The Legacy that Business Mogul and Philanthropist George Soros is Aiming to Create

A person that has been through difficult situations emerges from the experience with lots of lessons to learn. When George Soros was just a teenager, he was forced to flee Hungary because of the Nazis and the threat of the Holocaust. Even though he got asylum in the UK, and he was able to get himself through college and start his company. When George moved to the United States, he realized that he was now in a position to affect change in the society. He started the George Soros Foundation close to three decades ago, and he has been using it to support the foundations and charities that fight for the equality of all people.

One of the issues that Soros has been involved with lately was the Ferguson protests. These erupted after the racially motivated profiling and killing of a teenage African American boy by white police officers. The police officer was never indicted for the crime, and this angered the civil societies greatly. George Soros funded the buses that ferried protestors to the town, and by the time that the protests were dying down, which was a few weeks later, the message that black lives matter had been passed across. Today, there are players in the NFL who take a knee whenever the national anthem is being played, as a sign to show that black lives matter. The authorities are checking the amount of force they use when arresting people of color and there is more sensitivity to the rights of all people, regardless of their skin color.

George Soros has also been deeply involved in the politics of the country. There was a time when he supported John Kerry because he wanted to put an end to the massive mistakes that characterized the Bush administration. His main problem with the Bush administration was the fact that he had engineered a fake war with Afghanistan because he was following personal interests. While Kerry lost the election, Soros stayed in close contact with the groups which were supposed to keep checks and balances on the administration, and when the next round of elections came, he supported the Liberal candidate, Obama.

In the 2015 run for the presidency, he is one of the business magnates who were interested in Hillary making it to the White House. From his level, Soros has always liked the politics played by Clinton. He contributed more than $25 million to her campaign. He believes that Conservatives are taking the country back to an era where people’s basic rights are violated on a daily basis and that it will take a lot of effort by the Open Society Foundations to ensure that the regime does not overstep and start taking back the rights and freedoms of the free world.

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