Chainsmokers, Ruling The Dance Charts With Their Debut Album

Chainsmokers, the EDM/Pop Duo’s debut album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ has had a full year now on the charts and has made incredible feats already. It was at the top of the Top Dance/Electronic Albums listing for 31 consecutive weeks. This has become the fourth-most stints on No. 1 which is very impressive for a debut album. It still features on the list, so that figure will only rise with time as the excitement about their album never seems to cease.

In the year since the album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ was released, it has undoubtedly dominated the Top Dance/Electronic Albums, either being at the top or side-stepping to allow newer releases such as ‘Common Ground’ by Above & Beyond, ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’ by Calvin Harris, ‘Kids in love’ by Kygo, ‘Revelations: The White EP’ by William Control, and ‘A Moment Apart’ by Odesza, before returning to the top again.

In addition to being on the throne of the Top Dance/Electronic Albums listing, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ opened as the number one track on Billboard 200 which includes popular tracks from all genres. This was an impressive feat as it’s very rare for a dance number to make it to No. 1 on Billboard 200.

Chainsmokers duo must be very proud of how well their album is being received. With their still-popular and successful EP Collage containing the blockbuster hits ‘Closer’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, the music of the duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, usually own more than one slots in the top 5 of the Top Dance/Electronic Albums listing. Recently, ‘Closer’ was certified as a Diamond hit single which shows even the older songs still have a thriving popularity.

Since the album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ has arrived, it is sitting cozily at the top in most dance charts, particularly in the Top Dance/Electronic Albums, where it is evidently the most successful week after week, even after a year since its release. The Chainsmoker’s first proper album has not moved out of top 5 for over a year. It is incredible how far they have come from being DJs to now being real superstars.

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