Paul Mampilly Offers His Thoughts on Bitcoin

Count Paul Mampilly as one of the skeptics when it comes to Bitcoin and the hysteria surrounding it and other similar online cryptocurrencies. This esteemed former hedge fund manager knows a thing or two about sound fundamentals and feels that they are lacking considerably in regards to this market phenomenon. He’s convinced that this bubble will burst like many others before it and wipe away the profits and principal of many excited fortune seekers. Visit the website to learn more.

The credentials of Paul Mampilly are formidable in the world of finance and investing and he’s also seen firsthand the effects of markets collapsing. His stellar run as a successful hedge fund manager culminated with his victory in the Templeton Foundation’s investing contest where he not only bested the indexes, he also crushed other worthy competitors as well. This was for a two year stretch in a vicious bear market which only burnishes his triumph.

A close friend of Mampilly’s experienced firsthand the agonies of watching an extraordinary paper profit disappear when the tech stock bubble burst in a spectacular way. He had urged this person several times to book a profit and take substantial money off the table in the stock she was holding. Unfortunately, she didn’t heed his advice and averaged in as the market was plunging and her whole investment was lost. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

One warning sign that Paul Mampilly highlights is the fantastic level of pop culture and public interest in Bitcoin and others like it. The rapid growth that accompanies this factor is another strong indicator that a market top is approaching and the drop is usually sudden and complete.

The difficulty in properly valuing something like Bitcoin is another factor that could lead to doubt creeping into the market. Just as sharks smell blood in the water investors can be easily spooked and rush for the exits when sensing danger. This leads to an overwhelming crush of sellers with few buyers to match.

For the record, Paul Mampilly finds the technology behind cryptocurrencies shows a great deal of promise. Their proper valuation is a strong issue for him and he feels that this current run to the top will necessarily be short lived.

The analogy that makes some sense to Mampilly is the example of Amazon after the tech stock bubble collapse. They were dragged down with all the others, however, the fundamentals of their business were sound and the recovery was amazing. So, everyone tied up in Bitcoin should be very wary and the experience of Paul Mampilly is tough to gainsay.


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