Linda Owens Joins Highland Capital Management To Aid In Charitable Giving

Charity is an important part of leadership. Charitable giving helps promote social goals that make all of society a better place. One company that knows this well is Highland Capital Management. Read this article at Dallas News. This Dallas, Texas based capital management firm seeks out ways to help fund valuable community goals. They know that any business owner must be aware of how best to reach out to help others. It is with this goal in mind that company officials have hired Linda Owens. Owens has a long history of activity in this particular field and a true sense of how to get things done. As president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, she was instrumental in getting things done there. It has here that she gained a sense of how best to marshal capital and use it as effectively as possible. Her work quickly brought her to the attention of those in the philanthropic field. It was her dedication and commitment that also brought to the attention of those at Highland Capital Management. They wanted someone who knows the local Dallas, Texas area well and understands how to help donors donate. They also wanted someone for a passion for really effective charity that can make a difference.


Her Role

Owens joins Highland Capital Management as their Charitable Giving Manager. In this role, she is expected to provide the kind of assistance that company officials want. They aim to help offer charitable giving that can truly make a difference in people’s lives. They want to really make a difference in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This is why the company has turned to a professional like Ms. Owens for leadership. She will work closely with many staffers. She will also work closely with many area community groups in order to help facilitate many kinds of important community goals. Her aim, as such, aligns with the aims of the company. As one of the nation’s leading capital managers, staffers here have devoted their lives to helping others. They have been involved in many kinds of capital management deals that help offer support for companies around the world to grow and flourish. Those at the firm know that it is possible to take what they learned from their work in the fiscal field and apply it to the field of charitable giving. Ms. Owens will be part of a proud team that is truly devoted to community affairs. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

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