How Robert Deignan Went From Sports to Being the Force behind ATS Digital Solutions

In the past, having problems with a computer, mobile or any other digital device, meant spending endless hours on the phone while trying to reach the customer care team of the said device. However, that is now a thing of the past, thanks to Robert Deignan’s company; ATS Digital solutions as clients can get solutions from all around the world, and solve their connectivity issues remotely. Clients can only call the customer care number provided on ATS’s website, and they are immediately connected to a team of highly proficient tech gurus. The team will then access the troublesome device remotely, and solve the issue utilizing the highest standards of safety. Additionally, these technicians go the extra mile in implementing measures and offering recommendations on how to prevent such a problem from occurring in the future.

Who is Robert Deignan?

Robert Deignan is the man sitting at the helm of ATS digital solutions. It is through his unique leadership style and innovative strategies that ATS has grown into the giant call center we see today. Under his belt, ATS is now setting the pace for other companies in tech as being the first call center to be approved by AppEsteem Corporation. It’s the only body that approves applications and support companies that provide top-shelf support services.

Similar to any other human being, Robert was not born the co-founder and CEO of ATS digital. His journey started in St. Thomas Aquinas, in Fort Lauderdale Florida where he was born. After completing high school education, Robert Deignan got the opportunity to pursue a BS Degree in Business Management at Purdue University through a football scholarship. In 1996 after his graduation, Robert went back to sports to play for the Miami Dolphins for a year before moving to the New York Jets team where again he played for one year.

In 1998, Robert quit his lucrative sporting career for entrepreneurship by establishing Fanlink Inc, and for the next three years, he would spend his time managing its operations. In 2002, he got the opportunity to serve as the Executive vice president of iS3, a role he served for close to a decade before resigning in 201, and on August, Robert Deignan brought ATS Digital Solutions to life.

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