Nathaniel Ru Changes Fast Food Industry

Nathaniel Ru has definitely been able to create a successful business that would give many people access to a fresh fruits and vegetables that came straight from the farm. This is how he sets up his Sweetgreen restaurants.

He always picks a location that is going to be in close relation to a nearby farm area. This is how he operates, and his customers appreciate what he has been able to do through his Sweetgreen franchise. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

People are impressed with Sweetgreen because it is a novelty at this time. It does not matter if Nathaniel Ru is only bringing fruits and vegetables that have existed since the beginning of time. Vegetables and fruit are not new concepts, but the way that Nathaniel Ru has presented these products inside of this restaurant makes it a novelty to consumers.

People are not used to connecting fast food to healthy eating. This is not something that is commonplace when it comes to dollar menus and fried foods from places like McDonalds. It makes sense for Nathaniel Ru to go up against the competition with a fast food alternative that is different from what consumers are used to.

He knew that he would be taking a risk with the creation of a restaurant like this, but he also realized that there was a great amount of profit that could be made. It appears that he put a lot of time into building up a completely different restaurant chain. He worked with friends in the development of his business.

He also received a substantial amount of money from venture capitalists. All of this has allowed him to change the way that he connects to consumers.

It has been through money from venture capitalists that he has been able to create an ISO app. He has also been able to provide people with a whole lot of choices because the Sweetgreen menus vary from one city to another. Nathaniel Ru definitely put a lot of energy into building the type of fast food alternative that would change the course of everything for consumers of fast food.

Nathaniel Ru has been able to do this successfully because he did not try to duplicate what everyone else was doing. He was innovative and interested in creating his own blueprint for what a healthy food establishment should look like. Now more people are trying to duplicate his franchise success.

Good Food Means a Happy Life for a Happy Dog

Purina Beneful Originals TV commercial, ” Becky and Einstein” shoes Beck, the owner, talking about how much her dog has changed since eating Beneful. He is playful, active, and happy. He has so much energy and is living a much healthier life now. She brags about the real beef in the food while Einstein is gobbling it up. Beneful commercial  is shown to make a dog’s life more full as well as its owner’s.

Purina Beneful TV commercial, “Happy, Healthy Dog” shows a dog that is looking forward to eat Beneful because of its ingredients that include real beef, wholesome grains, and vegetables. The commercial is sure to include protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates that give dogs more energy. While the narrator is speaking, the dog is running towards its food ready to enjoy it. The commercial includes the dog running and swimming to show how the food can really boost its energy to have a healthy life full of energy.

Purina Beneful TV commercial, “Si, Quiero Comer” is in Spanish and shows that Beneful is all around the world to meet the needs of every dog. It shows the owner giving the food to her dog while the dog respond in excitement. He’s becoming impatient and jumping for the food. The dog can even smell the natural grown carrots & beef. The dog then eats the wet food and makes sure to say that next time the owner doesn’t have to ask if he’s hungry and wants food.


Greg Secker is Transforming the Trading Sector through Training

Greg Secker is a man of many talents. He is a master trader, an international speaker, and a philanthropist. Greg is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group, which is a gathering of other companies including Smart Chart Software, The Greg Secker Foundation, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index. These companies work in unison to teach people how to succeed in trading.

Greg started his career as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He changed his specialization to foreign exchange and formed The Virtual Trading Desk, which was the first business to present an online forex trading system that operates in real-time. After a short duration, he joined Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. Greg travelled a lot and expanded his knowledge of trading while working with Mellon. He launched a new company, Learn to Trade, which has expanded to Australia, South Africa, and London within 13 years.

Greg Secker was inspired to start his business by the struggles that people have when they start trading. He had noticed that there were limited education facilities for people who wanted to venture in the trading sector. Greg wanted people to be properly equipped when venturing in trade, especially forex trading, to reduce the stakes.

Initially, Greg worked for companies to earn money. However, he left the corporate world at 27 and started trading from home. Soon, Greg started teaching his relatives and friends how to make money in the Forex Market. Within a span of three to six months, Greg Secker was already making good cash than what he earned in the corporate world. He reinvested most of the money he got. The business was not always easy for him. Greg wanted to quit at some point, but he opted to reassess the steps and correct the errors he had made. His mistakes became a blueprint for other people at Learn to Trade.

