Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes-Providing Relief to Families in Crisis

The aftermath of a natural disaster leaves families and communities in prolonged devastation. After three devastating hurricanes in 2017, the need to rebuild a community quickly and efficiently is top priority. The most common natural disaster, floods, come with significant repercussions from only a small amount of elevated water. Unbearable odor, property damage, and waterborne diseases are just some of the common residual flood effects. A silent hero in the midst of destruction and chaos is Barbara Stokes, founder of Green Structure Homes, provides disaster relief to victims of natural disasters. Read this article at

Based in Huntsville, Alabama Green Structure homes realized the need to provide immediate access to emergency housing for disaster relief victims. These mini homes are cost effective and meet government demands while victims work towards getting back to normal life. The homes are safer than traditional trailers used in disaster relief situations and are constructed in only a few days! Multiple layers of quality assurance throughout the planning and installation process ensures that the houses are built to last. Victims have the reassurance that they are provided with a quality, safe living environment while they actively seek transition back into the community. The quality of Green Structure homes is top notch. Utilizing quality steel and wood frames, these homes are constructed to withstand mother nature’s wrath.


Not only are the Green Structure Homes of high quality, they also offer a lot of variety. Victims are able to personalize their homes with modern features such as granite or marble counter tops creating a similar resemblance of the home they lost. Victims are also offered choices of multiple bedroom homes providing ample space for larger families. Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes are dedicated to providing peace of mind and encouragement.

Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes realized that providing housing for individuals is the first step to rebuilding a community. The staff at Green Structure Homes is committed to meaningful work. When their help is not needed for disaster relief, the company is involved in construction and inspections for military and private sector needs. Green Structure homes demonstrates the invincible spirit of mankind and teaches us to be there for each other in times of need. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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