Greg Secker is Transforming the Trading Sector through Training

Greg Secker is a man of many talents. He is a master trader, an international speaker, and a philanthropist. Greg is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group, which is a gathering of other companies including Smart Chart Software, The Greg Secker Foundation, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index. These companies work in unison to teach people how to succeed in trading.

Greg started his career as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He changed his specialization to foreign exchange and formed The Virtual Trading Desk, which was the first business to present an online forex trading system that operates in real-time. After a short duration, he joined Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. Greg travelled a lot and expanded his knowledge of trading while working with Mellon. He launched a new company, Learn to Trade, which has expanded to Australia, South Africa, and London within 13 years.

Greg Secker was inspired to start his business by the struggles that people have when they start trading. He had noticed that there were limited education facilities for people who wanted to venture in the trading sector. Greg wanted people to be properly equipped when venturing in trade, especially forex trading, to reduce the stakes.

Initially, Greg worked for companies to earn money. However, he left the corporate world at 27 and started trading from home. Soon, Greg started teaching his relatives and friends how to make money in the Forex Market. Within a span of three to six months, Greg Secker was already making good cash than what he earned in the corporate world. He reinvested most of the money he got. The business was not always easy for him. Greg wanted to quit at some point, but he opted to reassess the steps and correct the errors he had made. His mistakes became a blueprint for other people at Learn to Trade.

Through Learn to Trade, Greg teaches people how to make fortunes. According to Greg, making money should not be hard, people only need to know when and how to invest. Greg Secker attributes his success to the support he receives from business partners, friends, and most importantly his family.

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