Investment Guru, Paul Mampilly Eyes Farming Robots

In a speech at this year’s Total Wealth Symposium, Paul Mampilly, editor of Profits Unlimited, and dedicated a stock analysts said that more investors should be embracing the new trend of farming robots.Remote-controlled harvesters, fully automated fertilizing systems, viticulture robots are the new reality in agriculture. The applied technology is limited to automated steering systems that make the work easier for the drivers, but there are also other ideas in the works. The idea of many small agricultural robots instead of several large machines. The autonomously working mini-robots, for example, will plant independently, as well as monitor and take care of the harvest.

In addition to such prototypes, as Paul Mampilly points out, are tangible machines and newer developments in use, which work in different degrees of automation and replace the farmer and employees.Approaches to automation, in different intensity levels, exist today in almost all areas of agriculture. Not only on the field are farmers now experimenting with thinking technology, but also in animal husbandry and vegetable growing robots are being used.Mampilly has spoken of various ways automated employees are replacing traditional people, and various ways investors should be thinking of how to make money in this industry. For one, says Paul Mampilly, investors should looking at the companies building this technology.

Examples of robotic agricultural systems include:

  • With automatic milking systems, more cows are milked in a much shorter time. At the same time, the system captures the data of each cow and evaluates them. Milk that does not meet the quality requirements will be sorted out automatically.
  • Robots also pick various items that make up salads, and does the work of 20 field workers.
  • There are also automatic feed systems in cow and other animal pens. Each cow is identified by transponders and supplied with the specified amount of feed and the individual food composition.

Automation is still in its infancy in many areas, and so is field technology, but as Paul Mampilly points out, the more accurately agricultural machines are controlled, the more advantages arise for the farmer, and this emerging technology is ripe for investors.Paul Mampilly is an editor for a host of widely popular investment newsletters like Profits Unlimited, and Rapid Profit Trader. Since launching his newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing, he has published hundreds of posts that offer his expertise and experience as a stock analyst.Follow Paul on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on the latest happenings.


How Robert Deignan Went From Sports to Being the Force behind ATS Digital Solutions

In the past, having problems with a computer, mobile or any other digital device, meant spending endless hours on the phone while trying to reach the customer care team of the said device. However, that is now a thing of the past, thanks to Robert Deignan’s company; ATS Digital solutions as clients can get solutions from all around the world, and solve their connectivity issues remotely. Clients can only call the customer care number provided on ATS’s website, and they are immediately connected to a team of highly proficient tech gurus. The team will then access the troublesome device remotely, and solve the issue utilizing the highest standards of safety. Additionally, these technicians go the extra mile in implementing measures and offering recommendations on how to prevent such a problem from occurring in the future.

Who is Robert Deignan?

Robert Deignan is the man sitting at the helm of ATS digital solutions. It is through his unique leadership style and innovative strategies that ATS has grown into the giant call center we see today. Under his belt, ATS is now setting the pace for other companies in tech as being the first call center to be approved by AppEsteem Corporation. It’s the only body that approves applications and support companies that provide top-shelf support services.

Similar to any other human being, Robert was not born the co-founder and CEO of ATS digital. His journey started in St. Thomas Aquinas, in Fort Lauderdale Florida where he was born. After completing high school education, Robert Deignan got the opportunity to pursue a BS Degree in Business Management at Purdue University through a football scholarship. In 1996 after his graduation, Robert went back to sports to play for the Miami Dolphins for a year before moving to the New York Jets team where again he played for one year.

In 1998, Robert quit his lucrative sporting career for entrepreneurship by establishing Fanlink Inc, and for the next three years, he would spend his time managing its operations. In 2002, he got the opportunity to serve as the Executive vice president of iS3, a role he served for close to a decade before resigning in 201, and on August, Robert Deignan brought ATS Digital Solutions to life.

Chainsmokers, Ruling The Dance Charts With Their Debut Album

Chainsmokers, the EDM/Pop Duo’s debut album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ has had a full year now on the charts and has made incredible feats already. It was at the top of the Top Dance/Electronic Albums listing for 31 consecutive weeks. This has become the fourth-most stints on No. 1 which is very impressive for a debut album. It still features on the list, so that figure will only rise with time as the excitement about their album never seems to cease.

