Oh Dear, Doe Deere!

It’s arguably the plot of a gorgeous American Dream. Despite a mask of gorgeous make-up, Doe Deere (born Xenia Vorotova) has been transparent about the pock-marked path that led to her polished image. A native of Russia, Deere immigrated to the United States with her mother and sister at the curious age of 17.

Deere understood that New York City is a fashion mecca though it can be harshly unforgiving to new arrivals as the Vorotova family was destined to discover. Deere and her family started at the very bottom of the barrel and despite enough work ethic and determination to power the city, their humble foundation meant an introduction to a homeless shelter in Manhattan soon after their arrival.

Not to be thwarted, Deere’s family graciously accepted the assistance of a not-for-profit organization that specializes in assisting female immigrants in dire situations: Sanctuary for Families. This boost included the crucial support of a social worker that saw to it that Deere’s mother get a well-paying job and helped Deere get into the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Doe Deere can attribute much of her success to her attitude towards hardship which is one of acceptance: hardship is inevitable and not an excuse to quit. But it is also her humility and gratitude towards those who helped her along the way that paints a picture of someone destined to stand firmly on her own two feet and help others get there too.

In 2008, Deere founded her cosmetic company Lime Crime. The company, boasting cruelty-free, Vegan options for exciting, fairy tale color and outlandish self-expression, employs more than 35 people in Los Angeles and continues to make an impact on the cosmetic world. It’s their birthday year and a decade into this adventure, Doe Deere is proving that unicorns do exist!


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