End Citizens United Announce Endorsement For Randy Bryce

End Citizens United announced their endorsement for Randy Bryce who will be running for Congress. Bryce will have a strong opponent who has been at it for many years. The opponent, Paul Ryan has been a Republican senator since 1999. In 2015, Paul Ryan also became Speaker of the House. The Republican has a firm hold on the job.

The political action committee has stated their reasons for the endorsement of the candidate. Randy Bryce has been a strong supporter of overturning the Citizens United. The decision has been around since 2010, and End Citizens United believe that Randy Bryce can be of a significant help in revoking the decision.

Even though Citizens United has been around for seven years, most people are still unaware of what this decision means and what kind of an impact it can have on the United States. The decision enforced by the Supreme Court gave a green light for corruption in politics. The problem is known as Big Money, and it refers to the fact that politicians can now us and receive money somewhat freely, and no one will hold them accountable. Money becomes traceless, and it can come from within or outside the country. Another change that was forced by the Supreme Court pertains to political action groups in the country. Essentially, Citizens United allows businesses to be considered as individuals and therefore a company can pour money into a group or a political campaign. That stirs the result n a different direction. A political candidate can have a business pour a vast sum in their campaign and change the outcome of elections. It is a known fact that an enterprise and an individual person are not the same things.

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The midterm election puts Paul Ryan and Randy Bryce against each other. This opposition is also a clash of goals. While Randy Bryce believes Citizens United should be revoked, Paul Ryan is in support of the decision.

That makes for an interesting opposition as it pertains to more than the Congress seat. The outcome of the midterm election will also signify whether End Citizens United is getting closer to their goal or not.

While many people have never heard of Randy Bryce, he is, in fact, highly popular in the state of Wisconsin. Randy Bryce has been a candidate three times before and this will be his fourth time. In 2012, Randy Bryce ran for a state assembly seat and the year after, in 2013, he ran for the Racine County Board of Education. In 2014, Randy Bryce ran for a state Senate seat. Previously, Randy Bryce was the political director of the Wisconsin-based Ironworkers Local 8 Union. Randy Bryce is also a veteran of the U. S. military as well as a cancer survivor.

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