The Benefits of Ganoderma and Becoming a Distributor with Organo Gold

Ganoderma Lucidum, commonly known by its Japanese name, Red Reshi Mushrooms, have long served as a cleansing agent, bodily protector, and general wellness promoting herb in various parts of Asia and North America where it is found. As an adaptogen, Ganoderma assists the mind and body in adapting to various ailments, illnesses, and situations, to better combat sickness and get you back on your feet that much quicker. Ganoderma is also the center piece ingredient for Organo Gold’s line of drink mixes, coffees, and personal wellness products. Organo Gold’s Ganoderma infused products allow you to experience the herbs healing effects in a delicious beverage. Read the reviews at

Ganoderma has been linked with a variety of wellness promoting effects, including fighting cancerous cells, better cleansing the stomach of potential harmful organisms, and increased liver function. Commonly employed by those seeking to cleanse their system after stomach problems, or surgeries, Ganoderma has been commonly linked in modern times with promoting gut health. By increasing the number of beneficial microbiota in the gut, Ganoderma allows the stomach’s systems to build up an effective fighting force to defend against whatever may come their way. With Organo Gold, you can ensure you’re providing your body and mind with everything you need to face the day ahead.

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Organo Gold’s long list of products range from their Ganoderma infused drink mixes, coffees, and teas, to their soaps, toothpastes, and lotions, also endued with the herb’s amazing healing and bodily defense abilities. Through the company’s direct sales program you can order everything you need from your local OG distributor, or become a distributor for the company yourself, allowing you, not only to bring the joys of Organo Gold to others, but to reap valuable benefits, such as special deals and savings on Organo Gold’s products yourself. Organo Gold are providing the world with one of the oldest forms of wellness in a hip, sleek, new package. Why not help and make money all at the same time! Shop now at

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