The Career History of Clayton Hutson

Passion in business is everything. It helps put things into perspective during the hard times. This is why you need to consider what you love when deciding what to do with your life. Clayton Hutson is among the lucky people who are getting paid to do what they love. He has loved music all his life. Hutson has a bachelor’s degree in theater design acquired from the Central Michigan University. He also has master’s degree in business administration, which he got from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. This explains why Clayton is able to manage his company so well.

After completing his education, Clayton Hutson worked with the entertainment industry and traveled with Graham’s sound team. However, with time, he decided to settle for the music industry. Hutson is particularly interested with the rock and roll music. He has had a chance to work with famous musicians like Kelly Clarkson, Pink and Kid Rock.

Clayton Hutson says that he got the idea of starting his business from the many years of experience in the field. He says that he believed in his skills and decided to stand on his own when the recession hit his employer and adversely affected the stability of the firm.

Clayton Hutson has a large portfolio from which he makes money. He says he earns from rigging services, sound engineering, and logistics among other factors. However, Clayton Hutson is currently specializing with stage management.

Starting a business is challenging, but the biggest challenge hits when trying to make the firm profitable. Clayton Hutson says that it was a bit tough for him because he joined the industry during a financial crisis. However, it never took him long to get great clients. With hard work and consistency, he was able to make a big difference.

When you are trying something for the first time, it is scary. There are many doubtful phases that you go through. It is comforting to know that it is a common stage for everyone. Clayton Hutson says that during this phase, the only thing he did was wake up and keep going. He had an experience that cost him more than $150000. This was in the process of defending himself in a lawsuit that was filed against him by a firm that he was subcontracting for with their client. Things went south after the client dropped the firm and chose to continue the business relations with Hutson. He, however, got past the issue and that is what matters. Learn more:


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