Jose AureimoNeto in the Top Ranking JHSF

JHSF Background

JHSF is a Brazilian- based popular real estate company, established in 1972.It was founded by the Aumerio brothers, in partnership with two others. It’s known for its success stories that have placed the future of Brazil in innovative hands. JHSF has its operations concentrated around the construction of commercial and residential properties, within Brazil, Uruguay, and the USA. This has created employment to more than 1,000 experts. The company majors in the acquisition and development of Hotels, Executive airports, Shopping malls and Incorporations. These four units make it a high ranking real estate company in Brazil.

  1. More about JHSF

Most of JHSF’s attention is on income, making projects such as the Catarina Fashion outlet. With this attention, the company sets its bars, high on creating a strong relationship with the clientele. This has helped in the promotion of the company’s real estate venture. JHSF is also active in supporting any innovative operations, which provide a real estate solution in Brazil.The company is characterized by its ability to venture into demanding projects, in the urban setting. These urban settings include classrooms and hotels. The second characteristic is its ability to understand what the client requires thus helping it develop designs, which are customer oriented.

  1. Who is Jose AureimoNeto?

Jose AureimoNeto is the chairman and the CEO of the JHSF. He took up the chairmanship in 2003.Jose is an alumnus of FAAP and FASE University, where he studied Engineering and Business Administration. This educational foundation can be credited to his success as the CEO.

  1. Jose Neto Life in JHSF

In 1993, Jose started working in the company and later created its parking lot in 1997.He has made several achievements such as securing the company’s rights, to develop its first shopping mall known as the Santa Cruz. He also participated in the designing of CidadeJardim mall, Metro Tucuruz, and the Bela Vita complex. In addition, Jose is recognized for creating service departments, when he rose into various ranks in the company. Jose is responsible for the oversight of development projects the company conducts. For instance, he is in charge of the Sau Paulo, Metro Tucuruv.

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