. Many Palestinians were forced to uproot from their homes during this period. When Dr. Saad was young, his father was traveling in hopes to find work. He and the rest of his family ended up getting moved from their home. It took several hours of searching and his father had to pay someone an enormous amount of money to be able to be with his family.


Dr. Saad’s father was a gifted oil mechanic and due to his expertise, he moved his family to Kuwait. Dr. Saad would spend most of his younger years as someone without a county. It was his time attending school in Kuwait that his father instilled in him that to be somebody in this world, he would have to get the highest level of education possible.


When Dr. Saad was a high school student, he went to a construction location to earn some money with one of his siblings. It was a hot summer day and the heat started to make him feel sick. He eventually passed out from the heat sickness and after regaining consciousness he figured he had experienced a heat stroke. From that day on he realized that he was not fit for outdoor labor work. He discovered the only area in Kuwait with air conditioning was an operating room. He then set his mind on becoming a surgeon.


Dr. Saad believed that if you can accomplish something today, don’t put it off. This belief allowed him to attain greater levels of success because he became a pro at time management. He knew that a solid work ethic enabled success, so the key to reaching success in one’s endeavors is to make the most use of the small amount of time you had. After coming to the United States, Dr. Saad set his mind to becoming a Certified pediatric ‘surgeon. He was fluent in English and Arabic, which helped him to get the position to be the personal pediatric doctor in Saudi Arabia for the royal family.


After being a doctor in Saudi Arabia for the royal family, he began to think of revolutionary ways to minimize pain and speed patient’s recovery times. Over the years, he would create new procedures to make his medical care even more efficient. His drive to improve medical procedures, increase innovation in his practice, and his passion to help people, he has helped to save the lives of many children. Learn more : https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12

Matt Badiali Has Been Making Accurate Predictions For Years

Matt Badiali has recently been setting some of his focus on the marijuana market, now that another state has been added to the list of legal states. Each and every single year, the marijuana sales in the United States continue to increase by quite a large margin, with more than 6 billion dollars in sale accounted for in just 2017. Matt has taken an interest because now Canada is looking to legalize marijuana as well, but not just in small areas at a time like the United States, all over the entire country.

Matt Badiali is well-known in investment industry for his success today as well as his financial knowledge when it comes to the natural resources market. Matt Badiali spent the first part of his academic career learning Geology, for which he earned a degree in from the University of Pennsylvania. Once Matt completed his education, he began to travel around the world to study and work through various different regions. During this time, Matt was traveling with a friend that was a best financial expert, which gave him some more insight into the financial industry.

It turns out this information was well-worth learning during his trip since he decided to follow his friend and join the financial industry himself. With all the knowledge he acquired traveling around the world, Matt had a great base of information to use for investing in a variety of different markets, especially natural recourses. Matt is always looking to help investors find their way in the natural resources market, though he says a strong understanding of the resources themselves and how they are used is needed to be truly successful at it.

Today, Matt Badiali spend the majority of his time writing for Banyan Hill Publishing and teaching other investors out there the in’s and out’s of the industry so that they can find success of their own.

How Whitney Wolfe Went From Swiping Innovation To Swiping War

Dating apps are at an all-time high since the evolution of technology made it simpler and easier to connect different people together. From apps that would let you simply send a message and hope for a reply to apps that actually match you with the person before even letting you send a “Hello“, the app stores have them all. Among them, there is one that recently stood out by their peculiar approach to the dating game.

That’s where Whitney Wolfe comes in. She went from being a co-founder of Tinder, one of the biggest dating apps today, to creating her own version of a dating app called Bumble. Whitney Wolfe’s idea to separate her from the competition was in reality, really simple. She gave women the power to choose whom they are going to interact with. At first, this might seem like a small detail to make that much of a difference. However, if you are a woman and have tried the dating apps available in the market today, you would know that it’s hard to keep people from sending inappropriate and sometimes offensive messages and images.

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The idea behind Bumble is that women would have more control over who they match up with. According to Whitney Wolfe, women would have to take the first step and send the first message, if not the match would disappear after 24 hours. Just like a Cinderella story with the pumpkin. Within four years Bumble achieved incredible numbers and today has over 35 million users.

With all the popularity of these apps, it would be easy to say that this is a great market to join. However, Whitney Wolfe would probably disagree with that. Tinder and its parent company, Match Group, are suing Bumble and it’s creators for allegedly stealing core components and ideas from Tinder such as the swiping right or left. This move by the Match group, might sound like a valid reason to some that are not aware of the interactions between the two companies, but the real reason behind this move is to try and pressure Bumble, who is now worth $1 Billion according to Forbes magazine, into selling for less than half its actual worth. Whitney Wolfe and her partners have decided to fight back and are suing the Match Group for trying to undermine and pressure them into a deal that is bellow their actual worth, which is turning this into a swiping war between two giants.