Jacob Gottlieb Altium

When it comes to top executives in the healthcare industry, few people have the name recognition that Jacob Gottlieb has. While he gained fame as one of the founders of Visium Asset Management, he has since moved on to form a brand new healthcare investment firm by the name of Altium Capital. He found great success with his past firm and is now aiming to replicate his success with this new venture.

Gottlieb actually became interested in the world of finance at a rather young age. While in high school, he became the winner in a contest dealing with faux stock picks. This ignited his lifelong interest in the field and was most certainly a key to his success. He already possessed a remarkably powerful work ethic and was blessed with the support of parents.

Gottlieb graduated near the top of his class at Brown University, attaining the honors of Magna Cum Laude. He at first thought he wanted to become a professional in the field of medicine but decided against it after finishing an internship at New York University Medical School. It was after this experience that he realized his true passion was finance. He focused his efforts on conquering Wall Street after this.

He began his actual business career at the firm of Bernstein & Co. He continued his relentless pursuit of education and achieved his Certified Financial Analyst degree while working at this firm. He quickly saw that he could gain new career heights by moving on and found himself newly employed at the Merlin Biomed Group. He didn’t stay long there however and moved to Balyasny Asset Management where he found even greater fame. After a number of years there, he finally joined the company of Visium in 2005.

There is no doubt that with all of his past success he will find even more at his new venture. It seems that no matter where he goes, he finds his skills and expertise truly shine.

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