Alex’s Pall’s Sharing on the Foundation and Growth of the Chainsmokers Band

Immediately they released their track, “Closer,” back in 2016; Interview Magazine interviewed Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers. Apart from their growing crowd who were waiting for its launch, the New York-based Magazine also was much anxiety about what the song was about, and the pair who are slowly, but strongly gracing their identity each dawn. As he narrated it, Pall used to be a DJ in New York City, where he passionately worked on as an enjoyment, despite getting some income from it. He started getting more and more fond of dance music, and that’s when he was introduced to Taggart by their manager and started working together.

With both having similar musical incentives, the two strategically collaborated their capabilities, With Taggart utilizing his incredible talent as a producer, and Pall his amazing DJ gigs plus social marketing. The duo had been working hard by trying unmatched pieces, to content their prospective and current audience who are conforming to their music at a great rate.

Unlike some musicians who denies using outsourced songwriters, Pall boldly stated that they at times use them, however, have to be with them for guidance. When asked on the inclusion of Halsey on the track “Closer,” the DJ agreed she has always been their key artist to do a collabo with, following her uniqueness and humble character. Due to the help of social media, Instagram, he was grateful the song was already gaining popularity worldwide, even in Asia and Africa. He was really glad that everyone enjoyed their music, and of every age, despite them creating the music for themselves at first.

In efforts of catering for their growing audience, Alex Pall agreed they wouldn’t stop pushing themselves, and even one of their achievements with the track, the “#Selfie” which enabled them go around the entire world.

Speaking of the Live show s, he spoke of still maintaining their uniqueness, starting with their Big Fall Tour which he said they had organized for 2017’s spring, and which they would use their DJ show to mix videos of their live show.

While concluding for the Magazine’s interviewer, Pall restated that their two-people band is more of being at pursuing new boundaries and providing people with new experiences.

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