George Soros $18 Billion Donation to Open Society Foundations Answers Central Question

The widespread scrutiny of George Soros donating $18 billion of his well-earned wealth in October 2017 is nothing new to the billionaire investor. George Soros has been under the narrow-watched eye of right wing conspiracy groups and isolated political groups, for decades. However, the historic and unprecedented donation of $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, which was founded by George in 1979, should be enough to close the chapter of widespread conspiracy stories about the 87-year old businessman. So, why is there continued scrutinizing of George’s wealth as opposed to other billionaires such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Warren Buffet?

The Open Society Foundations will be the recipient of $18 billion of George’s $23 billion net worth. The money will benefit many grants, scholarships and government restructuring efforts all around the world. The vision and legacy of the Foundation will continue for decades because of the substantial donation by George.

The explanation of the continued demonizing of George’s giving and efforts that has marred his philanthropy success can very well be found in the results of his actions towards helping others. In other words- the undeserving scrutiny can be found somewhere among the groups that he has supported over the decades that conspiracy groups find attacking more advantageous to their agenda than pointing out the truth. Philanthropy in itself is helping mankind above another person’s personal gain, and conspiracy theorists have found a vulnerability to exploit the actions of a generous man in an effort to discredit the facts, for their political gain.

Over the years, George has supported the LGBTQ community, political campaigns, civil rights movements, religious rights causes, women rights organizations and minority groups to better their communities. The $11 billion that George had already provided to these philanthropy causes was not only an honorable effort on his part but also effort that took courage to take a stand. George’s support of the Democratic Party, for most of his contributions within politics, should not invite any more critique of a billionaire than any others simply because his worthy intentions can be exploited. In the last decade, George has spent $27 to help democrats, including Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in 2016.

If it weren’t for his efforts in South Africa during apartheid then perhaps the government changes would not have been as reforming as they were when decades of racial divide began to subside. George donated millions of dollars for educational programs to help black South Africans become empowered to change their lives. Although, George might believe his actions were marginal, as he speaks about in an article “The Capitalist Threat” in The Atlantic, it is the very actions he speaks about that brings change decades later because of actions of the moment.

The exploitative nature which has been rooted in hostility towards a man who has more courage than those who are not supporting the very groups they accuse George of having an alternative agenda with, shows clear resentment of his wealth being used for worthy causes rather than the cause’s conspiracy groups would prefer.

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