Through Learn to Trade, Greg teaches people how to make fortunes. According to Greg, making money should not be hard, people only need to know when and how to invest. Greg Secker attributes his success to the support he receives from business partners, friends, and most importantly his family.

Scott Rocklage Invests in Healthy Future Generations

The achievements of Dr. Scott Rocklage better define him as a role model to young persons. Rocklage is an inspiration to many who are either entrepreneurs or research scientists. Currently, Rocklage is a managing partner at 5AM Ventures. The Ph.D. holder started working for 5AM Ventures in 2003.

He is equipped with the wealth of vast experience in the management of healthcare. Combined with scientific knowledge, Scott Rocklage has a strong background of leadership and management.

Presently, his experience in healthcare plays a fundamental role in establishing a strong platform for business. Being an effective leader, Rocklage initiates team work through successful strategies in the sphere of healthcare, pharmaceuticals as well as Venture Capital. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn


Being visionary and passionate about science, Scott Rocklage influenced the FDA approval of three modern drug applications through 5AM Ventures. The drugs include Cubicin, Omniscan in addition to Teslascan. 5AM Ventures has multiple offices across the state. Scott Rocklage is in charge of the Waltham office.

Before he joined 5AM Ventures, Rocklage was an active chairman as well as chief operating officer at Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He also served as the chief executive officer in addition to president at Nycomed Salutar. In that company, Rocklage was an executive official in charge of research as well as design.

He also held an executive position at Amersham Health where he was the lead executive chairman. At Ilypsa, Rocklage was the co-president. His background, therefore, better places him in a better leading position.


At Novra Therapeutics, Rocklage was the chairman. His experience in healthcare and leadership played a fundamental role in his appointment. Rocklage is an effective leader as well as a strategist. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

He possesses strong academic credentials that encourage people to entrust him with businesses. The alumnus of California University holds a degree in chemistry as well as philosophy from the Massachusetts Institute.

As a student in the institute, Rocklage conducted laboratory research studies that led to him being awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry. This was in 2005. Rocklage also thrives in his input at work as an inventor as well as an assistant. He has authored over 120 publications in peer review journals.


Because Rocklage is a dedicated leader at 5AM Ventures, the organization has emerged a winner in sciences that focus on life as well as the betterment of the next generation. 5AM Ventures is prominent for its support to growing a healthy future generation. The organization supports entities that are geared towards supporting developing solutions for better lives.

Televisa Taps Own Porfirio Sanchez Galindo As New Editorial CEO

Mexican media giant Televisa has recruited within their ranks and tapped Porfirio Sanchez Galindo as their new editorial CEO. Sanchez Galindo served as head of both Televisa’s special projects and economic analysis departments for over eight years. Sanchez Galindo oversaw marketing and telecommunications during his tenure.


With Televisa looking to shake up its current approach to marketing, the 2011 Stanford alumni seemed an obvious choice. Sanchez Galindo, born in the late 1970s, is barely reaching age 40. Having attended ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México), Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford University, Sanchez Galindo’s educational resume is impeccable. His areas of study ranged from business strategy, executive education, applied mathematics, and even software research in 2012.

The young director general also served in the Mexican Finance Ministry, or the SHCP, for 6 years from 2000 to 2006 during Vicente Fox’s presidency. Sanchez Galindo acted as Chief of Staff to the Finance Minister, akin to the American federal position of Secretary of the Treasury. As Chief of Staff, Sanchez Galindo actively dealt with federal economic and monetary policy – encompassing tax reform, public debt, and populace income statistics – all with the goal of national financial growth.


Televisa’s move to promote Sanchez Galindo took a level of convincing. The Mexico City native was preparing to leave his former Televisa post to take a job on the global stage again, this time with the World Bank. Alfonso de Angoita, VP of the media conglomerate personally called Sanchez Galindo and pushed Televisa’s atmosphere as a pro to remaining under their wing.

The strategic and statistical mind of Sanchez Galindo has quickly begun work on new approaches to existing channels of editorial output. “My goal is to gain audiences, sponsors, and tread new markets. From magazines to clicks, the only limit is our imagination,” the new CEO said in a June interview with Al Margen. Promoting bundles consisting of TV, Internet, and cable services, he hopes to carve an even larger stake in Hispanic America for his company. Given his accomplishments, Porfirio should have no issues.


