Jeremy Goldstein: Promoting EPS as an Incentive

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York City-based writer and lawyer who has authored several articles that tackles the legality of certain corporate issues. One of his latest articles is about the earnings per share platform, more commonly known as the EPS platform. Today, most companies in the United States are offering the EPS as an alternative to cash incentives. Employees are taking them over cash incentives because of the chance that the share being given to them could further increase its value. However, some are totally against it and would pick up the cash incentive over the EPS. Jeremy Goldstein has pointed out the advantages and the disadvantages of using the EPS platform, and it managed to open the minds of those who are still confused whether to take it or leave it.



According to the article from Jeremy Goldstein, the earnings per share platform brings in more advantages to the company versus disadvantages. Based on the research from different financial institutions, providing an EPS platform to the employees would increase the shares of a company that is being circulated the stock market. This would, later on, affect the price flow of a certain stock named for a company, and this sudden increase in the movement would get the attention of investors, and there is a huge chance that they too would be purchasing stock from the same company. The surge in stock purchase would, later on, be beneficial for the company, because once it sells out, more profit can be made.
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Another advantage of a company with an active EPS platform is the increase in the number of applicants who would want to join the company. The EPS platform is one effective way to boost the motivation and the productivity of an employee, and if the news about a certain company handling out EPS reached the public, thousands would want to be hired to be able to get their share. Employees who have been receiving an EPS incentive is also more likely to be more financially stable and literate. They would want to have their shares sit for a long while until it reached their certain target amount.



This is how the cryptocurrency traders are earning so much – they would hold onto their holdings until it reached the price where they wanted to sell it off. The volatility of the stock market is also helpful for the employees to gain additional income. Jeremy Goldstein pointed out that while there are advantages in using the platform, there are also disadvantages. Companies which are using the EPS platform could notice several employees developing a stronger relationship with their bosses, and because of it, favoritism would arise. This is what the EPS platform has to work on to make it more effective.


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