The Alternative Capital Source, Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a global company that is located in the UK. They are concerned about the valuation of property that will lead to lending solutions to business people and investors. Their assets are then proposed as collateral for a non-purpose capital credit. They provide their clients with security based loans.

The company eye on their clients’ financial needs and are straightforward on their one on one interaction with customers. Equities First Holdings offer unique services that aim to strengthen clients by giving them quick capital that will fund the company in emergencies.

Equities First Holding Processes and valuing the loan is transparent and secure. The valuation is done by people who are very accurate because the professionals calculate the loan to value ratio and LTV ratio with very friendly interest rates. Funding is done by delivery versus payment method. After repayment of the lent money, the collateral is given back to the owner hence the open and straightforward operations.

Equities First Holdings’ services have benefits in many ways giving a non-resource lending method of repayment based on the net income from the loans. They help in providing financial services to large organizations that need capital and also gives advice on various topics that pertain their business. Planning is another service that they render to the customers they strategize and provide a guideline on how the money can be used well by strategic cash flow management, global resource development, and allocation.

The rate on the loans is relatively small because they lend stock-based loans. The borrowers do not have to give a reason for borrowing money. There is no need for the purpose or obligation to be disclosed. If one can repay it, then they will be funded. The company loans are not affected by bottlenecks like the banks and insurance companies; bank regulations do not affect them in any way.

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