How End Citizens United is Taking Back Politics for America

The election of Donald Trump to the role of President of the United States is almost literally unfathomable. How could we have gotten here? In truth it seems like this question is going to be the fuel that ignites great change in Washington D.C. and not in the way that most people think. Tiffany Muller established the political action committee End Citizens United in order to try to make the name of her PAC reality. Muller has set sights on the Supreme Court decision involving the conservative group Citizens United. The decision opened up the doors for special interests to flood Washington D.C. in order to buy off politicians and force their own decisions.


The reason we bring up Donald Trump’s election is simple: people are furious. Trump made it into the White House on the backs of special interests, lobbyists, and every other loophole that the Citizens united decision has opened up. Muller says simply, “People are furious”. Muller goes on to explain that this is the best way people know of in order to fight back against the current disgrace inhabiting the White House. The goal of the End Citizens United PAC is to promote legislation that will actually repeal the Citizens United 2010 decision. There is a direct line between people motivated by Trump’s election and by those who want to see change with the Citizens United decision.


Through the first quarter of the 2017 fundraising year the team at End Citizens United has raised a stunning $4 million. These donations have come in by almost exclusively small donors. The average amount given by each donor is only $12. This shows that the PAC is doing work for people, not for companies. Consider that a Senator like (R) Tom Cotton is given millions of dollars each year by oil companies. Do you think he is going to fight for green energy? Absolutely not. So, it is important to note that End Citizens United is completely free of those cloudy and confusing investment complications that taint even the best politicians.


Muller and End Citizens United aren’t the first group to try and subvert the Citizens United decision but they are by far the most organized and ready to strike. In order to get the decision overturned the team at End Citizens United knows that they need to back progressive politicians who are willing to put legislation in place to actively get rid of the decision. This has led End Citizens United to endorse 11 different Democratic candidates leading up to the 2018 election including Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado and Senator Russ Feingold from Wisconsin. Look for these politicians to make a major push in 2018 with End Citizens United behind them.


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