Rocketship Education: The Leading Chartered Schools

It is almost impossible to picture a world where there is no education. Today’s world is centered on information and knowledge. Nothing is run without being knowledgeable in a specific field. This is where Rocketship Education features. Rocketship Education was created by a public charter in California. They have set up different Rocketship schools in diverse communities.

The main aim of Rocketship Education is to provide wholesome education to underprivileged children in the society. These chartered schools have the communities where they are located in their building blocks. These institutions are differently named to reflect their communities. All the Rocketship schools have five values where four apply to all the schools. These four values are empathy, responsibility, respect, and persistence. The fifth virtue is chosen by the parents and teachers of the particular institution. This value has to reflect the community where the school is located.

These schools are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the children attending them. For instance, research has shown that children living in less privileged communities or neighborhoods suffer emotional distress. They thus offer lessons on socio-emotional skills. You will also find that the schools provide relevant units that meet the cultural needs of the kids.

In 2016, former tennis star launched a new Rocketship chartered school in Washington DC, Rocketship Rise Academy. Agassi says that all children deserve to have a good education. Rocketship Education is thus providing an opportunity to less privileged kids. Agassi says that these schools offer an excellent environment that nurtures the young ones.

The Rocketship Education has recently announced the building of a new institution in Antioch. The school will serve children from around this community although other people can also enroll. This project aims to build a two-story building. Education funding becomes lower in cities where there is little income. This is why these chartered schools are significant in such areas. The community benefits much from such endeavors.

Currently, there are over 69 Rocketship Charter schools. These schools create equal learning opportunities for all children. They are thus a vital part of our societies.

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