Betsy DeVos: Altering School Systems In America

Education has always been one of the strong standing points of an institution and is something that impacts the society as a whole. Because of the manner in which young minds are shaped, education should be one sector that is given an incredible amount of priority. Over the past few years, education in America has managed to grow incredibly, and a lot of this has been because of the efforts put in by Betsy DeVos. As it stands, Betsy DeVos is the Education Minister of America and someone who has been incredibly passionate about education since the early days of her career.



A resident of the state of Michigan, Betsy DeVos has always tried to partake in things that would improve the society and the people living in it. She always held views on the strong importance of education in the country and wanted to be able to improve the system as a whole. To help her achieve these goals, she decided to partake in movements that would drive change within this system. One of the more prominent endeavors that Betsy DeVos decided to partake in was the School Charter Movement, which advocated for the increase of private schools.



One of the views that Betsy DeVos held was regarding the quality of education being offered. In America, the disparities between the public and private school system are incredible. Public schools don’t always provide the very best resources, and sometimes are unable to meet the needs of students. Private schools, on the other hand, can provide a wide range of resources that can aid the development of the children coming to those institutions. This enforces a better system and one which facilitates the proper development of children. For a society to flourish, the children should be well educated and should be encouraged to move towards a positive direction.



Because of the strong views that Betsy DeVos has held about education, she has managed to facilitate an incredible amount of change. Schools throughout America are better equipped to deal with the growing needs of students and are able to offer a more modern curriculum that is more appropriate for the times that we live in. Overall, this has benefitted the country to an incredible extent, and more developments are coming with the improvements to this system.



In addition to working towards positive change, Betsy DeVos has tried to take matters into her own hands and contribute to a better society. Because of how highly she views education, she believes that every child in America should be able to receive a good quality education. For this purpose, she hands out scholarships to students who are unable to afford a good education for themselves.



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