Freedom Debt Relief Could Help You Negotiate Your Debt, and What To Do About the Equifax Breach

The recent Equifax breach may have affected over one hundred and forty three million Americans. Private and sensitive information may have been compromised. Here is what you should do about it.

First, head to Equifax website so you can find out how to check if your data has been breached. If it has been, go request a freeze on your credit report. This will prevent hackers from using your credit report to their advantage. You can also request a freeze from the other credit reporting bureaus. If your credit reports are frozen, you can not use your own credit report either, but you can also unfreeze it whenever you want by using a special PIN that is only known to you.

You should review your direct reports as well. You are entitled to at least one free one a year, so take advantage of it. You should also start monitoring your credit card history and your bank accounts. If you notice something that is wrong or that sets off red flags make sure to investigate what is going on. You should do this even if it is a small amount. The reason is that people will try to test your card with small amounts first, which are usually just a few dollars each. If you do notice anything suspicious, make sure to call your bank immediately and report it. They could help you stop payments and get a new card.

Freedom Debt Relief is the nation’s best debt relief program. They will negotiate with your creditors to help you get relief from your debts. They will help you pay it off so that you are not stuck with it. They have saved over one billion dollars for their clients, and are the first company to reach that mark.

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