In the year since the album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ was released, it has undoubtedly dominated the Top Dance/Electronic Albums, either being at the top or side-stepping to allow newer releases such as ‘Common Ground’ by Above & Beyond, ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’ by Calvin Harris, ‘Kids in love’ by Kygo, ‘Revelations: The White EP’ by William Control, and ‘A Moment Apart’ by Odesza, before returning to the top again.

In addition to being on the throne of the Top Dance/Electronic Albums listing, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ opened as the number one track on Billboard 200 which includes popular tracks from all genres. This was an impressive feat as it’s very rare for a dance number to make it to No. 1 on Billboard 200.

Chainsmokers duo must be very proud of how well their album is being received. With their still-popular and successful EP Collage containing the blockbuster hits ‘Closer’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, the music of the duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, usually own more than one slots in the top 5 of the Top Dance/Electronic Albums listing. Recently, ‘Closer’ was certified as a Diamond hit single which shows even the older songs still have a thriving popularity.

Since the album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ has arrived, it is sitting cozily at the top in most dance charts, particularly in the Top Dance/Electronic Albums, where it is evidently the most successful week after week, even after a year since its release. The Chainsmoker’s first proper album has not moved out of top 5 for over a year. It is incredible how far they have come from being DJs to now being real superstars.

The Completion of Renovia $42.3 Million Series B Financing

Renovia was founded in 2016 with the aim of commercializing and developing products that helped ensure remarkable diagnosis as well as the treatment that improves the quality of life for millions of women suffering from the specific condition especially those with pelvic floor disorder. It is dedicated to the discovery and delivery of first-line digital diagnostic and therapeutic devices. They made an announcement recently about the close of 42 million in financing where 10 million was in venture debt, and 32.3 million was in Series B equity.


The proceeds gained from this funding will be used to assist various Renovia clinical trials, corporate development, product development pipeline, and any future commercial launches. During the series B financing, BayCross Capital Group was the adviser to Renovia while Perceptive Advisers and Ascension Ventures led the financing process and with the participation of Inova Strategic investment, Longwood fund, OSF Ventures, Cormorant Asset Management, and Western Technology Investment.


Marc Beer  is the CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder of Renovia said that they are very excited about having the support of some of the leading healthcare investor who are also a part of the mission to see that the millions of women who are affected by various pelvic floor disorder receive better diagnose and improved treatment.


Marc Beer also stated that they are seeking to combine innovation, form factors as well as propriety sensor technologies to come up with a digital health platform all in an effort to bring across valuable data to show new treatment methods and to increase the knowledge concerning the disorder and find a long run solution to reduce the healthcare costs. There is tremendous value in the diagnostic product pipeline, and the innovative digital therapeutic and the funding recognizes that there is a lot of that there is a lot that can come from the treatment of pelvic floor disorders which includes urinary incontinence.


Urinary Inconsistence affects close to 250 million women worldwide which makes it a common and tough condition. Renovia is committed towards coming up with a product pipeline that offers both therapeutic and diagnostic potential that would be of great help to women who are affected by this condition.


In an interview with Ideamensch, Marc Beer was asked to discuss one thing that he does over and over again as an entrepreneur and can recommend everyone else to do. Marc Beer said that it’s all about great focus towards talent acquisition where one should prefer and engage best individuals, organize them most effectively and efficiently. Then consistently look into human capital that is required to accomplish whatever that you are striving to achieve. He also noted that most companies usually fail at this. This is all about incorporating the best and the right talent all through the organization. Learn more:


Oh Dear, Doe Deere!

It’s arguably the plot of a gorgeous American Dream. Despite a mask of gorgeous make-up, Doe Deere (born Xenia Vorotova) has been transparent about the pock-marked path that led to her polished image. A native of Russia, Deere immigrated to the United States with her mother and sister at the curious age of 17.

Deere understood that New York City is a fashion mecca though it can be harshly unforgiving to new arrivals as the Vorotova family was destined to discover. Deere and her family started at the very bottom of the barrel and despite enough work ethic and determination to power the city, their humble foundation meant an introduction to a homeless shelter in Manhattan soon after their arrival.

Not to be thwarted, Deere’s family graciously accepted the assistance of a not-for-profit organization that specializes in assisting female immigrants in dire situations: Sanctuary for Families. This boost included the crucial support of a social worker that saw to it that Deere’s mother get a well-paying job and helped Deere get into the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Doe Deere can attribute much of her success to her attitude towards hardship which is one of acceptance: hardship is inevitable and not an excuse to quit. But it is also her humility and gratitude towards those who helped her along the way that paints a picture of someone destined to stand firmly on her own two feet and help others get there too.