Jason Hope – Well-Known Investor and Serial Entrepreneur in Arizona

There are many entrepreneurs in the United States, but one amongst the many notables is Jason Hope. He is well-known in the state of Arizona for investing in the many new start-ups and guiding them towards success by funding them as well as mentoring them personally. Jason Hope is also a renowned philanthropist in the state of Arizona and has provided financial support to numerous charities and local organizations. Jason Hope’s focus is not only running his businesses successfully but also helps empower local communities.

Jason Hope is also well-known for his love for technology and is a futurist who likes to keeps an open mind. He even believes that it is possible to enhance the life span of the people by conducting extensive research of human cells on a molecular level. Jason Hope likes to keep himself updated with the latest technology available out there, and is recently in love with the internet of things technology that is still under development or in a beta stage yet. The internet of things is one of the most talked about technology today and is something that many of the companies and businesses are trying their hands on. Jason Hope says that the internet of things has the potential to become a wide scale technology in the future and is excited that many industries are already trying their hands on it.

The aviation industry has already been testing the use of internet of things technology as it would help the technicians to know in real time if the engines are working fine and everything is in order. It can potentially save airlines from accidents and also ease up the task of the technicians. It can help the engineers to know where the problem is so that they can focus on it, rather than spending a good amount of time trying to figure out where the problem is.

Jason Hope is also known for his donation to the SENS Research Foundation, which is a prestigious research institution that researches how to reverse the process of aging and increase the mortality rate among the human civilization.

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Bob Reina: The Wishmaker

If there is a person out there that can make people’s wishes come true, it is not a genie. It is Bob Reina of Talk Fusion, the video communications provider. He knows all about people that have wished to work from home, and he also knows a thing or two about people in need. That is why people are so responsive to Bob Reina and the way he conducts himself. They know he is the type of man that is going to go to bat for someone and he is going to do everything within his power to improve their life. Learn more:


That is something that means a great deal to Bob Reina, and it is infectious to say the least. He exudes this feeling like everything is going to be OK, and everything will be OK if people use Talk Fusion ( It is the answer to all of the problems they are having, as most people are having problems at work. For them, it is just a job, nothing more and nothing less. It is a way to make a living. It does not provide them with any satisfaction or any feeling of accomplishment. It is simply something that is a way to pay the bills.


When a job becomes that, it is truly sad. The person becomes miserable, anxious, and depressed all in one. Bob Reina does not want to see anyone feel like that as life is so short. They should be living each and every day to the fullest and having a blast. They should not have any regrets or feel like any day is being wasted. They should be spending time at home, making money, and enjoying all they can out of life. One of the worst feelings in the world is regret. If someone uses Talk Fusion, they will have zero regrets. Learn more:


They will know they have put their all into something that is bigger than them, which is a special, special feeling. Everyone around them will see the change in them as well and they will be inspired to do the same and start over. Learn more:


Jose AureimoNeto in the Top Ranking JHSF

JHSF Background

JHSF is a Brazilian- based popular real estate company, established in 1972.It was founded by the Aumerio brothers, in partnership with two others. It’s known for its success stories that have placed the future of Brazil in innovative hands. JHSF has its operations concentrated around the construction of commercial and residential properties, within Brazil, Uruguay, and the USA. This has created employment to more than 1,000 experts. The company majors in the acquisition and development of Hotels, Executive airports, Shopping malls and Incorporations. These four units make it a high ranking real estate company in Brazil.

  1. More about JHSF

Most of JHSF’s attention is on income, making projects such as the Catarina Fashion outlet. With this attention, the company sets its bars, high on creating a strong relationship with the clientele. This has helped in the promotion of the company’s real estate venture. JHSF is also active in supporting any innovative operations, which provide a real estate solution in Brazil.The company is characterized by its ability to venture into demanding projects, in the urban setting. These urban settings include classrooms and hotels. The second characteristic is its ability to understand what the client requires thus helping it develop designs, which are customer oriented.

  1. Who is Jose AureimoNeto?

Jose AureimoNeto is the chairman and the CEO of the JHSF. He took up the chairmanship in 2003.Jose is an alumnus of FAAP and FASE University, where he studied Engineering and Business Administration. This educational foundation can be credited to his success as the CEO.

