Alexandre Gama And His Stages For Success

Alexandre Gama is a well-known Brazilian entrepreneur. Gamma is highly sought after because he is the founder and CEO of Neogama which is one of the top advertising agencies in the country of Brazil. Gama was also the Chief Creative Officer at the BBH agency. Gama received an advertising and communications degree. This is a degree that he was able to attain from the AAP. Gamma is an individual who has been nominated for a variety of professional awards. Some of these awards are the most sought after professional achievement awards in the country. Gamma was also elected to be The Director Of The Year in 2006, and in 2007 he was voted Entrepreneur Of The Year because of his highly successful communications company.

Gama began to work in advertising in 1982, and he worked as a copywriter at that time. Later on, he became the creative director at DM9. Apart from those two companies, he also worked in a variety of agencies globally.

Apart from being an individual who excels in the communications field, Gama is an individual who also works in music. Gama went on to launch VIOLAB. This was a instrumental endeavor in which Gama had his own radio program and a YouTube channel. This program featured some of the best acoustic guitar players in the country of Brazil.

Alexandra Gama is an individual who has variety of interest and eye for success. Gama has been able to make a great name for himself with his global company, and he continues in his efforts for excellence.

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