In 2008, Deere founded her cosmetic company Lime Crime. The company, boasting cruelty-free, Vegan options for exciting, fairy tale color and outlandish self-expression, employs more than 35 people in Los Angeles and continues to make an impact on the cosmetic world. It’s their birthday year and a decade into this adventure, Doe Deere is proving that unicorns do exist!

Jacob Gottlieb Altium

When it comes to top executives in the healthcare industry, few people have the name recognition that Jacob Gottlieb has. While he gained fame as one of the founders of Visium Asset Management, he has since moved on to form a brand new healthcare investment firm by the name of Altium Capital. He found great success with his past firm and is now aiming to replicate his success with this new venture.

Gottlieb actually became interested in the world of finance at a rather young age. While in high school, he became the winner in a contest dealing with faux stock picks. This ignited his lifelong interest in the field and was most certainly a key to his success. He already possessed a remarkably powerful work ethic and was blessed with the support of parents.

Gottlieb graduated near the top of his class at Brown University, attaining the honors of Magna Cum Laude. He at first thought he wanted to become a professional in the field of medicine but decided against it after finishing an internship at New York University Medical School. It was after this experience that he realized his true passion was finance. He focused his efforts on conquering Wall Street after this.

He began his actual business career at the firm of Bernstein & Co. He continued his relentless pursuit of education and achieved his Certified Financial Analyst degree while working at this firm. He quickly saw that he could gain new career heights by moving on and found himself newly employed at the Merlin Biomed Group. He didn’t stay long there however and moved to Balyasny Asset Management where he found even greater fame. After a number of years there, he finally joined the company of Visium in 2005.

There is no doubt that with all of his past success he will find even more at his new venture. It seems that no matter where he goes, he finds his skills and expertise truly shine.

The Many Roles of Jason Hope

Jason Hope describes himself as an entrepreneur and business owner. Regardless of the title he is given, his successful philanthropic endeavors have made a difference for people in Arizona, his home state, as well as for others across the country. When asked about philanthropy, Hope states he feels he is in a position to help others, and feels compelled to do so.

Hope is particularly passionate about giving back to his local Scottsdale, Arizona community by supporting local organizations. He has a desire to see his community thrive, and is constantly looking for projects that would benefit from his input of resources, time, and influence.

Looking to the future is a big part of Jason Hope’s philosophy. He supports humanitarian organizations that are focused on improving the lives of all people, and all those to follow. He is especially interested in efforts to fight the effects of aging, and allowing people to lead longer and healthier lives. The SENS foundation research on creating a better quality of life by focusing on disease prevention is one organization that Hope passionately stands behind. He believes that prevention, not treatment is the key to a healthier future. Read more about Jason Hope at Inspirery

Believing that technology is the future leads Hope to carefully study trends, and then work with individuals and businesses to help plan, develop, and implement the latest advancements. Hope says technology should be used to our advantage, should improve life conditions, and should make daily life a little easier and more enjoyable. Hope supports young entrepreneurs who have great technological ideas, but lack the funding to bring them to reality. His grants and offered insight give life to many new projects. Hope believes the Internet of Things will bring many positive changes to our society.

Jason Hope encourages everyone to be involved and support the things they are passionate about in whatever way they are capable of doing. First, he advises to find your passions and determine if you want to assist on a local or national level. Then, decide how you are going to be involved. You may invest financially, donate time and effort, or do both. Hope says the last step is to do your research and find those organizations that you believe in. Based on all the ideas and efforts he supports, it seems to be a good idea to add philanthropist and futurist to that list of words to describe Jason Hope.

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David Zalik takes big risks, ultimately prevails with GreenSky

Many of the greatest entrepreneurs in history are known today due to their willingness to do things and take on risks that others could not or would not face. David Zalik, the founder and CEO of GreenSky , is a good example. Zalik, 44, risked literally everything he had more than 12 years ago to found the company that today ranks as one of the most important firms in the fintech sector. It was Zalik’s unique combination of certitude, willingness to take big risks and, somewhat paradoxically, deep business conservatism that have defined the success of GreenSky .

