Facts about Richard Liu

The Chinese business mogul Richard Liu alias Liu Qiangdong is a household name in matters e-commerce. He heads a renowned e-commerce platform with a net worth of $57.6 billion. Richard Liu is worth $12.7 billion as per the Forbes magazine.

Richard Liu perfected skills in computer programming by offering services while still a student back in college. He once served as a director for computer and a director for business in the company known as Japan Life.

In 1998, the businessman ventured out on his own. He set up a shop that sold magneto-optical products in Beijing. The venture was named Jingdong. By 2003, he had opened other 11 stores totaling the branches to 12.

Liu Qiangdong founded JD.com in 2004. He started by supplying a variety of products including consumer goods and electronics.

The CEO of JD.com is the man behind the national logistics system that caters the company’s popularity around China back in 2007. He later saw the gap in product delivery to customers in the most rural parts of China. Customers residing in such areas had to travel to the nearest urban center to access the goods. Mr. Qiangdong saw a business opportunity in this spearheaded JD.com coming up with a unique logistics to curb the products from being damaged. The method also meant to avoid loss of items. This method was later adopted by other e-commerce magnates like Amazon after JD.com had established the model in the United States.

Richard Liu is credited for the rise in popularity in e-commerce due to his model and method ideologies. His effective leadership has put up JD.com as the third among internet companies worldwide.

Liu Qiangdong has received many awards for his expertise and contribution. Mr. Liu was also named the “2011 Chinese Business Leader”. He also boasts of a spot in the Fortunes list of” World’s Greatest Leaders.”

Richard Liu is well known as a humble down to earth person. Despite all the wealth under his name, Liu still takes up the position of a delivery person at JD.com. He is known for his foresightedness and creativity in coming up with unique innovations that give JD.com an advantage over other companies.

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