Leverage AI Multivariate Testing To Drive Growth In E-commerce

E-commerce sites employ multiple strategies to increase the number of people visiting the site. The primary objective is to convert as many of them into loyal customers as possible. Many factors go into ensuring a compelling experience that turns visitors into satisfied customers. It is therefore essential to identify a test platform that seamlessly allows you to fine-tune the elements and explore various options that work in harmony to deliver results.

Benefits of split testing

Adopting a multivariate testing strategy enables you to accelerate the process and achieve superior results. Also known as A/B or split testing, the approach lets you tackle multiple variables in parallel. It also gives you a unique look at the interactions so that you can pinpoint the exact elements to target.

Typical testing can take an extended period and facilitate only incremental changes to the site. A/B testing enables simultaneous testing and analysis thereby increasing testing efficiency and cutting down time-to-market.

Augmenting split testing with AI

Incorporating artificial intelligence in multivariate testing boosts the process. It leverages multiple advanced data sets and progressive computational algorithms to present numerous qualified possibilities. You can simultaneously test elements such as layout and colors, content style and tone, and compatibility with particular platforms such as PC and mobile. AI tools such as Sentient Ascend utilize large databases of information and complex procedures to build high-impact sample page options.

The fun part starts when AI kicks in. The disruptive technology tracks, which variables combine best with particular sample pages to deliver the best results. It then takes these modified pages and fine-tunes the elements to improve their impact and the quality of the user experience.

This can go through multiple iterations with each build process producing a more optimized version of the page. A robust AI split testing tool tracks the new successful versions and focuses on improving them with aligned variables to enhance traffic and conversions.

Advantages of AI multivariate testing

The strategy enables you to quickly discard options that are not working and effortlessly fine-tune your site to maximize usability. You can extend the range of variables to include elements such as traffic. Besides an increase in efficiency, you also guarantee the accuracy of the test results. With traditional split testing, it may take a long time for the variables under test to reach maturity.

AI-based split testing identifies the dominant variables even before they reach maturity. It leverages the available information to predict the performance of a particular set of features cutting testing to a fraction of the time. Additionally, it remembers the elements that contribute to high performance. It is also an excellent strategy when there are numerous combinations of factors yielding endless possibilities.

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