Susn McGalla is a Woman on A Mission

Susan McGalla is a woman who cares about helping other women to succeed. She is someone who has worked diligently to ensure that she created the best life for herself. Susan McGalla is a woman of purpose and passion who worked to get to some of the top levels in various companies.

American Eagle Outfitters is one of the companies that Susan worked her way up in. When she started all of the top executives were men but before she left she became the President of the company. She founded P3 Executive Consulting due to all of her experience. Now she works for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She serves as Vice-Present of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Susan McGalla knows that many women have not been given the same chances that she has and she tries to think of ways to level the playing field for women in the workplace. She believes that sponsorship and mentorship is one of the best ways to help. The sponsor would work with women who are deeply invested in their careers and create opportunities for them. Susan is fully behind this concept because it will allow more women to have opportunities and companies who have men and women executives do better overall.

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