Lessons Learnt From Rocketship Education’s K-5 Personalized Learning

Preston Smith is the founder of Rocketship Education. He posits that he started the humble school in the basement of a San Jose church. However, the unique strategies employed by the school network have led to positive impact both in the communities where they exist and far beyond. However, Smith is not satisfied by his school network’s success. He notes that Rocketship Education is still a work in progress, thus learning how to better serve the community and its student. However, Smith contends that people can learn several lessons from the noble institution.

First, kids should receive personalized learning right from home. Although the institution is one of the pioneers of personalized learning, there is the need to apply it beyond the school. Each student has unique needs and parents should cater to their interests at home by providing their kids with the resources needed to build their strengths and enhancing their weak points.

The power of parents should also be honored through helping families to demand political attention, enable good public education systems to blossom, and hold leaders accountable. This is especially important since the school only offers elementary education. There is need for middle and high schools with the same system to be launched. In San Jose, Karen Martinez has taken a step towards this direction by opening middle and high schools.

There should be meaningful inclusion that benefits all kids. At Rocketship, programs have been developed to ensure that students with disabilities can join the school and equally benefit from personalized learning. Although inclusion started as a matter of compliance, its improvement has helped in the development of one the best inclusion programs in the United States. However, Smith notes that such inclusion is hard to achieve and may take a long time and loads of money in the form of investments.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a school network dedicated to offering K-5 personalized learning to students from low-income communities. The school was founded by Preston Smith and his friend in San Jose, California. Presently, the school network runs different institutions in California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. This network focuses on offering personalized elementary education.


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