How Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillar Approach Can Work For Any Financial Goal

When it comes to getting something huge done, the most important factor is a well thought out plan. One of the reasons that this is important is that people who do not make it a point to get organized are not going to make a lot of progress. This is the key to success. Richard Dwayne Blair has a sort of plan that he calls the three-pillar approach. He believes that this is effective because it organizes the goals into three steps for the person to figure out. This can be done when it comes to investing or starting a business that involves selling products and services.

The first pillar involves laying out the road map for the client when it comes to his finances. This involves many things like the financial needs for the client and the tolerance of risk. Richard Dwayne Blair also looks at the strengths of his client and what he can do on account of that. For instance, if the client wants to start a business, he has to have the strength of a good work ethic. Afterwards, he has to figure out the direction he wants to go so that he can secure a bright financial future.

The next two pillars involve the strategy and then the execution of that strategy with observation. Richard Dwayne Blair helps the client think through what he can do in order to make sure that he is getting adequate results. Once they come up with a plan, the client proceeds to executing that plan. The monitoring comes in when they look at the results of the plan in order to see whether or not it is as effective as they hoped it would be. If it is not that effective, then they would have to make some adjustments to the plan.

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