The Many Roles of Jason Hope

Jason Hope describes himself as an entrepreneur and business owner. Regardless of the title he is given, his successful philanthropic endeavors have made a difference for people in Arizona, his home state, as well as for others across the country. When asked about philanthropy, Hope states he feels he is in a position to help others, and feels compelled to do so.

Hope is particularly passionate about giving back to his local Scottsdale, Arizona community by supporting local organizations. He has a desire to see his community thrive, and is constantly looking for projects that would benefit from his input of resources, time, and influence.

Looking to the future is a big part of Jason Hope’s philosophy. He supports humanitarian organizations that are focused on improving the lives of all people, and all those to follow. He is especially interested in efforts to fight the effects of aging, and allowing people to lead longer and healthier lives. The SENS foundation research on creating a better quality of life by focusing on disease prevention is one organization that Hope passionately stands behind. He believes that prevention, not treatment is the key to a healthier future. Read more about Jason Hope at Inspirery

Believing that technology is the future leads Hope to carefully study trends, and then work with individuals and businesses to help plan, develop, and implement the latest advancements. Hope says technology should be used to our advantage, should improve life conditions, and should make daily life a little easier and more enjoyable. Hope supports young entrepreneurs who have great technological ideas, but lack the funding to bring them to reality. His grants and offered insight give life to many new projects. Hope believes the Internet of Things will bring many positive changes to our society.

Jason Hope encourages everyone to be involved and support the things they are passionate about in whatever way they are capable of doing. First, he advises to find your passions and determine if you want to assist on a local or national level. Then, decide how you are going to be involved. You may invest financially, donate time and effort, or do both. Hope says the last step is to do your research and find those organizations that you believe in. Based on all the ideas and efforts he supports, it seems to be a good idea to add philanthropist and futurist to that list of words to describe Jason Hope.

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