Now, as the company mulls an IPO that some analysts are saying may be worth as much as $10 billion, the world is watching to see what the next step for GreenSky  will be. But as many who have closely observed the firm over the course of its history will point out, the GreenSky business model itself has not changed much from its earliest days. It has just proven to be so versatile that the company appears to be doing radical new things when, in fact, it is simply applying the same solution to a wide variety of different industries.



Big moves for a small company

When Zalik first conjured the idea behind GreenSky  based on his years of working in the home improvement business, he had difficulty finding a bank willing to lend him the startup capital needed to get his venture off the ground. Eventually, this problem became intractable. Desperate, Zalik effectively reverse mortgaged his entire $12 million commercial real estate fortune and poured every cent of it into his new business.

This risky all-in move at a time when his company had barely registered as a corporation would prove to be one of the best bets in American industry over the last two decades. By 2018, GreenSky was worth in excess of $4 billion. Zalik’s vision of creating a seamless way to provide retail-level bridge financing for big-ticket items has been roundly vindicated. GreenSky’s soaring valuation provides evidence of how farsighted Zalik’s original bet really was.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Transforming Bodies & Minds

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., affectionately nicknamed Dr. J, is a board certified plastic surgeon located in Dallas, Texas, with a focus on cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, body and breasts. A graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, he is a renowned member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. His extensive experience, coupled with his warmth and sensitivity, has helped many a patient achieve their goals. Drawing in patients from all over the world, Dr. J is keenly aware that every patent is unique, with their own needs and goals. This attention to detail and sensitivity to diversity has ranked him among the top physicians in the nation based on patient reviews.

He’s gained high marks in the areas of thoroughness of examination, clarity of instructions, positive attitude, and history of success. In fact, he is one of the few physicians to be honored with the Compassionate Doctor Certification in 2012, an honor which was only awarded to a fraction of over 800,000 physicians with near perfect scores in verbal and bedside manner. Dr. J’s passion for the art of plastic surgery can also be found on his blog at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute’s website. There, he educates readers on a variety of topics including new products and cutting edge procedures, cosmetic trends, skin care basics, and implant safety. He ensures that patients make smart and informed decisions about the changes to their body by developing close relationships and encouraging open two-way communication.

A master of his craft, Dr. Jejurikar is committed to providing patients with the best approach to their cosmetic and reconstructive surgery needs. His skill is matched only by his passion to make positive change in the lives of his patients, transforming not just how people look, but how they think and feel.

Looking Into Fortress Investment Group with Clear Focus

Fortress Investment Group is a financial services provider, an investment management firm located in New York. It was initially founded as a private equity firm on January 1, 1998. It was founded by Wes Edens, Peter Bridges, and Randal Nardone.

In 2007 it became the first large-scale private equity firm to turn public in the New York Stock Exchange as was highlighted by its initial public offering that year. Fortress investment group handles assets worth over 43 billion dollars for their investors across permanent capital ventures, hedge funds, and private equity.

It was named as the Institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year by the Institutional Investor Magazine in June 2014. Some areas of expertise of the Fortress Investment Group include asset-based investments which include capital, real estate, and financial vehicles by utilizing private equity and credit funds to bring about cash flow in the long term.

They are also involved in operations management, managing mergers, and acquisitions and are specialists in capital markets and have institutional knowledge regarding companies and the wide variety of industries.

In 2017, the corporation was purchased by the Softbank Group Corporation which is a Japanese company whose headquarters are in Tokyo at 3.3 billion dollars. However, it still serves as an independent entity retaining its base at New York. Its founders remained serving as its principals.

Softbank has an eye on the information revolution and its management mainly leaning towards companies that deal with artificial intelligence, intelligent robotics, telecommunications, internet services, and other technologically based companies.

Their purchase of Fortress Group was a tactical move as it sought to increase investment expertise in its investment fund management.

Fortress Investment Group has recently partnered with iPass which is a world-leading provider of connectivity options globally. It operates the most extensive Wi-Fi network in the world.

With the partnership, Fortress provides funding of 20 million dollars, availing 10 million directly. This financing deal was brokered by Riley Financial which is an investment bank specializing in organizing financing between companies and investors.

Wes Edens owns his private passenger rail system in the United States the Brightline Train. Following the frustrations that are felt by many residents of Florida while commuting from Miami and Fort Lauderdale especially during rush hour time or other inconveniencing situations, the Brightline Train started operating on the route.

It has been useful especially in reducing the traffic on the Florida roads and providing a friendlier and cleaner traveling option.

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