The Chainsmokers make their listeners think

The Chainsmokers are a relatively new band, and they are taking the charts by storm. They started off in 2015 and now have been increasing in popularity ever since. They are an EDM band, which means that they make music using the software on computers. This gives it a unique sound like the ones you would hear in a dance club. They have had many big hit songs including their single “Closer ft. Halsey”, which has more than two billion views and about eight million likes on Youtube. This is only for one song and their youtube channel has 14 million subscribers. They also did a song with Coldplay. This song is frequently heard on the radio and has more than one billion views on Youtube.

The Chainsmokers also had an interview with Hugh Mcintyre, they discussed their single “Sick Boy”. The group explained that it is the beginning of a new type of music for them; they have matured as people and know that they want to express themselves through their music, at least for now. They said that their music is a reflection of what they experience and now their music is shifting to be a bit “Darker”. Mcintyre noticed this the first time he listened to the song. The Chainsmokers used their feelings of frustration and anger to help shape the tone of the song and make it more relatable.


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When The Chainsmokers write a song they try to make it understandable and relatable through social media and projecting, but mostly it is left up to what the listeners think. You can’t force someone to like a song, or force them to have a specific interpretation. But this new band doesn’t need to try. That is why they are increasing in popularity because this is something that all people have to think about, not just artists.

This band is a relatable band who uses software and their music to give their interpretation of society. They also make their listeners think about the music they are listening to and have their own thoughts about it, and so far people seem to love it.

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