Good Food Means a Happy Life for a Happy Dog

Purina Beneful Originals TV commercial, ” Becky and Einstein” shoes Beck, the owner, talking about how much her dog has changed since eating Beneful. He is playful, active, and happy. He has so much energy and is living a much healthier life now. She brags about the real beef in the food while Einstein is gobbling it up. Beneful commercial¬† is shown to make a dog’s life more full as well as its owner’s.

Purina Beneful TV commercial, “Happy, Healthy Dog” shows a dog that is looking forward to eat Beneful because of its ingredients that include real beef, wholesome grains, and vegetables. The commercial is sure to include protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates that give dogs more energy. While the narrator is speaking, the dog is running towards its food ready to enjoy it. The commercial includes the dog running and swimming to show how the food can really boost its energy to have a healthy life full of energy.

Purina Beneful TV commercial, “Si, Quiero Comer” is in Spanish and shows that Beneful is all around the world to meet the needs of every dog. It shows the owner giving the food to her dog while the dog respond in excitement. He’s becoming impatient and jumping for the food. The dog can even smell the natural grown carrots & beef. The dog then eats the wet food and makes sure to say that next time the owner doesn’t have to ask if he’s hungry and wants food.


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