Scott Rocklage Invests in Healthy Future Generations

The achievements of Dr. Scott Rocklage better define him as a role model to young persons. Rocklage is an inspiration to many who are either entrepreneurs or research scientists. Currently, Rocklage is a managing partner at 5AM Ventures. The Ph.D. holder started working for 5AM Ventures in 2003.

He is equipped with the wealth of vast experience in the management of healthcare. Combined with scientific knowledge, Scott Rocklage has a strong background of leadership and management.

Presently, his experience in healthcare plays a fundamental role in establishing a strong platform for business. Being an effective leader, Rocklage initiates team work through successful strategies in the sphere of healthcare, pharmaceuticals as well as Venture Capital. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn


Being visionary and passionate about science, Scott Rocklage influenced the FDA approval of three modern drug applications through 5AM Ventures. The drugs include Cubicin, Omniscan in addition to Teslascan. 5AM Ventures has multiple offices across the state. Scott Rocklage is in charge of the Waltham office.

Before he joined 5AM Ventures, Rocklage was an active chairman as well as chief operating officer at Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He also served as the chief executive officer in addition to president at Nycomed Salutar. In that company, Rocklage was an executive official in charge of research as well as design.

He also held an executive position at Amersham Health where he was the lead executive chairman. At Ilypsa, Rocklage was the co-president. His background, therefore, better places him in a better leading position.


At Novra Therapeutics, Rocklage was the chairman. His experience in healthcare and leadership played a fundamental role in his appointment. Rocklage is an effective leader as well as a strategist. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

He possesses strong academic credentials that encourage people to entrust him with businesses. The alumnus of California University holds a degree in chemistry as well as philosophy from the Massachusetts Institute.

As a student in the institute, Rocklage conducted laboratory research studies that led to him being awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry. This was in 2005. Rocklage also thrives in his input at work as an inventor as well as an assistant. He has authored over 120 publications in peer review journals.


Because Rocklage is a dedicated leader at 5AM Ventures, the organization has emerged a winner in sciences that focus on life as well as the betterment of the next generation. 5AM Ventures is prominent for its support to growing a healthy future generation. The organization supports entities that are geared towards supporting developing solutions for better lives.

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