Doe Deere: Taking The Risk

Are you looking to become an entrepreneur? Have you thought of a business that you know will bring so much to the new market? Well if so, Doe Deere has some advice she wants to pass down to you. Doe Deere, founder and CEO of a popular makeup line, started from the bottom and created a business empire with wild success. Though, she had to overcome many obstacles, she found that learning and growth was just part of the ride. Learn more:

Finding Your Niche

Doe Deere knew from the time she was a child that cosmetics would be a huge part of her life. Always playing with color, and makeup, she was not afraid to be herself and be bold. If you’ve got a passion that you’ve always known would take you somewhere, it’s not too late to turn it into a career. Something that excites you will make you look forward to your work, and you won’t be afraid to put your all into it.

Learning/Expanding Your Skill Set

Doe was not afraid to take what she knew and apply it to a new business. But what she also wasn’t afraid of was growth. While you may know a lot about a certain field or interest, you will always have more learning and growing to do. Being able to roll with changes is key. You’ll want to tackle any problems head on, because putting them aside will not give you any success. Doe breaks down the problems into pro and con lists and moves forward by weighing the options. Aside from yourself, you’ll want people working from you who have thoughts and ideas on processes. Doe listens to her employees, as she’s learned it has added many benefits to her company.

Doe is what we would call a risk taker. She found her passion, and rolled with it. While it wasn’t overnight, in time she because a wildly successful entrepreneur. Lime Crime cosmetics has many worldwide fans. Taking that first step could be the beginning of the rest of your life. You can have a business and stay true to your ideals- Doe Deere did. Don’t be afraid to take that risk.

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