  1. Jose Neto Life in JHSF

In 1993, Jose started working in the company and later created its parking lot in 1997.He has made several achievements such as securing the company’s rights, to develop its first shopping mall known as the Santa Cruz. He also participated in the designing of CidadeJardim mall, Metro Tucuruz, and the Bela Vita complex. In addition, Jose is recognized for creating service departments, when he rose into various ranks in the company. Jose is responsible for the oversight of development projects the company conducts. For instance, he is in charge of the Sau Paulo, Metro Tucuruv.

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How End Citizens United is Taking Back Politics for America

The election of Donald Trump to the role of President of the United States is almost literally unfathomable. How could we have gotten here? In truth it seems like this question is going to be the fuel that ignites great change in Washington D.C. and not in the way that most people think. Tiffany Muller established the political action committee End Citizens United in order to try to make the name of her PAC reality. Muller has set sights on the Supreme Court decision involving the conservative group Citizens United. The decision opened up the doors for special interests to flood Washington D.C. in order to buy off politicians and force their own decisions.


The reason we bring up Donald Trump’s election is simple: people are furious. Trump made it into the White House on the backs of special interests, lobbyists, and every other loophole that the Citizens united decision has opened up. Muller says simply, “People are furious”. Muller goes on to explain that this is the best way people know of in order to fight back against the current disgrace inhabiting the White House. The goal of the End Citizens United PAC is to promote legislation that will actually repeal the Citizens United 2010 decision. There is a direct line between people motivated by Trump’s election and by those who want to see change with the Citizens United decision.


Through the first quarter of the 2017 fundraising year the team at End Citizens United has raised a stunning $4 million. These donations have come in by almost exclusively small donors. The average amount given by each donor is only $12. This shows that the PAC is doing work for people, not for companies. Consider that a Senator like (R) Tom Cotton is given millions of dollars each year by oil companies. Do you think he is going to fight for green energy? Absolutely not. So, it is important to note that End Citizens United is completely free of those cloudy and confusing investment complications that taint even the best politicians.


Muller and End Citizens United aren’t the first group to try and subvert the Citizens United decision but they are by far the most organized and ready to strike. In order to get the decision overturned the team at End Citizens United knows that they need to back progressive politicians who are willing to put legislation in place to actively get rid of the decision. This has led End Citizens United to endorse 11 different Democratic candidates leading up to the 2018 election including Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado and Senator Russ Feingold from Wisconsin. Look for these politicians to make a major push in 2018 with End Citizens United behind them.


David McDonald: President Of OSI Food Company

OSI, a premier food company was established in 1992 in China. Over the years, the company has grown significantly and has contributed to China’s economy. The company is a force of nature in the food industry.

OSI Group has partnered with other different regional and international companies. For instance, in 2008, the company was a sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games. They provided different types of foods that amounted to 113 tons.

The quality of their food products has influenced OSI success. After the Olympics, OSI received positive reviews from McDonald and the Olympic Committee for their service which impacted the Company’s popularity in the international front. They supply various food products to different brands in the world.

OSI Group has achieved success in the industry. The success has been influenced by their core values; passion and dedication. Customer satisfaction is also at the core of the company’s operation. They offer tailor-made solutions to suit their customers’ needs. OSI has five food categories that they offer including beef, pork, poultry, bacon, and fried foods. Teamwork, commitment, transparency, accountability, and innovation are the qualities that have given the company a competitive edge.

About David

David McDonald is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Before joining the Company, David worked for other companies including the North American Institute. Since joining the OSI Group in 1987, David has worked the C.E.O and the Project Manager of the OSI Company. David is the Director of the OSI International Food operations in Australia and a member of the Board of Directors of OSI Company. He is a Director of Marfrig Global Foods, which later acquired the OSI Company offices in Brazil and Europe.

Under his leadership, OSI has gained recognition and success in the industry. David McDonald OSI Group motivates his employees to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives. David has acquired a set of skills that have helped him to lead the Company. He is good in management, leadership, sales management, mergers, retail, strategic planning, food service, forecasting, negotiation, business development, and strategic management.

David McDonald graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University.