Nick Vertucci on The Mentality Needed to Succeed

Nick Vertucci is one of the successful entrepreneurs who will tell people what they don’t want to hear. One of the reasons that he has succeeded is that he has went against convention. He is someone who is not going to tell people that he has just played the game and somehow made enough money to be rich. He is also not going to tell people that he has made some magical choice that has made him a fortune. As a matter of fact, his story is filled with a lot of mistakes and discouragement as well as adversity. He would call his story a “rags-to-riches then back-to-rags and then back-to-riches” story.

One thing that Nick’s example shows is that people can get plenty of chances to get it right. Also, there is no such thing as doing it right the first time when it comes to making money. Another thing that Nick Vertucci would say is that the worst thing a person can do is play it safe if he wants to move forward. Many people are made to believe that they have to just settle for less and somehow that will be their way to success. The only thing is that a job that gives them less is not going to cover any emergencies.

Nick Vertucci has written a book that has talked about his life. It has included his mistakes to show people that it is okay to make mistakes on the way to the top. One aspect of the story that is encouraging is how he has gained a fortune at some point as an entrepreneur and then lost it all. The interesting thing about this story is that Nick Vertucci started over and regained everything he has lost. This is the type of example that people need in their lives.

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